Gift Ideas to the amateur photographer

The history of the creation of photographs originates in the distant 1839. The founder of this profession is considered to be the Frenchman Jacques Louis Daguerre. What is remarkable for a long time the photos were not recognized as creativity. However, after the invention of a small camera, the profession of the photographer began to develop rapidly. Today GiftBox will offer you a selection of gift ideas, both for amateur photographers, and for those who have been fond of photos for many years.

What to give to an amateur photographer?

Vacuum cleaner in the form of a lens.
Vacuum cleaner in the form of a lens

The original thematic version of the present to the photographer from the engineers from the Middle Kingdom. China is not the first to please the world with unusual devices. Here and now on sale appeared a vacuum cleaner, outwardly identical to the lens Nikkor 70-200 VR2. The original idea of what to give a hobby photographer.

  • The 12V power is organized via USB. In the kit there is an adapter for connection to the car cigarette lighter outlet.
  • The device weighs just over 300 grams. The length of the cord is 3 m. The device has the following dimensions: 235x80x80 mm.
Light filters.
Light filters

A light filter is a device designed to correct an image. The most popular are polarization, ultraviolet, skylight filters, as well as neutral-plane filters (they are also ND filters). The task of polarizing light filters is to cut off the so-called "light noise" in the image - glare from water and various surfaces. A great gift for a beginner photographer.

  • Skylight filters are designed to correct sky light. UV filters cut off the "cold" part of the spectrum.
  • ND filters are designed to control excessive light.
Lens for phone.
Lens for phone

Inexpensive and entertaining accessory, which is suitable for almost all phones whose lens diameter does not exceed 9-13 mm (depending on the lens model). Typically, the kit includes three different lenses: a fisheye that can take photos in the 180 degree sector, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens. If you are looking for a gift for an amateur photographer, this option may interest you.

  • As a fastener, the clothespin or clip is most often used. It should be noted that the center of the lens should be located at a distance of at least 23 mm from the edge of the phone.
  • A set of 3 in 1 will become a pleasant extension of the capabilities of the camera of your cell phone. The gift will be interesting to all fans of unusual photos.
Designer photo frame.
Designer photo frame

For those who see fashion in everything, as a gift, you can present a bright photo frame. Large assortment of flowers. According to the manufacturer UAmade, the strength of the belt is not inferior to the original one. This option is suitable for those who want to change the black-and-red and yellow-black colors of popular photo equipment manufacturers.

  • Cotton and viscose are used as material. The length of the strap, as a rule, is 80 x 5 cm.
  • The Internet is full of a lot of suggestions for tailoring such accessories. However, such a gift will find greater demand among the fair sex photographers than the male photographers.
Lensbaby Lens.
Lensbaby Lens

A distinctive feature of this lens is the ability to change the blurriness of the image. For example, you want to sharpen the person's face, but at the same time blur the background. Lensbaby gives you the opportunity to do this in minute detail. This effect is achieved by shifting the optical axis of the body due to the inclination of the moving part of the lens. The idea of the design of the harmonica lens belongs to the American photographer Craig Strong.

  • Judging by the reviews, it is not immediately possible to make an image with the necessary sharpness, but, having adapted yourself, you can achieve good professional skills. Working with such a flexible lens is very exciting.
  • The gift will suit a professional photographer. The disadvantage is its cost, but an unusual lens is worth it. In the kit there is a set of diaphragms and a corporate case.
Cake in the form of a camera.
Cake in the form of a camera

What to give a photographer for a birthday, who has everything? Alternatively, order an original themed cake. Hundreds of confectioners are ready to take on similar orders and make a cake of mastic. The Internet has managed to find a lot of work for such congratulations.

  • The minimum cake weight, as a rule, is 3.5 kg. A personal congratulation can be written directly on the "strap".
  • The filling can be cheese, nut, cottage cheese, sour cream, fruit, yoghurt or souffle. Other orders are usually discussed individually in the confectionery.
Reflector for flash.
Reflector for flash

Someone argues that this is absolutely useless thing, someone, on the contrary, says that such a reflector is able to benefit. But the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. By the way, the simplest version of the photo reflector is the A4 sheet attached to the flash. In the market, the most common design is the so-called "burdock", which is used in dark rooms with high walls.

  • The main task of such light reflectors is to soften the light. It is worth bearing in mind that studios rarely use a flash, as studio photos are obtained exclusively with the help of special studio lighting.
  • A kind of reflector is the "Bank of Fong", which hits the ceiling simultaneously and highlights the shadows. However, remember that for the correct operation of such a nozzle, a low ceiling is required.
Thematic case.
Thematic case

Dilute the collection of covers for the phone can be another thematic gift. What is remarkable, the product scored 98% of positive feedback. In the rest - it's just a nice gift.

  • Inexpensive thematic souvenir that emphasizes the sphere of interests of its owner.
  • Neutral present for all time.
USB flash drive.
USB flash drive

The case of the flash card is made of silicone. The design of the flash drive repeats a reduced copy of the SLR. Dimensions: 5.5x4x2 cm. The flash drive can be worn as a key fob on keys or lost in a dusty box if you do not like it.

  • In addition to DSLRs are provided flash drives in the style of retro-cameras or Kodak films.
  • Against the backdrop of an endless array of similar products, a USB flash drive looks very original.
Underwater box.
Underwater box

The standard SLR camera does not have protection against water, sand and dust. A cover that promises to provide a sealed waterproofing at a depth of up to 20 meters can not help attracting attention. The cover is able to place the lens up to 11 cm. A simple and useful gift for the amateur photographer. On the left is a blue Chinese case "Waterproof Case". On the right is a more expensive model. Dimensions: 30×27 cm.

  • The case does not interfere with the pressing of the buttons and does not sink in the water (as long as it does not contain your SLR). Lightweight and compact.
  • A similar zippered bag can be useful on the sea, where there is water and sand. And all this you want to take pictures.