Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

Russia is rich for holidays. That's why we often have to deal with the problem of "how to congratulate" and "what to present". And if everything is more or less clear with gifts for the wife and relatives, then the choice of a gift for the teacher sometimes leads to a stupor. A professional holiday in Russia is celebrated on October 5. What do teachers give?

First of all I would like to make a reservation about those things that the teacher is best not to give. These include alcohol, some amounts of money, as well as clothing items. It is best to skip such things. A gift can be associated with both the professional activities and the personal interests of the teacher.

What should I give for the teacher's day from the class?

Pen and calendar.
Pen and calendar

A great gift, the utility of which is difficult to overestimate.

Organizer with calculator.
Organizer with calculator

Suitable for the mathematics teacher. A nice gift, without which you can not do in the educational process.

Silver bookmark for books.
Silver bookmark for books

For those who are fond of reading, as a gift, you can present a bookmark for books. The gift is also suitable for the teacher of Russian language and literature.

Laptop Bag.
Laptop Bag

The teacher of computer science can give a new laptop bag.

Stationery desktop set.
Stationery desktop set

For a class teacher, you can pick an excellent office set on your desktop.

Ergonomic chair.
Ergonomic chair

As a collective gift, you can present a comfortable office chair for work. Surely not a single teacher will remain indifferent to such a surprise.

Laser pointer.
Laser pointer

A gift that simplifies the presentation. Modern equipped schools make the gift very relevant.

Flash drive.
Flash drive

The gift is not replaceable when you work with your computer everyday. An original memory card can be a very memorable gift from the students. If desired, you can engrave the flash drive.

Projector for class.
Projector for class

The gift is directed not so much at the teacher, as in the class. Sometimes there is a need for such kind of gifts.

Certificate of purchase.
Certificate of purchase

Collective gift from parents, which can be presented to the teacher at the final grade.

Basket of flowers.
Basket of flowers

A classic gift that will perfectly suit both on March 8, and on the birthday of the teacher.

Chocolate Souvenir.
Chocolate Souvenir

On the day of knowledge, besides an innumerable number of bouquets, the teacher will surely be pleased to receive such a chocolate souvenir.


The minimum set of tea set is suitable for working at lunchtime, and for home.


Another version of the gift can be a warm blanket. In the cold season, it can not be replaced.

Bedding set.
Bedding set

Another idea of a gift can be bedding.


A great accessory that you can give for a birthday or a jubilee of a teacher.


For a teacher who loves jewelry, the box will be a very pleasant and useful surprise.

A tea set.
A tea set

A great option for tea ceremonies. A well-chosen collection of tea is a worthy gift to a significant date.

Flower in a pot.
Flower in a pot

For those who like to care for flowers, as a gift you can stay on the plant.

Stand for rings.
Stand for rings

A handy gift with which your teacher's rings and other values will gain a strict order.

The work of the teacher is a very responsible and tense business. After all, representatives of this profession, along with the family, play a determining role in shaping the personality of your child.