Gift ideas for snowboarder

With the opening of the winter season, thousands of skiers and snowboarders are pulled together to conquer the snowy slopes. In pursuit of vivid impressions, one should not forget about those things without which an active holiday would not be so comfortable and unforgettable. Our resource has prepared a line of gifts for snowboarders and skiers. If you are looking for a birthday present for a beginner snowboarder, I am happy to offer you some original and practical ideas. The season of gifts is open, let's go!

So what to give to a snowboarder?

Snowboard cover.
Snowboard cover

The most common version of the gift is the equipment. Let's start with the boot. If a person just plans to stand on the board and has not yet managed to buy the most necessary, support him by giving a cover. There are several types of covers: a cover on the handle over the shoulder and a boot on the wheels. The latter option is more capacious and dimensional, but it is better for a beginner to stick to something compact. The inner wall must be dense and moisture resistant.

  • A gift will protect the board from mechanical damage. Most cases have many capacious pockets for clothes and shoes.
  • If you do not travel by car, but fly by plane, do not forget about the rules of luggage. Weight free of charge in the cabin (not exceeding 115 cm for the sum of 3 measurements) is 15 kg.
Thermal Underwear.
Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is divided into four types: slik, medium, heavy, and also polar weight. For riding on a board, the first two fit, the rest are designed for a long stay in the cold. Remember this, because overheating is extremely undesirable for active pastime. A popular worldwide manufacturer of thermal underwear for snowboarding is the Burton brand.

  • A practical gift for a snowboarder.
  • In addition, thermonosques in the same style are fine.
A set of snowboard care products.
A set of snowboard care products

The simplest set for the care of the DAKINE Quick Tune board includes a edger, a ratchet screwdriver, a 8/10 mm wrench, a cyclone, a heat-resistant wax, and a rag. All this stuff is packed in a compact case with a zip fastener. A convenient and useful gift that will suit not only a snowboarder, but also a skier. Acceptable weight, nothing superfluous.

  • The space in the backpack it takes quite a bit, but you can calibrate your board at any convenient moment.
  • Judging by the reviews, these sets are popular among snowboarders.
Backpack for snowboarding.
Backpack for snowboarding

The main feature of such backpacks is the availability of special straps for carrying the board. The first requirement for a backpack for snowboarding is a waterproof surface. On the backpack should also be present chest and waist belts. It is good if lightning is additionally protected by rubberized walls. Plus there will be a metal structure on the back. Advanced backpacks have signal whistles, special water pipes and much more. But this is true for professionals. Beginners should start with simpler and more compact models.

  • For more comfortable riding, ergonomic straps are best.
  • To comfortably feel in the lift, the backpack should be chosen with side ties, as they will allow you to narrow the backpack on the rise.
Snowboard lock.
Snowboard lock

Avoid the theft of the newly donated snowboard will help a simple pocket lock Burton Cable Lock. This is a useful gift for a snowboarder, which easily fits in your pocket. For all its low cost, the thing is really useful. A steel cable and a combination of three numbers. If you wish, you can steal a board, but the task becomes more complicated, because now special tools will be needed.

  • The lock is always at hand. We attach it to a strong structure and go for tea or dry our feet.
  • It's easy to find and order, for example on Amazon.
Mount for GoPro.
Mount for GoPro

Universal mount-transformer for the action camera GoPro. It can be used as a monopod, mount and handle GoPro, as well as in the role of a tripod. Now a lot of online stores are ready to offer analogues of this attachment. The cost is naturally lower than the firm's model, and as for quality, from case to case. Judging by the reviews, there are many worthy copies. The choice is yours.

  • The gift will capture the brightest moments of active recreation.
  • Big fans of social networks will now have to update their events.

A compact lace is designed to fasten the board to the snowboard boots. There are cases in which the fastening is unfastened from the shoes, and the board is able to fly a considerable distance from its owner. This accessory will help avoid half-hour search for the board. Great benefit at a small cost, which is beneficial.

  • In the case of undocking with fastening, the excess will prevent uncontrolled sliding of the snowboard.
  • This gift is suitable for both amateur and snowboarder with experience.
Drone Lily.
Drone Lily

Gifts for a snowboarder are not limited to equipment. For example, having appeared, drone Lily managed to make a lot of noise among competitors. The kit includes a special bracelet. Dressing him, Lily will chase you from anywhere, wherever you ride. In this case, you can change the angle of the survey - the robot accompanies you in front or behind. To start the drone, just throw it up. The model is waterproof and clearly stands out among similar offers on the market. The device was sold in February 2016. Flight duration is 20 minutes. The flight range is 30 meters.

  • Judging by the responses in the drones, there are no obstacle sensors. And this means that Lily will have to run only in the open area.
  • The idea behind the maintenance mode of the owner is interesting. Also a big plus is the presence of a waterproof case.

A useful gift can be a compact thermos. After all, you do not need to give him a lot of money at the top of the slope to enjoy coffee. If you still think what to give a snowboarder for a birthday, you can choose your option on this option.

  • Large variety of shapes and colors
  • Acceptable cost, simplicity, utility

If you are looking for just such a gift, take a "BIOSTAL" thermos bottle 1.5 l


The choice of a snowboard mask should be approached seriously. This is the very thing that it is better not to save. The glass should not contain any distortion and blur. The mask should have a coating from scratches, and also have an antifog - protection from fogging. Another dangerous factor in the mountains is ultraviolet. The mask should provide adequate protection from the rays harmful to the pupil. Foam masks should not cause irritation. It is better to choose a layered layer.

  • The lens on the glasses should be strong and have a protective coating, which is a good sign of quality.
  • The mask has a rather high cost, and therefore it is better to present this gift collectively from all friends.
  • It is best to choose a product with a spherical lens that does not distort the perception of the slope.