Original inexpensive gifts for a boyfriend

Today GiftBox has prepared for your attention a traditional collection of 10 ideas of what to give a guy inexpensive. We tried to make the selection not only interesting and informative, but also budgetary. With the exception of a few options, the price range of surprises covers gifts from 500 to 1500 rubles. We were guided by ideas that would be affordable for every girl.

What to give a guy inexpensive?

Sphero BB-8 StarWars.
Sphero BB-8 StarWars

Прототипом данной игрушки был тот самый новый дроид BB-8 из вселенной звездных воин. Управляется такой девайс при помощи смартфона или планшета. В основу движения заложен принцип гироскопической тяги. Робот способен «откатиться» от своего хозяина на 30 метров. Кстати, устройство получилось весьма умным. Как уверяют разработчики, дроид способен самостоятельно исследовать местность и избегать препятствия.

Существует три режима: движение, патрулирование и сообщение. И если с первыми двумя все более-менее понятно, то режим сообщения представляет собой голограммы, записанные и воспроизведенные на синхронизированном устройстве. Любимый мужчина останется доволен. Игрушка понравится как молодому парню, так и взрослому поклоннику франшизы.

Chameleon mug "Charge indicator".
Chameleon mug "Charge indicator"

An unusual chameleon mug can become a creative inexpensive gift to your boyfriend. The charge indicator displays the approximate temperature of the mug, changing the color when adding boiling water to it.

The battery shown on the surface will tell you whether it is worth adding hot water or not. As you can see, presenting an original one does not mean to spend a lot of time searching. The gift attracts its appearance, and, of course, affordable value. A presentation for a husband or a boyfriend.

  • The material is ceramics. The dimensions are 8 x 8 x 10 cm.
  • A gift can be ordered in most online stores in your city.
Stones for whiskey.
Stones for whiskey

Find something inexpensive, functional and at the same time beautiful - not an easy task, but one of these options can be a gift set of cooling stones for whiskey.

Someone this topic may seem overly crooked, but if you look carefully, you can find very interesting collections, presented in the form of classic soap stones, as well as metal cubes or transparent crystals. The gift wrapping is also on top. Finding something better and inexpensive guy for a birthday is not so easy. To all who indulge in alcoholic beverages, the idea will certainly be to your liking.

  • The set includes from 6 to 12 stones, a wooden box-stand, and also a bag of cotton.
  • The cost of the original set fluctuates around 1000 rubles.
Carpet with traces of blood.
Carpet with traces of blood

Taking a step toward something more creative, we came across a very unusual rug, which when wet shows blood-red marks. It looks at first glance wild and eerie, however, after drying, the material again becomes white-white. By the way, the kit for a similar surprise can also be presented with an appropriate curtain.

A gift is certainly for an amateur, but: it is unusual, it is inexpensive, it will dilute the daily routine of the owner of an apartment, and therefore this present uniquely falls into our selection of inexpensive original ideas.

  • The mat has a size of 50 x 70 cm. Material cotton.
  • As for its main functions, the material absorbs moisture well.
Local online stores sell these products at unambiguously overpriced prices. Find an inexpensive price tag can be on the old-good AliExpress, where the gift to the buyer will cost less than 700 rubles including discounts and delivery.
Board game "Jenga".
Board game "Jenga"

Do not forget about the gifts that will be useful in the company. It is believed that the game "jenga" first appeared in the early 70's. In the sale it came later, in 1983. This is an interesting and inexpensive gift for a guy on his birthday.

The rules of the game are simple: players alternately take out the wooden blocks from the 18-storey tower built. Each floor consists of 3 mini-bars. After the player has pulled out the block, he puts it on top, perpendicular to the blocks of the previous level. Loses the one who piles up the structure. On average, the party lasts about 15 minutes. An entertaining gift to a guy who likes to gather cheerful friends' companies.

Tobacco for shisha.
Tobacco for shisha

Choosing tobacco, you need to be careful, because the market is full of a lot of questionable products. It should be borne in mind that the understated price will certainly turn up, although among other firms you can find decent budget marks

So the oldest market leaders are foreign Al Fakher and Nakhla - choose the best of them. As for Russian manufacturers, the company D-Tobacco should be given preference here. In the sector of the world's most expensive brands, Total Flame and WTO .

When choosing a tobacco, a guy should understand his taste preferences well, and it's better to know for sure, because you need to take into account not only the brand and value, but also, of course, good taste, fortress and much more.

Continues the line of entertaining peephole puzzle. Its feature is that in order to get the accumulated coins to the player first have to pull the ball out of the tangled maze. When the ball reaches the desired hole, the player needs to move the lever, after which you can get the treasured coin. A gift is an entertainment that can easily help a young man kill a couple of hours.

  • Interesting inexpensive toy on the desktop in your guy's office.
  • The production, of course, is Chinese. The packing size is 7 x 7 x 7 cm. Weigh a cube of less than 85 grams.
Scratch World Map.
Scratch World Map

What to give a guy for a year of relationships inexpensively? Our answer is a scratch map of the world. This is a great idea not only for an avid traveler, but also for someone who at least from time to time gets out of the country. From a certain point of view, such a gift can even become an incentive to go on a trip. The original name is "true map".

With its eccentricity, the cost of the gift is quite adequate. By the way, the card has a steep packaging in the form of a tube. This is a quality inexpensive gift for a guy, if the anniversary is ahead, which he will certainly be pleased with. You can learn more about here .

  • Format А1.Тубус: 64 х 8 х 8 см.
  • The size of the map: 82 x 58 cm.
Stand for stationery "Trolley".
Stand for stationery "Trolley"

And although this "gift" should be attributed rather to the category of souvenirs, we nevertheless decided to include it in our TOP-10 ideas. Cost - a penny, but the performance we liked - originally.

If you do not know what to give a guy a cheap, but funny, option for you. The trolley is a mobile stand for stationery. Large range of color solutions. An interesting miniature souvenir for a close friend or colleague.

  • The size is 15 x 12 x 8 cm.
  • The material used is plastic and chromium-plated metal.
Holder for smartphone in car.
Holder for smartphone in car

What can you give inexpensive and at the same time useful? Closing the list is another good idea - the car holder. About how this is a functional and useful subject in the salon can not speak. Let's just say that from the models shown in the illustration on the right, in the ratio of price / quality are optimal.

So the stand "Deppa Crab Air" will cost you 690 rubles. Your husband will be satisfied. Model on a magnetic field will cost the buyer a little more expensive.