Gift ideas for a man on February 23

The holiday is coming, and with it the problem of choosing a gift. What can you give to men on the day of the defender of the Fatherland?

Scrolling through catalogs of fashion magazines and popular Internet sites, millions of women are looking for something unusual and useful to their men on February 23. The bustle and running around in shopping malls, rushing and waiting on the eve of holidays often overshadow the process of choosing gifts.

To avoid being on February 23 without a gift, it is important to decide in advance. Let's pay attention to those options that you can give to men on this February day.

What to give to a man on February 23?


A practical gift in your father's car, which is sure to come in handy on the road. The average price for this device is quite acceptable, and the ability to fix incidents on the road makes this device more than a useful gift.

Desktop bio fireplace.
Desktop bio fireplace

The original desktop gift, which you can admire forever. The flame of fire, enclosed in the walls of tempered glass and steel, will pleasantly distract or soothe during stress.


If your father wears ties, you can opt for this accessory. It is important that this attribute is laconically harmonized with the rest of your father's clothes. It is also worth paying attention to the length and tint of the tie.


Deciding to give a purse, remember - this is an accessory that a man will carry with him very often. First of all, decide what items will be present in your father's wallet. Does he wear a large number of plastic cards and business cards? Is there a pocket for stuff? Remember, this gift should be functional.


Another practical gift option for men can be a shirt. Decide on the shape. Will the shirt fit or classical? The second option is more universal and suitable for almost everyone.

Unforgettable dinner.
Unforgettable dinner

A gift that your loved one will certainly appreciate. Surprise your wife with a delicious dinner and well-chosen drinks. Let it be more than dinner. Let it be your date.

Set of tools.
Set of tools

If your house lacks any tools, and you guess which ones, give your wife a set of tools. After all, in the apartment from time to time something breaks down, and constantly disturbing neighbors about the tools - it's not good.

Subscription to the sports club.
Subscription to the sports club

Those who are set up next Monday to go in for sports, you can give a subscription to the gym or pool. If your spouse has long dreamed of such, February 23 will be an excellent occasion for such a gift.

Thermal Underwear.
Thermal Underwear

In the cold Russian winter, the gift will be more than relevant. Perfect for those who prefer active winter holidays.

Wrist Watch.
Wrist Watch

Relatively expensive, but a pleasant surprise for your spouse, decide. Decide on the size and strap. Do not give a small clock to a massive hand, and vice versa.

Tickets for a football or hockey match.
Tickets for a football or hockey match

On the eve of the holiday, give your wife tickets for your favorite hockey match.

Portable vacuum cleaner for car.
Portable vacuum cleaner for car

Will come in handy in the garage or salon of your spouse's car.

Keychain radio beacon for keys.
Keychain radio beacon for keys

If your husband always has a lot of keys at hand, the loss of which would be irreparable, give him a keychain with a radio beacon. With such a gift, the loss of a keychain is minimized.

3D pen.
3D pen

An original gift for creating small volume objects. The handle is threaded with a plastic thread. The tip of the handle is heated to a decent temperature, and therefore the child should be careful. For younger children there is a technology with cold letter. The gift looks spectacular and unusual.

Precious coin.
Precious coin

The gift is more than practical. You can choose a coin with a zodiac sign. A gold or silver coin is purchased in the bank.

Trekking in the shooting range.
Trekking in the shooting range

Get a vivid impression of shooting from pneumatic and firearms in a dash. For the memory of issuing certificates confirming the receipt of skills in firing weapons.

Travel bag or backpack.
Travel bag or backpack

A simple and convenient gift for your brother or son. Excellent for studying and sports.


Dream of every growing generation. The assortment of such "toys" is very wide, exactly, as well as their price range.

Constructor Lego.
Constructor Lego

A great gift for the fans of the Lego designer. A gift is perfect for a child.

Game console.
Game console

A teenager on February 23 can be given a suitable game console. It is worth noting that some of them have exclusive games that will not be released on other consoles.

Each of us knows how nice to receive gifts, but it's equally nice to give them.