Gift ideas for brother

The birthday of his brother is approaching, and with him the question: "What should I give him?". If you know his interests, consider that half the battle is done. But here there can be difficulties. Where can I find an original and functional gift that would not be dusted on the shelf, but would bring benefits or vivid impressions to its owner? GiftBox made its selection of 10 original gifts ideas to his brother on his birthday. For convenience, the gifts will be divided into two categories - for the elder brother and younger brother.

What should I give my older brother for my birthday?

Radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUP 3.0.
Radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUP 3.0

Thanks to an innovative project, it became easy to turn an ordinary paper airplane into a radio-controlled model. The idea is really unusual. The aircraft model is made up of several elements: paper, a radio module with a battery, and an application for a smartphone. Gathering all this together, you will fully enjoy the management of the model. The flight time is about 10 minutes. In this case, the battery itself is charged quite quickly. It takes 20 minutes. The radius of control of the airplane will be about 40 meters. The set includes a standard paper airplane template.

  • The toy, of course, captures the attention of others. At the same time, you can come up with your own paper structure. From how exactly it is composed, the aerodynamic characteristics of the airplane will depend. Will it fly straight or will it have some kind of roll.
  • You can arrange a real competition between paper aircraft models. The project is new, and some issues require improvements, but already now PowerUP 3.0 has won a whole army of fans.
Certificate of archery.
Certificate of archery

For those who prefer an active form of recreation, as a surprise to his brother, you can present a certificate for archery. Such a gift will be especially fascinating if it's his birthday. The holiday can be spent in the company of friends with elements of sports. As a rule, shooting ranges from 3 to 25 meters are provided. Two-hour birthday in the company of friends will cost 5,000 rubles (as a rule, the cost includes rewarding participants, detailed instruction, as well as photographing for memory). A master class for beginners (1.5 hours per person) will cost 800 rubles.

  • An excellent gift for those who like to spend time actively on holidays. If your brother has long dreamed of something bright and exciting, then this gift is sure to please him.
  • An alternative option may be shooting in a dash of pneumatic or traumatic weapons. The cost will be a little higher, but the emotional charge the child will receive in full.
Game OSMO.

The idea of ??this game is to synchronize the virtual and physical reality. The iPad's camera is equipped with a small mirror lens (it's also a Reflector), which allows the camera to concentrate on a certain area of ??the physical game space. Further, the game software algorithms recognize the physical images of objects on the table and transform them into a "digital space", thus connecting the two game worlds. In the role of developers are engineers and designers from Google, which speaks even the style of the packaging box game. The application .

  • The game uses Reflective artificial intelligence technology, which translates as "Reflective Artificial Intelligence". The possibility of using Reflective AL in the gameplay was first discussed in 2012. Pre-order could have been done in the fall of 2014. At the moment the game is gaining increasing popularity .
  • There are three basic games: BASE (Newton), WORDS (words) and TANGRAM (puzzle). A new generation of games is designed to move the game space into reality, while not breaking the connection with modern devices.
Assembly model of the aircraft.
Assembly model of the aircraft

The game will help the child develop perseverance and attention to small details. Moreover, as a result of the assembly, the resulting model can be painted with colors. By itself, the assembly and painting of a miniature model is to some extent creativity for the child. In this case, you can choose not only an airplane model, but also a ship, a car, a tank or a submarine. Such a gift to his brother on his birthday with his own hands. Depending on the number of parts and complexity, the cost of such an assembly model, as a rule, is from 600 to 3000 rubles.

  • Enthusiasm for modeling contributes to the concentration and development of fine motor skills in the child at the primary school stages. The child will be in business and will have the skills to work "for the result".
  • The reverse side of modeling may be the risk of visual impairment, which can occur when working with small parts for a long time. However, from the assembly of several models the problems do not arise exactly. And because this gift will be a very amusing surprise for my brother.

The history of the company LEGO dates back to 1949. In the same year, in Denmark, for the first time, the trademark "LEGO" was registered. Now the company specializes not only in the production of toy-designers, but also in the creation of films, games and amusement parks. The quality of production is very high. So, for example, a cube of the Lego-Designer released today will approach without problems to the cube, which was produced in 1958. A win-win version of what you can give your brother for a birthday. This is a designer who has won millions of children's toys stores around the world with his quality. The cost of toys varies from 1000 to tens of thousands.

  • During the existence of the company hundreds of collections of various subjects were issued. A whole game universe, which has grown more than one generation of children.
  • High quality plastic. Wide scope for creativity. The ability to create new models, develop thinking and fine motor skills.

An innovative gift, in the case of which several useful devices are united. So GOkey includes a power bank, a radio beacon for searching for keys (including a feedback function for searching the smartphone itself), a flash drive, and a data cable. The device is available in three versions: 8, 16 and 32 GB.

  • The keychain is capable of charging your smartphone up to 2 hours of operation. The case of the device has an LED indicator. To know the level of charge of the key fob, it is enough to shake it. The keychain is so compact that when charging your phone, it does not interfere even if you are talking.
  • The device has a transition from Lightning to MicroUSB. When it is connected to a laptop, the battery of the device starts charging. The gift is simple and functional. The novelty is available in two colors - black and white.
Unusual USB flash drive.
Unusual USB flash drive

Modern everyday life is difficult to imagine without this useful device, and because a flash drive designed in an unusual way, will be a worthy gift for the birthday of your brother. Presented in the picture flash drive is a kind of style Steampunk. As a rule, such products are made of brass and silver. The body of the device has a variety of mechanisms with gears, bushings contain glass and diode illumination. The cost varies from 2000 thousand rubles.

  • The design of such devices is very diverse and attractive. The body can also contain elements of leather, wood or metal, less often plastic.
  • In some models, the gears are able to rotate when the USB flash drive is connected to the USB port. In a word, a spectacular gift for the birthday of a person close to you.
Electronic Cigarette.
Electronic Cigarette

Appearing relatively recently in the market, this device has taken its place among fans of podymit. Electronic smoking kit consists of a fashion and a cliromiser. I will mention only a few popular models according to the version of one of authoritarian sites in this subject. Such are the Aspire Elite Kit, Eleaf iStick 50W + Joyetech Delta 2, and also the Joyetech EVIC Supreme + Joyetech Delta 23. Most models have a small OLED display with controls. The capacity of the tank usually has a volume of 3 to 7 ml. The cost of such devices starts from 3000 rubles.

  • Among the fans of such devices is often used such a term as "wapping" & # 8212; smoking e-cigarette.
  • As a filler, glycerin, food flavors and propylene glycol are used. At the discretion, this mixture can be diluted with nicotine, but many smokers smoke the non-nicotine base, which makes the smoking process virtually harmless.
External battery.
External battery

He's a power bank. A useful and convenient device that will be useful both on a business trip and on a trip. The gift is suitable for a brother, friend or colleague. The charging unit of the DF Trio-02 model will cost for 2,190 rubles. However, when purchasing a device, there is a risk of inconsistency between the declared and real capacity of the battery. The assortment of devices is wide. The cheaper model TP-LINK TL-PB2600 with a capacity of 2600 mAh will cost 890 rubles, which corresponds to about half a cycle of charging such a phone as the iPhone 5S. So, Power bank will be a wonderful gift to his brother on his birthday from his sister.

  • In fact, with an external battery capacity of 13,000 mAh (model DF Trio-02), you can charge the iPhone 5S with a capacity of 1560 mAh no more than 5 times. (Which contradicts the figure 8.33 - at first glance, the suggestive answer). For the new battery model DF TRIO-02.
  • In the rest it is a convenient and irreplaceable thing for recharging electronic devices on the road. The vast majority of devices naturally produce in China
Wrist watch moto 360.
Wrist watch moto 360

The gift is very expensive, however, among my other competitors, I still decided to mention it in a dozen unusual gifts. The once dominant market Motorola on June 25, 2014 presented its first model of smart watches. Later, a year later, the second generation watches came out. The device uses the Android platform. The cost of the clock is slightly lower than its competitors from Apple, however, not everyone is ready to pay 12k rubles for such a device.

  • The combination of style and functionality, the desire for simplicity. Engineers and designers from Motorola have tried to reproduce the classic design in digital format.
  • The clock provides management of music, viewing notifications, weather, voice control, google maps, as well as a number of other basic functions.