Gift ideas for the New Year

New Year 2018 is coming, which means that it's time to think about preparing for the holiday. Since childhood, each of us have formed their New Year associations: the smell of tangerines, Christmas tree, colorful garlands and snow. But New Year's gifts always took a special place. Having decided with a surprise, do not forget about its design, because the New Year is a special atmosphere. If you believe the horoscope, then 2017 is the year of the cock, and therefore more often you hear about red and white flowers. Anyway, let's consider the ideas of New Year's gifts for your loved ones.

New Year's gift to your beloved girl

Soft toy.
Soft toy

Polar polar bear will be a great New Year gift to your beloved's bedroom. Making such a gift is best unexpected. Do not forget about the festive ribbon and ornaments.


No girl can do without decorations. Therefore, such surprises have always been and will be a welcome gift for them.

Handmade christmas tree decorations.
Handmade christmas tree decorations

Such New Year's gifts will create an atmosphere of a New Year's celebration. After all, the process of decorating a tree with original toys is a very pleasant experience.

A trip to the homeland of Father Frost in Veliky Ustyug.
A trip to the homeland of Father Frost in Veliky Ustyug

For those who appreciate travel, it is possible to organize a joint trip to Veliky Ustyug with a loved one. Such a gift can be perfectly planned for the New Year holidays.

Coloring - Antistress.
Coloring - Antistress

Funny addition to the main gift. It is useful in case your basic gift does not have a favorite to your liking. Gentlemen, take care of this scenario as well?

Joint photo session.
Joint photo session

Make a beautiful New Year's photos will help the certificate in the photo studio. If you have long dreamed of making quality joint photos with your boyfriend, but do not find time for it, think about a photo session with a New Year theme.

Keychain for car.
Keychain for car

If your boyfriend has a car, you can present a car keychain made of silver or gold as a gift.

Scarf made by own hands.
Scarf made by own hands

Those who perfectly handle knitting needles have a great opportunity to tie a warm scarf or hat with their own hands. Such a gift will be doubly pleasant for your loved one.

Sweater with deers.
Sweater with deers

Another variation of the winter gift can be a warm sweater with New Year's deer or Scandinavian patterns. Such a sweater can be chosen for your boyfriend and yourself, after which you can safely go to the option number one, a New Year's photo session.


What are winter holidays without ice skating? If your boyfriend still does not have skates, rather find out the right size and welcome to an open skating rink.

Winter set for tea and mulled wine.
Winter set for tea and mulled wine

In cold winter weekdays, you can not do without hot tea or mugs of fragrant mulled wine. Your parents will certainly appreciate this set of nice ingredients.


For those who do not imagine life without reading a favorite work, an excellent gift option can be an e-book. Such a device can be taken with you everywhere. It is much easier and more mobile than ordinary books. However, it should be borne in mind that not everyone is ready to refuse to turn over the old good book in its classical view.

Manicure set.
Manicure set

Such a gift is sure to please your mother. A small handbag with a lot of various adaptations to take care of the manicure at the proper level.

Calendar - photo collage.
Calendar - photo collage

Give parents a photo collage with photos of their children or grandchildren. After all, children are parental pride.

Balls, painted by hand.
Balls, painted by hand

It's hard to imagine the New Year without elegant Christmas tree toys. Therefore, glass handmade balls will be very useful for decorating the tree of all families.

A book with New Year's tales.
A book with New Year

A useful gift that will help a child learn to read will be a book with fairy tales. It is best to choose a book with illustrations. The wealth of Russian fairy tales is impressive, and therefore such a surprise will be a suitable New Year's gift.

Hat, mittens and scarf.
Hat, mittens and scarf

Winter is a time to warm up. If you plan to give your child something of clothes, the perfect option may be a hat or mittens.


New Year is the time of winter entertainment. Rolling on cheesecake from the hill will not make any children miss boredom.

Festive New Year's costumes.
Festive New Year

Every child loves to dream. Another version of the gift may be an unusual costume, which will be useful at the New Year's events, and in the family circle.

Baby paints for make-up.
Baby paints for make-up

Children love to draw. Help them in this creative process will help the New Year set for makeup. It is a harmless paint for application to the skin of the face. With such a set, your child will be the brightest on the New Year tree.