Gift ideas for numismatist

The numismatist is not just a coin collector. This is the person who first of all is fond of history. It is worthwhile to understand that every numismatist has his own story. Some specialize in coins of a certain country and the corresponding epoch. Others focus on popular films, olympiads or wildlife. As you know, rarity determines the cost. The smaller the circulation, the more valuable the coin. But where to get such a coin, so that the collector will be pleased and in the budget to meet? Choosing a gift for a beginner numismatist, do not forget that you can please collectors not only with the original coin, but also with a quality album. If you are faced with a similar problem, I am glad to offer you several solutions, which I was prompted by one of my old acquaintances - a numismatist.

Thematic gift coins and attributes

Endangered animals.
Endangered animals

Drawing people's attention to such problems as deforestation, pollution of water bodies and poaching, mints of a number of countries mint coins depicting endangered species of animals. A coin with a spotted owl, a snow leopard or an Amur tiger will be a memorable specimen in the collection. Material: silver. Circulation of 2000 pieces. The release of 2014.

  • A worthy representative of the Polish Coin Collection "Endangered Species of Animals" may be the Amur tiger. In total there were less than 470 animals of this animal left in the world. The lower part of the reverse shows the habitat of the tiger. The obverse of the coin contains a portrait of Elizabeth II.
  • The coin is decorated with a digital seal and SWAROWSKI crystals. The nominal value of the coin is 1 dollar.
Lord of the Rings.
Lord of the Rings

Among the popular works of the 20th century, Tolkien's trilogy is an honorary leader. Coming to the press, the novel won incredible popularity. Later, a wave of excitement also affected numismatists. In the 2000s, after the release of films, history gathered an army of fans, after which the British Royal Mint for the first time produces two coins: silver and gold, denominations of 1 and 10 dollars respectively. On one side the queen is depicted, on the reverse - the legendary "power ring". Later in the world came out coins depicting the main characters of the novel.

  • I found a good assortment of New Zealand coins on this site: The site itself is English-speaking, there is a description of the offered coins.
  • New Zealand NZD dollars were introduced on July 10, 1967 for the first time. In honor of the national bird of New Zealand, dollars are simply called "kiwi."
Star Wars.
Star Warsmajor project. For the worshipers of the universe of starry warriors, there is a whole series of copies. More recently, the mint of this country has issued several new coins "Star Wars: Awakening Force." The obverse of the coin contains a portrait of Elizabeth II. Material: silver. Circulation of 10000 pieces.

  • There is a coin with the legendary Darth Vader, Yoda, R2D2 and other heroes of the cult saga.
  • The gift set has a case in the form of a space ship "Millennium Falcon". When opened, the case emits a sound of take-off of the ship. The set contains 4 coins. The second version of the case is presented in the form of a helmet of Darth Vader. When you open it, you can hear the "heavy breathing" of the dark side.

The next line is devoted to connoisseurs of such legendary brands as JAGUAR, MERCEDES-BENZ, CORVETTE, LAMBORGHINI. Each coin depicts the car and its year of production in detail. In the lower part of the coin there is an inscription with the full name of the model. On the reverse side, Elizabeth II is depicted. For the collection there is a case. Material: silver. Circulation of 5000 copies. Australia, Perth. Release of 2006.

  • The Australians managed to make a good selection of cult cars in the 70's and 80's. The history of each model is legendary in its own way. A great copy in the "garage" of your coin collector.
  • Each car has its own flavor. Lamborghini's opening doors, the unique body of the Jaguar, the previously uncommon Mercedes design of the gullwing door, embodied in the 300 SL GULLWING model.
Wild nature.
Wild nature

Bring to Africa, the pirate capital of the continent. In 2013, the Bavarian Mint starts minting a series of coins called Wild Nature of Africa. The obverse is decorated with the Somali coat of arms. Above you can see the inscription "The Republic of Somalia", the inscription below - 100 shillings. On the reverse there is an elephant on the background of the savannah. This coin was issued several years in a row. Material: silver.

The theme of wildlife is constantly being updated. You always add this collection to something new.

Military coins.
Military coins

And now back to Russia. In 2012, the St. Petersburg Mint launched into circulation 3 ruble silver coins, timed to the centennial of the Russian Air Force. The coin depicts a fighter-bomber SU-34. There is the emblem of the Russian Air Force. A coin made of silver is made, the picture is covered with colored enamel. The cost of the coin is about 23 thousand rubles, which is quite expensive.

  • It is worth noting that the coin is rare, and it is almost non-existent in free sale. High cost is explained by high demand.
  • An excellent specimen in a military collection.

Hockey is a game of tough, stubborn and smart. It's about homeland hockey - Canada. In 2014, this country produces 20 dollars in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Hockey Association. The obverse of the coin traditionally contains a portrait of Elizabeth II. The reverse of the Canadians came out patriotically. It depicts a hockey player against the background of a traditional Canadian sheet in red and black. The inscription "1914 - 2014" recalls the commemorative anniversary of the association. In a word, worthy coin worthy rivals of the Russian team. Material: silver.

  • The coin has a gift box and is placed in a blister.
  • All hockey lovers and numismatists recommend buying this memorable specimen.
Album for coins.
Album for coins

In order not to leave prints on the polished surface, coins are stored in special albums. There are leaf, tablet and gift albums. The first have a large number of cells, low cost and are made of plastic. As for the flatbeds - clamshells, they are aimed at a certain series or release. The latter include more expensive albums. They have a leather or leatherette cover. So the album NUMIS will cost 1550 rubles. There is a protective cassette (shuber). It is possible to expand by inserting additional sheets into a 4-ring rectangular mechanism.

  • 5 sheets are included in the set. An extension of up to 10 is possible.
  • An excellent gift for a beginner numismatist

There are a lot of varieties of loops for numismatists. From compact pocket assistants to oversized professional magnifying glass microscopes that display an image on a computer screen. I in my article will focus on the old - good classics, since personally for myself I would choose a magnifying glass with a handle. It lies comfortably in the hand, and looks aesthetically pleasing. If you wish, you can even light a fire;) I found a similar option on The product has the number 17-65. Article: 67420.

  • The magnifier has a 3x magnification, made of aluminum.
  • Other classical models are often supplemented with LED edging, which is convenient in principle, but not everyone likes it.
The literature on numismatics.
The literature on numismatics

Finally, pay attention to the reference literature on numismatics, because the thematic book is an excellent gift for the numismatist. On Ozone came across a book called "100 most expensive and rare coins." It turns out that the publishing house has a series of similar books. You can find literature dedicated to coins of Russia or the USSR. It was printed only recently in 2015.

  • The book covers several eras. The gift will suit both the numismatist and the ordinary amateur of history. Examples of rare expensive coins from all over the world are given: from the silversmith of Judah to the denarius of Charlemagne. The history of occurrence is described.
  • We could not find reviews on the quality of paper and illustrations, but judging by the pictures on Ozone, the book is beautiful.

When writing the article, we consulted with the authors of the Russian-language website about numismatics