Gift ideas for the traveler

We all spend our holidays in different ways. Someone goes with the family to the dacha, someone stays at home, and someone does not see life without traveling. And if the funds permit, travel can become a real hobby. Today we will talk about those gifts that can be useful for your friends and family on vacation or on the road. For those who prefer active leisure and do not imagine their lives without traveling, GiftBox is ready to offer their collection of unusual gift ideas to the traveler.

What to present to the traveler?

Portable UV Sanitizer.
Portable UV Sanitizer

The device is ideal for travel. The sterilizer is applicable to any surfaces, be it water or personal items. The sterilizer is built on an environmentally friendly and safe way to kill bacteria and fungi. According to the developers, radiation can destroy 99% of bacteria. The device is useful on the road, especially if you travel with children. It is forbidden to use the device for skin disinfection!

Baggage scales Elari.
Baggage scales Elari

When flying, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the allowed weight of luggage. In order to avoid costly expenditure for the preponderance, it is very convenient to have a scales handy. Elari is ready to offer a multifunction device, which is a belt, scales and a lock at the same time. A useful gift for your friend's traveler.

  • A distinctive feature of this device is the availability of the TSA code lock, which can be opened only with the help of special buttons by the customs.
  • The device has a built-in digital balance and a hook. There is a block for the contact details of the luggage owner. With such a gift, going to the road will become even more reliable.
Acoustic system Ruggear.
Acoustic system Ruggear

While relaxing with tents in the mountains or on the beach, do not forget about the musical accompaniment. To help the traveler come a new Bluetooth speaker from RugGear. A feature of this novelty is its waterproof enclosure. Connection to the smartphone is possible both via Bluetooth, and using the AUX connector. In the first case, the range will be up to 10 meters.

  • The device has a rubberized case. Provided fastening by means of a rifle. Operating time up to 4 hours.
  • A built-in microphone is provided for talking on the cellular in the column. Charger via microUSB.
Personal filter for travel Lifestraw.
Personal filter for travel Lifestraw

And here's another unusual idea for a tourist. A personal LifeStraw Personal filter is offered. With its help you can drink water from an open source. The filter is able to filter out 99.9% of bacteria and 96.3% of viruses. Its use reduces the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Excludes infection with dysentery and diarrhea. Filter - an ideal assistant for the traveler. The purification technology provides for three cascades of purification: the first layer filters the particles to 15 microns, the iodinated resin excludes the passage of viruses and bacteria, and the ion exchange resin excludes residual iodine. The original idea of what to give a traveler for his birthday.

  • With a filter, you can drink water directly from the river or lake. The set includes a cord for carrying a filter around the neck. The filter is non-volatile and does not contain any chemical elements.
  • The device is able to provide more than 1000 liters of water, but the manufacturer does not provide information on how the level of pollution of the reservoir affects the resource of the filter. The rest is a really useful thing.
Power Bank 5000 Xiaomi Mi.
Power Bank 5000 Xiaomi Mi

Still an acute issue on the road is the recharging of mobile devices. The current external gift is an external battery. So, for example, the Power Bank 5000 model from Xiaomi Mi on Ozone will cost 1200 rubles. The device has a large and capacious battery of 5000 mAh. By the way, the supplier of Li-ion batteries for Xiaomi Mi is ATL, which has a long experience of cooperation with Apple. Really useful thing, you can buy it in almost any electronics store.

Traveler Set.
Traveler Set

The Traveler Set is a kit that will come in handy on the road and travel. The Swiss gadget includes a lot of useful devices. The gift is compact and functional. The set includes the following elements: ruler, compass, magnifier, level, thermometer and flashlight. Knife HUNTSMAN has a corkscrew (which is very important in hiking), awl, screwdriver, scissors, a pen and much more. The kit fits nicely in the leather case.

  • It is irreplaceable in the glove compartment of the car for all occasions. A quality, albeit relatively expensive, gift that will last for no one year.
  • Suitable for all lovers of hiking and other outdoor activities.
Держатель для сумки «Go Travel».
Держатель для сумки «Go Travel»

А этот простой, но полезный инструмент поможет избежать контакта сумки с пыльной поверхностью пола. При необходимости на него можно повесить одежду. Подарок придется по душе представительницам прекрасного пола. Советую взять его на заметку в качестве подарка. «Крюк» изготовлен из цинкового сплава. Помощник прост в эксплуатации, дно изготовлено из противоскользящего волокна. Достаточно найти для него ровную поверхность. Если ваши друзья любители полезных мелочей, подарок покажется им интересным. Обойдется такой держать в 1064 рубля. Приобрести можно на Ozon’e этой ссылке.

  • Крючок компактен, размер держателя в сложенном виде составляет 4,5×4,5×1см. Низкая стоимость.
  • Рынок пестрит большим ассортиментом подобных товаров. Большая палитра цветов. В качестве производителя выступает Британия, изготавливают в Китае.
KYUTEC electrical plaster.
KYUTEC electrical plaster

The idea is to generate electrical pulses on the surface of the device. In this case, the patch is adjusted using the "+/-" keys. The instructions say that to ease the pain, you need to apply the patch within 20 minutes. The plaster is glued to the body through a helium patch, which can be used up to 30 times. The kit includes two sets of these overlays. It all looks very futuristic, although the price bites. As it turned out, finding a product somewhere other than "Sky Shop" is not so simple. Moreover, for reasons I do not understand, the sale of this device is carried out only on international flights.

  • The device is primarily focused on the treatment of muscle pain.
  • The manufacturer of KYUTEC specializes in wireless medical devices.
Traveler skretch-card.
Traveler skretch-card

The gift enables you to erase the country you visited by coin. You can select both a world map and a map of regions in your country. In the second case, travelers will be able to brag to friends visiting the sights of the Motherland. Each erased field reveals several interesting facts about the culture and customs of the country / regions. The best gift for the traveler and his family.

  • The gift provides packaging in the form of a tube with metal covers.
  • Any formats. So, for example, the A1 format will become a pleasant gift for the whole family of travelers.
Anti-smartphone ELARI.
Anti-smartphone ELARI

And finally a few new products. Today, each of us has a smartphone - a means of universal communication. But will not this device become a hindrance to rest? After all, sunbathing on the beach, not everyone can resist the temptation to check the mail of your favorite iPhone. Developers from Elari recently introduced a designer anti-smartphone to the world. Its task is to limit the access of its owner to the Internet. The phone, as you guessed it, does not have a 3G and LTE module. But it has dimensions commensurate with the dimensions of the plastic card. The cost of the novelty is 4900 rubles.

  • Nothing superfluous, just a nice design. The device weighs 42 grams. Thickness - only 5.5 mm. At the same time, the battery can provide up to 3 days of standby time.
  • To all lovers of minimalism. No extra internet on vacation. Only the beach and live communication.

Here is not all the list of things that you can give a traveler. Most products can also be found in airline logs, which contain quite original and interesting collections of goods. All pleasant trips.