Gift ideas for a boyfriend in the army

In our country, the birthday of the Russian army is celebrated on May 7. The principle of the army is simple: round - carry, square - kati. If your young man is not confused in this simple truth, worry for him is not worth it. It is worth waiting for and waiting. As you may have guessed, today we will choose a gift for a guy in the army.

We will try to make our selection as useful and concise as possible. I would like to note that choosing an army gift, emphasis should be placed on something functional and inexpensive. The article is aimed at girls, whose guys go into the army or are already there.

What to give a guy in the army?

Inexpensive player.
Inexpensive player

What to give a guy before the army? That the service was not a burden, and in joy, present your young man mp3 player. It is desirable that this device does not have any additional software like iTunes. It is best to have a USB output in the case of the player, which will make it possible to transfer music without any additional card readers.

Socks. Set of 15 pairs.
Socks. Set of 15 pairs

As you know, dry socks - this is perhaps one of the most popular army attributes after the phone and cigarettes. In case you are looking for a themed packaging, you are in luck. The gift is made in the form of an army box. Inside is a set of 15 or 30 pairs of black cotton socks.

Unpleasant odor is excluded. Co-workers can sleep peacefully, which means that your young man will calmly sleep. If you still think that you can donate to the army, stop here.

An alternative version of the gift set may be not cotton, but waterproof socks made of elastic Gore-Tex fabric. Their cost is much higher, but this attribute is sure to come in handy for your young man, who fell under the autumn call.
Flat comb "Pistol".
Flat comb "Pistol"

Another obligatory attribute of the soldier is the comb, in her classic view. After a little thought, we decided to dilute this classic with original performance. Attention is offered to the comb-pistol. A compact present for your soldier, whom he can comb his hair with, but that he will not be able to shoot himself, no matter how hard the burdens of military service could be tolerated.

Nail clippers.
Nail clippers

The army orders to monitor both of them not only beyond the borders of the homeland, but also beyond the borders of their nails. The soldier is obliged to take care of both footwear and general appearance. To help your ranger is pleased to offer a manicure set. This surprise will be really useful for him, the main thing when choosing such a gift do not rush to buy the most expensive model. It is enough to find a kit that includes the most necessary: ??tweezers, scissors and a saw.


The next idea of ??a gift can be a book. While the soldier is sleeping, his service is on. But before you go to sleep, you can read a lot. From reliable sources, there is a theory that soldiers often have a lot of free time in the army. An excellent idea is to fill this gap with reading interesting books. A wonderful gift to a guy in the army to remember from his girlfriend.


What to give a guy in the army? To kill boredom and stay in sound mind will help the puzzle. If your opinion fell on this gift, we recommend making a choice in favor of strong products, because such a toy is much more likely to survive in the harsh realities of the Russian barracks. On the Internet you can stumble upon a huge assortment of wooden puzzles, take a closer look at them, because after learning to pass it with closed eyes, the boy is no longer a young man, but a real man.

Sewing kit.
Sewing kit

Needles and thread are an integral part of the harsh military everyday life, the lion's share of which goes to filing. Podshiva - he is also a "podvorotnichok" - an indispensable element that keeps the soldier on his toes. It is his soldier who has to be sewn again and again day in and day out, and so at such times a sewing kit for a fighter is more valuable than a machine gun. So, giving a fighter a good sewing kit with several meters of thread is a good idea.

It is noteworthy that the original filing was designed to prevent contact between the skin of the fighter and the rough tunic of the tunic. In the field, a piece of clean cloth protected the soldier from the appearance in the neck area of ??all sorts of scuffs, dirt and wounds.
Unusual lighter.
Unusual lighter

Giving a guy who goes into the army can have an original lighter. If your young man smokes or just started smoking - an urgent service in the army after all, pay attention to this gift option. The body can be very diverse. If you look in the direction of something thematic, then it can be a lighter in the form of a grenade, as shown in the picture.


If your serviceman is OK and his army life proceeds smoothly and without unnecessary shooting, he certainly can afford to drink an extra cup of tea in his spare time. Another good gift option will be an unusual mug-chameleon or a mug with an individual print. Your loyal friend in the long stays at the headquarters.


Closes the TOP-10 gift ideas to a guy in the army toy-antistress. You ask: "What is a wonder gadget that instantly relieves stress?". It's about the "Fidget" cube. He, like any other cube, has 6 sides, and each of them has its own feature. This can be a ball, wheel, button or switch. You can also present a kind of mechanical spinner. An "original" idea for a gift, is not it true?

  • As you know, 365 days of soldiers' service is equivalent to two billion, one million five hundred and thirty-six thousand seven turns of the spinner.
  • Scroll through it, do not get off the count, and do not have time to blink an eye as you are already at home, unless of course the spinner does not break after three hundred thousand scrolls - and this is not a good sign. Of course all this is a joke, however, an inexpensive toy will easily pass the evening in the army.

In the armed forces for the soldier, it is important first of all to pay attention, or rather, the fact of sending from the house. In their options, we missed banal ideas like sweet candy and boiled condensed milk. It is important to know what is relevant to the recruit at a given time. Perhaps, just this sweets it is, but to consider them is only as an addition to the main useful surprise for the guy who goes into the army.