Gift ideas for a motorist for his birthday

And in my car there are two pedals: gas and oil! Welcome dear readers of the magazine GiftBox . Ask yourself the question: "What complements the man?". We are genuinely sure that this is a woman, a good suit and, of course, a car. The latter will be discussed today. Who among us does not like to ride in a car with excellent dynamics. Agile Subaru, a stately Audi or an old VAZ - men attracts and unites one: comfort and the desire to be the first. Today, the editors of our site decided to approach the issue of choosing a car gift with a creative: here you will not find presents like seat covers or car care gadgets. The article will offer ten original ideas of what to give a motorist for a birthday. And although in Russia a professional holiday is celebrated on October 29, millions of women every day are in search of standing presents for their men on this subject. The policy of our resource forbids us to violate the tradition of the TOP-10, and therefore buckle up, we begin to move.

What to give to a motorist for his birthday?

Navdy Projector.
Navdy Projector

Let's start with a functional and modern. The device is a device that projects information on the windshield of a car. The projector is mounted on the dashboard. The translucent lid serves as a lens. Navdy transmits all the actual information for you directly to the surface of the glass, without distracting the driver once again. The device communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The projector supports popular services like Google maps, WhatsAPP, Siri and much more. If you are looking for what to give for a motorist day, be sure to find out more about this subject. The brightness of the output image is also adjustable, for this purpose, a built-in light sensor is provided. There is a speaker and a microphone with a noise canceling system.

  • Management is carried out in both voice and gestures. You can receive or split calls with one wave of your hand, which is very convenient while driving.
  • The image sweep is adjusted automatically under the bevel of the windshield. This is due to the built-in accelerometer and compass.
SleepSleep Sleep Ring.
SleepSleep Sleep Ring

The share of accidents involving a sleepy driver accounts for up to 20% of all accidents. Statistics are disappointing, because 18% of them - with a fatal outcome. However, today is ready to reduce these figures by offering as a souvenir to the motorist a ring-sleep detector. The device is put on the fingers and monitors the driver's condition. This is achieved thanks to 8 sensors located along the circumference and controlling the change in skin conductivity. In case of microsleep or sleep fixation, the ring vibrates and reproduces a loud sound. Such control technology is used by special services in polygraphs. The body is a double ring. The ring blinks and gives out the tell-tale signals when attention is lessened.

  • Dimensions 40x25x12 mm. Its only 40 grams.
  • Battery life 15 hours.
Bag in the form of a canister.
Bag in the form of a canister

The presentation continues with a fun bag that will suit both a motorist and a woman as a gift. The gift has the dimensions and shape of the canister. It is made of factory felt and 100% wool. The product has a lining and keeps the shape well. It is possible to fulfill an order in a variety of colors. To learn more about this car gift, you can here . The bag has a zipper and adjustable length strap.

  • Dimensions are: 20x33x9 cm. You can buy a can in any color.
  • By the way, this model can be ordered in the skin, - a brutal version for these racers.
Anti-Radar + DVR.
Anti-Radar + DVR

We will not remind you how important it is to have a DVR and mobile radar on the roads of our vast homeland. Today we just offer a hybrid version of this useful device. If you are looking for what to give to a car enthusiast on his birthday, you are on the right track. Those who like fast driving sometimes have to choose: fines or speed. The problem is solved, because in Russia, unlike many other countries, car radio detectors are not prohibited. By the way, such a device is prohibited in Finland, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain and many other EU countries. But in Germany on the contrary - there the use of radar is even encouraged, so that drivers reduce speed on dangerous sections of the road. Anyway, this is an effective tool not only not to pay fines, but also in time to pay attention to the arrow of your speedometer.

  • The device 2 in 1 is quite functional. Judging by the reviews of the popular autoforma, Ambarella A7LA50D + OV4689 CMOS 1/3 "4MP takes first place among many different models, based on the price / quality criterion. Two steep devices in one package. Read X, K, L-bands, early warning system and Much more.
  • Built-in GPS-receiver, the detector is able to notify about passive systems of scanning non-radiating complexes. Video fixing is also at a height - SuperHD. In a word - to take.
When choosing such devices for the car, try to select devices that are connected bypassing the cigarette lighter. To do this, pay attention to the presence of a special cable in the kit.
Thermo mug.
Thermo mug

If you have used the advice above, then you have a seat on the 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. It can not only charge a mobile phone, but an automotive thermo mug. The cost of such a gift as a rule will not exceed 700 rubles. From now on, you can have a snack and drink coffee on the road, not only at a gas station. The kit is accompanied by a lid with a dispenser, so that the drink is not spilled while driving. This is an inexpensive and at the same time a pleasant present for the driver, which will surely be appreciated by the passengers of the salon.

  • The standard volume is 0.5 liters. Mug-electrothermal made of stainless steel.
  • The handle and the lid are made of heat-resistant plastic.
Rear-view camera frame Pearl Rear Vision.
Rear-view camera frame Pearl Rear Vision

And here's one more useful thing for drivers of vehicles. The system looks like an ordinary frame for a car number on the rear bumper. However, if you are concerned, at the top of it you can see two HD cameras, one of which is intended for daytime and the other, infrared - for night. A great idea of ??what you can give a car enthusiast. The system is powered by a solar battery module, which is also integrated in the lower part of the frame.Изображение передается на смартфон, посредство Bluetooth и Wi-Fi. Mounting the frame does not take much time. So, the blond lady on Cayenne with a screwdriver in her hand copes with this task in just 10 minutes. You can learn more about this device by here .

  • The frame communicates with your car through the diagnostic port, - the ODB connector.
  • An interesting replacement for parktronics. Battery capacity 2500 mAh.
An alternative option for such a surprise may be a set of a rear view camera and a mirror-monitor, - the picture is output to the right side of the surface. However, in this case, the staff rear-view mirror will have to be replaced.
Set for oil and vinegar "Fire extinguisher".
Set for oil and vinegar "Fire extinguisher"

It's time to take your mind off smart devices and move on to something more spiritual. As you know, in the trunk of each motorist should be such things as a tow line, an emergency sign, tools, as well as a fire extinguisher. All these items marked 'must have' are present in every seizing car owner. Recently we came across a very interesting set for vinegar and oil, made in the form of fire extinguishers and could not pass by its side. Vessels look quite believable. If you are looking for something unusual, take note of this kit. Link attached .

  • The size is 198 x 198 x 49 mm. Signature of engraving and thermal printing.
  • Weight 450 g. Aluminum material. Low cost.
XKchrome LED Tape.
XKchrome LED Tape

ДFor young, bright and ambitious racers is pleased to offer LED ribbon. Properly located lighting will turn your transport into something more. The car will become more noticeable not only in traffic jams, but also in parking. Install a special sheet in the radiator grille, trunk or under the seat, and your car will become a comfort zone that you do not want to leave.

  • An interesting idea for all fans of tuning and something fresh.
  • The function of synchronizing the backlight with the music of your smartphone is available. The brightness and speed of switching the LEDs will correspond to the tact of your favorite composition.
Keychain-defroster lock.
Keychain-defroster lock

In the cold season, we all have to suffer from something. Someone has problems with a discharged battery, someone lacks the heat of a loved one, someone hates frozen locks. To schatyu last problem solves the key-defrosting. The device immediately captivates with its compactness, cost and utility. The principle of operation is simple: inside the product is a metal rod, which heats up to a temperature of 200 degrees. Further, its end is brought to the metal castle and, as the French say, "Voil?". This is really a useful idea of ??what to give a motorist for a birthday from relatives. Keychain has a highlight. The product is powered by two AAA batteries, - they are little fingers. The sequence of work is simple:

  • We get dressed, take the key chain with us;
  • Switch the switch to the ON position;
  • We extend the rod, wait until it warms up. 5-8 seconds will be enough;
  • We bring the dipstick to the lock and wait for the defrost. The process will not keep you waiting long.
The gift will be a useful attribute for those who experience similar difficulties in the winter. The price does not bite by the way, and whoever does not want to feel like a Jedi before the work: let it not be with a sword, but with a keyring, even if it's not light, but red-hot to two hundred degrees.
Car Holder Bluejay.
Car Holder Bluejay

And finally, useful little things as a gift to the motorist. Surely you've met before a variety of car mounts for cell phones. Engineers and designers do not stand still, offering novelties from the world of functional and at the same time simple. The holder has a very nice design of hydrocarbon fiber.

  • Magnetic mount, touch panel.
  • Synchronization with the phone, a lot of smart services like registration of the route, GPS tracking, "find me in the parking lot" and other things.

The first car, driven by an internal combustion engine, was invented in 1806. Since then, the process of improvement has not stopped for a year. We hope that a selection of ideas of what to give a man on the day of the motorist seemed to you at least not boring. More interesting options you can see in our related editions.