Идеи подарка парню на год отношений

Choose a gift for a guy for a year of relationships? GiftBox made up his 10th idea of unusual gifts to the guy on the anniversary of the relationship. TOP-10 unusual and original solutions that may interest you ...

What can you give a guy for a year of relationships?

Viral stress box .
Viral stress box

So, the toy-antistress is a silicone ball filled with a multicolored liquid. When compressing the stress ball, the ball changes shape and color. The surface is covered with a mesh sheath. The manufacturer is ready to offer four colors: violet - anthrax, green & # 8212; zombie virus, blue - bubonic plague, and red - corn fever. A gift will perfectly disperse stress and boredom. The cost of the ball from 200 rubles.

  • The ball will dilute the stressful situation and will become an entertaining entertainment in the conditions of traffic jams of the city.
  • The novelty. Acceptable cost. The product can be found at mrmagic.ru.
Ashtray fire bucket.
Ashtray fire bucket

A very unusual ashtray in the form of a fire bucket. Cigarettes are stewed right in the sand. The ashtray is perfect for a terrace or a balcony (suspended from the handle of a bucket). The material used is metal, treated with a special paint. An indispensable attribute for those who love to puff. The cost of the ashtray will be 790 rubles.

  • As a producer, the British "Suck UK" Greatest GIFTS on earth. A very unusual name of the site-producer (suck.uk.com), which specializes in original gifts.
  • The size of the ashtray is 11x10x10 cm. The weight of the bucket along with the sand is just over 400 grams.
A set of glasses «Dimond».
A set of glasses «Dimond»

A distinctive feature of these glasses is their unusual cut, thanks to which they can stand at different angles. The cut is made in such a way that the glass can be rolled about the center of the cut. At the same time, it is stable and convenient. The set includes two glasses. The material is borosilicate glass (2mm). In its structure, the alkaline components are replaced by boron oxide. As a result, glass has increased chemical resistance, which means it is more heat-resistant and does not retain odors. There will be such a set of 50 $.

  • The product, of course, has an original design. The kit also includes a stylized gift box.
  • The weight of the gift will be 579 gr. Dimensions of glasses 9x9x9 cm.
Wooden bow tie and cufflinks.
Wooden bow tie and cufflinks

To buy something original is now easy. Where it is more difficult to find a quality product. Designers from twinsbowties.com are ready to offer their customers bright wood products. So, for example, a bow tie made of beech or walnut will cost from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The gift will be interesting to all those who follow the fashion. Large range of different models. In addition to wood, cotton is used. A wonderful gift to a guy for a year of relationships. Possible gift sets of butterflies together with cufflinks or a handkerchief.

  • Laser engraving is provided. This can be text or logo, both on the front and on the back of the butterfly. The attribute size is 10x5 cm. Weight 74 gr.
  • A pleasant combination of wood and fabric distinguishes this gift among other competitors. Included in the kit is a proprietary box made of plywood. A set of cuff links will cost from 500 rubles.
TrackR - radio beacon.
TrackR - radio beacon

A gift that will allow its owner to reduce the search for lost things to nothing. The device works with GPS technology and bluetooth. To work it is enough to download the TrackR application. After that, it is configured, and then the application will show the map on which the object linked to the beacon is located. The label tells the smartphone even about the fact of the move. Therefore, in the case of theft, you can react quickly to the loss of a valuable item. Powered by batteries. The width of the "tablet" is only 3.5 mm. The device is suitable for searching for keys, backpacks, bags and documents. A useful idea of ??what to give a guy on the anniversary of relations. The cost is 2400 rubles.

  • There is a feedback function (two-way monitoring). This means that you can find not only a radio beacon with a smartphone, but a smartphone with a label. On the label body there is a special button and indicator.
  • For easy searching, the application provides a distance indicator. The application is capable of monitoring simultaneously 10 beacons. Suitable for both Android and iOS. There is a function of alerting the owner if he moves away from the object.
Umbrella - gun.
Umbrella - gun

The peculiarity of this umbrella, as you already understood, is the handle, which is made in the form of an old weapon - a musket. A kind of duel with rain. The rest is a stylized umbrella that opens when you pull the trigger. Makhanizm - semi-automatic. The quality of the material is quite high quality plastic. There is a case and an adjustable strap.

  • On the site e-xpedition.ru umbrella the cost of an umbrella will be 1400 rubles. However, the goods can be found much cheaper. For example, on a less popular resource d2-shop.ru this gift is already 950 rubles.
  • Umbrella weight 450 gr. The length of the umbrella is 50 cm. The diameter of the dome is about one meter, the design consists of 8 spokes.
Alarm clock with target.
Alarm clock with target

A gift that diversifies the morning awakening. The peculiarity of this alarm is that in order to turn off the sound signal, you need to get to the target located next to the device. It works as follows: at the appointed time, the target rises, and the signal works until you get exactly to the target. In this case, the voice of the alarm clock announces your successful hits. There is a possibility to change sounds & # 8212; recording your own melody or voice. Such a cheerful gift for the anniversary of relations the guy will cost in 1950 rubles.

  • To turn off the alarm in a complex mode, you need to make 5 well-aimed shots. In the lung - one is enough.
  • Alarm clock can be used as a game with friends. Now you will have the opportunity to compete in accuracy, and also not to oversleep the university or work.
Dust Collector Karcher DDC 50.
Dust Collector Karcher DDC 50

A useful and functional gift that will allow drilling holes in the apartment without dust. The dust collector is attached to the surface by means of a vacuum suction cup. The capacity of the dust-collecting container is 23 cubic centimeters, which is equivalent to drilling 10 holes with a diameter of 6 millimeters. The device is powered by two AA batteries. In short, a compact and useful thing for your home. On Ozone'e gift will cost 1224.

  • Assistant-dust collector will facilitate the cleaning procedure. The device weighs 350 grams with dimensions of 160x80x40 mm.
  • A perfect gift for those who are used to seeing cleanliness and order in everything.
Tritium keychain.
Tritium keychain

Unusual keychain, whose backlight does not go out for 25 years. The key ring is a flask into which is placed trigalight (gaseous tritium). At the heart of the keyframe lies GTLS trigalight technology. It is he who provides a continuous glow. Being in a flask, the material is not dangerous. Shvetsar company "MB-microtec" produces key fobs in yellow, white, blue, orange, red, and also green (the most susceptible to the human eye) colors. Depending on the case, the tritium key ring will cost from 600 rubles.

  • Visibility in the dark will be up to 5 meters. In addition to the key fobs, this backlight technology is used to illuminate the whole and the flies on the weapon, the clock, compass, rescue outputs, etc.
  • The half-life of tritium is 12.5 years, which means that in order for the brightness of the key fob to be halved, it will take a long time.
Wine kit & Wine Tools & # 187;.
Wine kit & Wine Tools & # 187;

The set consists of three items: the corkscrew corkscrew Sommelier, funnel for wine, as well as a drip eliminator. The latter is a nozzle for the neck of a wine bottle, which does not allow the drops to drain onto the tablecloth. The diameter of the drop eliminator is 4 cm. The funnel for wine is necessary for a neat spill of wine by glasses. Corkscrew Sommelier has a special emphasis for opening bottles. The kit is packed in a special keg. On Ozon'e, the gift will cost only 636 rubles .

  • The set will perfectly suit as a gift to her husband, colleague or friend. The size of the case-keg is 10х10х14 cm
  • A useful and functional gift for festive events. The tool material is stainless steel. The case is made of plastic.