Gift ideas for a boyfriend at 22 years old

Look what to present to the guy on his birthday? GiftBox is ready to offer its collection of 10 fresh gift ideas for men. Original ideas that you might find useful in the future...

What to give a guy for 22 years?


A good hookah will please its owner for a long time. When choosing a hookah, you should consider its size, it is best to choose a model with a height of 50 cm from the shaft. The hookah consists of a bulb, a shaft, a cup (sometimes called chilim) with a plate, a valve, a hose and a mouthpiece. The flask is best chosen from glass, it is transparent and does not retain a smell. The bottom of the bulb must be stable and have a large area. It is believed that the hookah originates in India. As the growth of its popularity in various countries, the hookah received many titles.

  • At purchase it is necessary to pay attention to tightness and absence of external defects of a glass bulb. If, when choosing a hookah, you plan to try it with friends on the same evening, do not forget about the acquisition of such important things as foil, tongs and tobacco.
  • If you want to present the original model, consider a variant of the designer hookah. As a rule, they are more expensive, but the appearance of the gift will be unique.
Thermo mug "Horn".
Thermo mug "Horn"

Unusual thermo mug in unusual performance from GOAT STORY. Designers from Slovenia, based on the creation of the model used the shape of the goat's horn. Therefore, it is this animal that can be seen as a logo printed on the leather patch of a thermo mug. The kit includes a leather / eco-leather / fabric cover that can be used as a carrier surface or as a stand (holder). In the latter case, the mug can stand on the table without problems. The kit also provides two straps, with which the mug can be worn over the shoulder or simply attached to the bag. Large range of colors and materials. The original idea of ??giving a guy a birthday. The cost of a gift in online stores from 50$.

  • The mug is made of polypropylene. The volume is 350 ml. Removing the leather elements of the mug can be easily washed. The length of the "horn" is 21 cm.
  • Among other competitors, the mug looks really an original gift. If you are looking for something unusual and creative as a gift to a guy on your birthday, pay attention to this model. Find on this site:
Biometric flash drive «Elephone».
Biometric flash drive «Elephone»

The Elephone U-Disk is a flash drive with biometric data protection. Not long ago, in an attempt to capture a larger market segment, the Chinese company announced a USB stick with a fingerprint scanner. The device has two data sectors - for general use (open) and for private (closed). Get to the data of the latter is possible only if the user successfully authenticates. It is rumored that the drive will have dynamic memory for each of the sectors. Information about the launch of sales will be available on the developer's website.

  • The body is made of metal. It is assumed that the device will reliably protect the data of its owner. If you are looking for a gift for a person who works in the field of information technology, the novelty will surely seem interesting to him.
  • The developers promise a confident operation of the device on all popular operating systems. Order a useful device will be very soon.
The flexible and waterproof speaker "Boom water resistant speaker".
The flexible and waterproof speaker "Boom water resistant speaker"

A flexible, waterproof and shockproof speaker that has such a feature as a "tail-mount". The speaker is easily attached to most types of structures. It can be a bicycle rudder, a fence or a tree in the country. According to the developers, the device is capable of underwater for up to 30 minutes, while maintaining its efficiency. This is more than enough to, for example, take a shower with the music. A gift can be useful on vacation or holiday. The idea of ??what to give a guy for 22 years from a girl. The cost of the device is 35 $.

  • Two hours of charging the device guarantees up to 8 hours of continuous operation of the speaker at full speaker volume. There are several color solutions.
  • The developer is ready to offer a large range of such devices, for example Ultimate Ears Boom. The latter costs more, but has up to 15 hours of work.
Rotating glass "SHTOX".
Rotating glass "SHTOX"

In 2009, among other start-ups, this project took the prestigious award at the Red Dot Design Awards. The idea is that due to the special design and surface treatment method, the glass could rotate on a flat surface. On the glass there are decorative lines, which, when rotated, create the effect of flowing water (spiral rotation). The author of the project, Evgeny Bushkovsky, managed to successfully patented his invention. A fresh idea of ??what you can give a guy for 22 years. A similar gift can be found here.

  • Applying very little effort, the glass is easily liable to a prolonged rotation. The effect looks really fascinating. Includes tube-wrapping.
  • Glasses are made of crystal in the German factory Nachtmann. Manual work is applied, which could not but affect its relatively high cost.

A useful gift for a birthday car guy can be a DVR. When choosing a similar gift, remember some key points, such as recording quality and viewing angle. For recording in HD format, a matrix of 2.1 - 3 Mp is sufficient. The viewing angle of most models is from 120 to 180 degrees. In the latter case, the field of view increases, but the image is stretched and rounded. There is an effect of the so-called "fish eye". The cost of such a gift from 1500 to 3000 rubles.

  • The DVR has a slot for microSD memory cards up to 32GB. The mount allows you to orient the viewing sector in a range of 360 degrees. The cost of such a gift on Ozon'e (together with a memory card) is 2600 rubles. You can purchase a registrar by here .
Luminous shoelaces «PowerLacez».
Luminous shoelaces «PowerLacez»

The developer of this accessory is 4id, which has long been known for its "safe" backlit devices. In addition to all kinds of clips for sneakers, luminous headphones and lamp-lamps, 4id produces luminous PowerLacez shoelaces. The accessory is aimed to make you noticeable not only on the road in the dark, but also on the noisy party of your friends. Laces have built-in LEDs with several backlight modes. A bright gift for the birthday of your friend or brother.

  • Laces are durable and suitable for almost any weather. There are 4 backlight modes: slow flash, fast flash, constant backlight, and backlight off. The length is 110 cm.
  • There are several options for highlight colors. Initially, the accessory was intended to improve the safety of a pedestrian, but it soon became clear that a bright highlight can also attract the attention of fine ladies.
Piano-keyboard "Roll-Up Electronic Keyboard".
Piano-keyboard "Roll-Up Electronic Keyboard"

The gift can be interesting to all amateur musicians. Its cost is much less than the cost of the cheapest synthesizer. As you already understood, the peculiarity of this gift is that the keys are presented in the form of a flexible silicone surface. Earlier in our articles one more unusual musical gift flashed "& # 8212; electronic drumsticks. Another musical idea of ??presenting a guy for 22 years. As for the soft synthesizer, then on AliExpress it will cost 2700.

  • The electronic piano includes 128 different tones, 40 demo songs and more than a hundred different rhythms.
  • As power supply, there are four AA batteries or a network adapter, which, as it turned out, is not included in the kit.
Ultrasonic thermometer "Thermodo".
Ultrasonic thermometer "Thermodo"

Every year, the number of useful devices for collecting data is growing. A little-known device Thermodo under the control of the application from Robocat is a sensitive element for determining the temperature. The temperature is recorded by sonar sonar. Scheme to the ugliness is simple. Connection to the smartphone is via a 3.5 mm audio jack. The app is available for both Android and iOS. In the role of the country-producer is Denmark. Available in several colors: red, gray, white and black. The cost of such a gift will be 40 $.

  • The device is easy to use. A useful and portable gift in the treasury of clever devaysov your birthday. The big disadvantage is its relatively high.
  • The device makes it possible to measure temperature through a smartphone in the absence of connection to the Internet. In size, the novelty resembles an ordinary key chain.
Quadrocopter «Phantom».
Quadrocopter «Phantom»

In conclusion, I will give an example of an expensive but fascinating gift to a guy on his birthday. The era of drones is very close, but because many companies are tightened around "smart" aircraft. So, for example, the Chinese company DJI offers a copter, which has quite impressive flight characteristics. The latest models like the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 are capable of speeding up to 20 m / s, returning to the take-off point via GPS / GLONASS, carrying high-quality optics on a stabilized platform, shooting 4K video and much more. That same gift to the guy he dreamed of since childhood.

  • If you order a quadrupter directly from a manufacturer from China, then the device will cost much less. However, it is necessary to wait.
  • In the 4th generation phantom, there is a function of flying over obstacles through an ultrasound sonar, as well as a more capacious volume of the battery (up to 28 minutes of flight). However, these figures are quite arbitrary, because the battery life largely depends on the maneuvers that you make when piloting the copter (sharp climb, constant flight at maximum speed, etc).