Gift ideas for March 8

March - the time of spring mood and spring gifts. And if warming comes in belated parts of our vast homeland late, then the occasion to congratulate your beloved women comes exactly on time on March 8.

On the eve of the holiday, children are asked what to give to their mother and grandmother on March 8. Guys are looking for original gifts for their girls and sisters, and parents are racking their brains over what to give to their beloved daughter. Of course, the leader among the gifts on this day are the flowers. However, there are other equally worthy gift ideas. The article will offer options for the most interesting and possibly unusual gifts for your loved ones.

What to give to my mother on March 8?


A real work of art, enclosed in a glass bowl. The cost of such a gift directly depends on the plants that you want to combine. Many compare it with an aquarium, but it all depends on the vessel. It can be hanging, but can have the shape of an elongated vase. A perfect gift for your mother or wife.

LED Light.
LED Light

A spectacular subject that will be appreciated by a person who prefers unusual things. The gift is aimed at creating a home cosiness. The height varies from 60 cm to one and a half meters. With the right combination with the interior, the product will become a truly harmonious addition.

Bathroom table.
Bathroom table

For those who like to soak for a long time in the bathroom, a special table can be a useful gift. With him you can easily read a book or place a player with your favorite music.

Handmade soap.
Handmade soap

Each girl, regardless of her age and occupation, loves to take care of herself. So an excellent gift can be handmade soap. It's not a secret for anyone that an item that does not belong to mass production is quality and most often unusual. Soap made in this way, like any other author's work, will be an original gift by March 8 for your mother, grandmother or sister.

Kitchen timer.
Kitchen timer

A device with which not to forget about baking. Be sure, your hostesses will appreciate it. The timer can be electronic or mechanical. A functional object that will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. It remains only to decide on the design.

Ultrasonic device for face skin care.
Ultrasonic device for face skin care

Promotes skin care with ultrasound peeling. It's not a secret for anyone that every woman cares about looking after her appearance. But here we must make an important reservation. Such a thing should not imply that your mother does not look good and she needs to take care of herself.

Shower head, "color" the water.
Shower head, "color" the water

Inexpensive and at the same time an unusual gift. Depending on the water temperature, the color of the backlight changes. Thus, it is visually possible to evaluate the hot water or not. Light is generated by the pressure of water. The gift perfectly diversifies the bathroom and your privacy. If you decide to give the girl this device, consider you lucky. Taking a multi-colored shower with a loved one is an infinitely pleasant experience.

Polaroid "Instagram".
Polaroid "Instagram"

With the advent of the Polaroid, creating pictures and sharing them with loved ones has become easier. Among all other devices I would like to highlight the Instagram Socialmatic model, which is integrated with popular social networks.

The idea belongs to Antonio de Rosa - a designer from Italy. The device is equipped with a touch LCD display, a Wi-fi transmitter and a memory card slot.

The images are designed in the style of the popular Instagram network. They provide space for comments, QR code, as well as an adhesive tape for attaching the picture to the surface. In Russia, the device appeared recently, but because such a gift, of course, will cause your girl a storm of emotions.

Hammock for feet.
Hammock for feet

For girls whose work is connected to the table, (in the truest sense of the word), there is an unusual idea of a gift - a mini hammock for the feet. Now your girlfriend will have the opportunity to work in full comfort. Mounted such a device is fairly simple and suitable for most types of tables.

Photoshoot in school models.
Photoshoot in school models

If you are suffering with a gift choice by March 8, consider a photo shoot. Before the camera your girl will feel free and definitely attractive! Photographers know a lot about increasing self-esteem. In addition, if a girl begins to seriously take a fancy photo, you can give a certificate for passing courses in the school of the model.

Unusual headphones.
Unusual headphones

Who does not like music? A simple gift that should not be missed. The Internet is full of a large assortment of similar products, and therefore finding something original becomes easier.

Fitness Bracelet.
Fitness Bracelet

A smart gift that is suitable for both sports and everyday use. The device counts the steps, registers the sleep phases and looks stylishly on the hand. The main purpose is to monitor the physical activity of a person. For sure your girlfriend this option will seem interesting.


Each girl will be happy with this gift. But do not immediately rush to buy gold. Correctly chosen jewelry will decorate and emphasize the appearance of each. The main thing is to know the preferences, because the range of such goods is very wide.


A fascinating gift, which can distract the child from the computer. A kaleidoscope was invented in England by Sir David Brewster in 1816. The low cost of the gift makes it accessible to you, and the effective picture inside - makes it fascinating for the child.

Money box.
Money box

Which of us did not have a piggy bank as a child? A great way to teach a child to save money to buy something. After all, the attitude to money is formed at an early age. As for the shape of the piggy bank, it is necessary for girls to select something bright and colorful.

"The music of wind" .
"The music of wind"

This attribute occupies a central place in the Feng Shui culture as a talisman or amulet. The material used is wood or metal. Such a gift can be interesting as a pleasant addition to the girl's room.

A set of brushes and paints.
A set of brushes and paints

A good passion for the child is the love of painting. If the girl is inclined to draw, give her a set of colors, brushes, pencils or even an easel. Such a gift on March 8 can inspire your princess to create a true masterpiece.

Slippers of the Beast.
Slippers of the Beast

Funny and fluffy slippers for the child in the form of paws of the beast. If you often have to ask a child to wear socks, then this gift can be of use to you. Legs will always be warm, or rather - in slippers, which just do not have to dust under the couch.


For southern regions of the country, where the spring comes earlier than the rest, a suitable gift in early March can be videos. If there is a flat asphalt or a playground, then such a gift has every chance of existence. But do not forget about the necessary protection, especially if your child is first going to stand on the rollers.

Board game.
Board game

Table games today - a real trend. There are shops that specialize in selling such kind of entertainment. Among them, you can always find something suitable for a noisy company of friends, and for a cozy family evening. For example, it can be a game about animals. As a rule, it includes cards with questions, and therefore the child will be able to learn something useful and new. To play a large family is perfect monopoly.

It is believed that one of the founders of the international women's day is Clara Zetkin, who was fighting for women's rights. It was she who in 1910 proposed the establishment of an international women's day, which was later established on March 8. Give gifts to your beloved women, because what they do not create there, without them the world loses its meaning ...