Gift ideas for motorcyclist

Today's article will be devoted to all fans of speed. More precisely, it will be an article about gifts that can be presented to fans to ride with the breeze - bikers. The occasion is not important, whether it's a birthday or some other event. Honestly, the practice of riding a motorcycle was twice. And there was this old motorcycle "Minsk" released in the Soviet Union belonging to a friend. With the clutch and the candles, then he had problems. The apparatus was planted with difficulty, but the feeling of riding paid off all our suffering. However, let's return to the topic of gifts. To those bikers who prevent many from sleeping at night, riding in the summer season along busy avenues. Let's go!

What to give to a motorcyclist?

Neon Caps.
Neon Caps

Lovers of bright details may be interested in neon LED-caps on the nipple. This tip looks very impressive. The cap is turned on when the wheel rotates, visually creating a neon edging. The device is powered by AG10 batteries, they are provided in the kit.

Scale model of motorcycle.
Scale model of motorcycle

Gift of a souvenir character. It will be most interesting to find the overall analog of the motorcycle of your friend or friend. Such online stores are now darkness-darkening. Another idea of what to give a friend a motorcycle on his birthday.

GPS Tracker.
GPS Tracker

The device is designed to deal with the hijackers. The tracker is hidden in the body of a car or a motorcycle. In most specialized models there is protection against detection, the device sends a signal only at certain intervals (sessions), which reduces the probability of detecting such a beacon by special scanners.

It communicates with the server via a GPS and / or GSM module. The time of the session with the server can be adjusted. In short, the device will help to track your bike in case of its theft by non-professional hijackers. A useful, albeit overhead, idea of ??what to give a motorcyclist for a birthday.

Bracelet "motorcycle chain".
Bracelet "motorcycle chain"

A stylized biker bracelet in the form of a chain for a motorcycle. Judging by the reviews, the subject is very weighty and unusual. The cost of such an accessory has a wide price range. Everything depends on the material and quality. However, most models are made of stainless steel.

Bluetooth headset for helmet.
Bluetooth headset for helmet

Unlike a car, both hands of a biker are busy most of the time in control. Therefore, another version of the gift for a motorist can be a headset: wired or based on Bluetooth technology. Ideally, you should buy a model that has the ability to listen to music and connect a GPS-navigator. Such a thing will become an indispensable companion on the road for long distances.

Two fuel banks and studded tires 😅.
Two fuel banks and studded tires 😅

If you plan to give something funny, then on the Internet, I discovered the following idea of a gift. A couple of bottles of spirits and old-good condoms. The main thing in such a souvenir is a properly selected package with the inscription, like: "Two fuel banks and studded tires". Such a gift will at least make you smile.

Elastic Strap for Gadgets.
Elastic Strap for Gadgets

The strap will allow you to unfasten the keys without removing the motif. Useful and easy to use accessory for the motorist. On the fabric, as a rule, print the inscriptions of popular brands of bikes. The keys are fastened with a carabiner. The length of such a lace is not more than 55 cm.

Shelf under the helmet.
Shelf under the helmet

A gift to a biker for storing elements of protection. The steel construction has a silver color. There is a separate shelf for gloves, however, in my opinion, sooner or later you will be tired of storing gloves on a specially reserved shelf (unless you are a radical pedant). But the shelf for the helmet in the apartment is needed! So, if such a design is still missing in the arsenal of your apartment, you can choose exactly on it.

Original t-shirt.
Original t-shirt

A more traditional version of the gift may be a themed T-shirt. The assortment of such gifts is more than extensive. Depending on taste preferences, choose a t-shirt, with a catchy print.

Cover for a bike.
Cover for a bike

And finally, your attention is given such a practical gift as a cover for a bike. The cover has a bent edge, through which a lace is passed.