Gift ideas for skier

What can be useful for a skier in the mountains? "A glass of mulled wine!", - you will answer. Undoubtedly, but today we will talk about such practical objects and devices that can be presented to a skier on his birthday. But what to give a skier in high season? And what if all the essentials he already has? For those who have long been keen on mountain skiing or just going to get up on them, is glad to offer some entertaining ideas from our website.

What to give to skier for his birthday?

Radio stations.
Radio stations

Agree, in order not to look for friends for several hours, it is convenient to have a set of walkie-talkies. And although the cellular communication for the ski slopes has not been exotic for a long time, if you are in a foreign region, you do not want to pay for roaming. A convenient addition to this set will be the corresponding headset.

  • At the moment there are three amateur bands: Low Power Device (LPD433), Family Radio Service (FRS), Private Mobile Radio PMR.
  • Attention, owners of radio groups with different bands will never hear each other, because working at different frequencies, you will not be able to associate the LPD radio with FRS.
Set of paraffins for skis.
Set of paraffins for skis

Very popular brands among paraffins are SWIX and START. In some cases, over the paraffin, skiers apply a special powder. However, for beginners, this is unnecessary. A combo kit of three different paraffins can be assembled from HF80 (up to -25 degrees), PHF600 (to -6 degrees) from START and HF7 (to -8 degrees) from SWIX. On the right in the figure is a set called the Dakine Super Tune (Tuning Kit) Euro.

  • According to the authoritative Internet resource bloggers, PHF200 paraffin is the most mild and dirt-repellent.
  • Service paraffin is used for newly acquired skis, cleaning and conservation, which also perfectly suits a beginner skier.
Ski mask with replaceable filters.
Ski mask with replaceable filters

Choosing a mask is a delicate matter. We will touch only the main recommendations for its selection. In the area of ??the rim, foam should fit tightly to the face. Ideally, the mask should be chosen in the presence of the person to whom it will be targeted. After all, to understand how it will sit on the face of your friend, he knows only one. The ski mask should contain the following layers: antifog coating, double lens with air barrier, polarizing filter, mirror coating, and also a layer preventing fogging and scratching.

  • The central link in this system is the filter. Due to its characteristics, the eyes are reliably protected. By purchasing replacement filters instead of a spare mask, you save money. However, such a collection of lenses will always have to be worn in a case.
  • Make polycarbonate lenses. When choosing a gift, do not forget to pay attention to such standard of safety as ANSI Z87.1. It reflects the requirements for mechanical strength and optical properties of the mask.
Action Camera.
Action Camera

Such a device will not only capture the beautiful landscapes, but also assess the "side" of their own skating technique. Everyone will be happy with this gift. Well, or almost everyone;) The leader of sales, of course, are GoPro cameras. If such a device is already present in your skier's arsenal, you should turn your gaze into the field of accessories: a special mount or the tripod GoPro 3 way.

A gift will bring a lot of emotions to its owner. Sharing bright impressions of riding on picturesque slopes will become even easier. A great gift for a skier on his birthday.

Lamella for ski poles.
Lamella for ski poles

The arms of the ski poles are fixed in the hands of the skier with the help of tambourines. They, in turn, are divided into loops and traps. The first option is the most common.

  • If your old friend's trap is worn out, then this gift is for you.
  • This model has a stepped tightening regulator.
Thermal Underwear.
Thermal Underwear

The best material is polyester or polypropylene. This will solve the issue with the removal of moisture. Most models undergo antibacterial treatment, which allows the material to not absorb the smell of sweat. Of what to choose? Perhaps the easiest way to buy thermal underwear in the Sportsmaster. An optimal gift for a skier who has just started to get involved in skiing.

  • Do not chase after saving. Remember that the right care is the right clothes. A set of thermal underwear worth less than a thousand rubles is unlikely to be of high quality. With confidence, I can say that it will be erased after the first two months of use.
  • When choosing a gift, remember that you purchase linen for skiing, and not a suit for polar expeditions. Too warm clothes will turn into a serious problem on vacation. So Burton specializes in selling lightweight thermal underwear exclusively for skis and snowboards.
The device for finding a backpack or keys TrackR.
The device for finding a backpack or keys TrackR

Earlier we already wrote about such a device, but did not think about the fact that a keychain like TrackR or Tile can be useful also on the ski slope. Finding lost keys, a backpack and other small items can take a lot of time. Therefore, it is convenient to have such an object in your arsenal. Controlled by a keychain from a smartphone on the platform of iOS or Android. The application can be configured in such a way that the search process will be accompanied by ringtones. The device is powered by a flat battery, which, according to the owners of the device, lasts about a year. There is a two-way fastening in the form of a sticker. The diameter of the "tablet" is only 2.6 cm. The height is 0.5 cm.

  • If someone took your item, the application will inform you about the fact of moving. The device transfers the location of the lost item to the smartphone.
  • Feedback is provided. This means that you can find not only the lost thing through the phone, but vice versa, find the phone by clicking on the smart tablet button.
Ski socks.
Ski socks

Ski socks, or rather golf shoes, unlike classic woolen socks should not hold water, quickly dry, tightly tighten the leg and keep warm. When choosing socks, it is important to remember the following: to measure such a gift you will have with birthday shoes, the height of the sock should be greater than the height of the shoe, the seams should not be felt.

  • If you choose between synthetic and semi-synthetic, the advantage and disadvantage of semi-synthetic pairs of socks is the presence of wool. These socks are warm, but the wool will retain moisture.
  • Pay attention to the seams, the socks should not irritate the skin.
Thermos or thermo mug.
Thermos or thermo mug

The thermos is divided into vacuum and filled with air. The flasks themselves are made of glass, plastic or metal. Vacuum thermos, made of metal, is the most popular. Is it worth talking about the merits of such a gift to a skier? After all, to drink your favorite drink on a picturesque slope without overpaying for it hundreds of rubles - at least a practical solution.

  • Large assortment, acceptable cost.
  • As an alternative to a thermos, a thermo mug can be purchased as a gift.
Smart Gloves ITRI.
Smart Gloves ITRI

Well, in the end, a little high-tech pathos. Just want to say that smart ITRI gloves so far only a concept. This gift option is not available for sale, but I could not ignore the trend of electronic gloves for skiers and snowboarders. The idea belongs to Jules Parmentier, who suggested creating a smart glove based on FlexDM flexible display. The device must be powered by a solar battery, and output GPS data to the outside of the palm of your hand.

  • The idea is really cool and, in my opinion, comfortable. We are looking forward to further development.
  • A novelty could be an indispensable tool in case of force majeure in the mountains.