Original gift ideas for the hunter

Hunting arose with humanity. This method allowed to extract food and not only it. From the skins, bones, teeth of animals, clothes, utensils, tips for spears and arrows, amulets were made. In Russia it occupied a special significance. And even one of the first monetary units was called "Kuna", representing the skin of a marten, for which it was possible to exchange the necessary goods.

Now this is more of an active hobby, and we'll tell you what you can give a hunter. After all, it's not enough to have only a gun in the arsenal. Charges for hunting - this is a whole ceremony, sometimes you have to track down the beast for more than one day. Technical appliances, special clothes, equipped tents will be needed.

What to give to the hunter?

Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 Night Vision Device.
Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 Night Vision Device

A great gift for a hunter on his birthday is a night vision device. It is simply an irreplaceable thing that allows you to monitor the terrain in dark or poor visibility. There are two electron-optical converters built into the NNV itself, which help to clearly examine objects in the dark. The Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 has the following advantages:

  • Optical zoom from 1X, target detection range up to 200 meters;
  • Convenient lens diameter of 20 mm;
  • Resolution 42 lines per millimeter;
  • Built-in infrared illuminator, invisible radiation spectrum;
  • Helmet mask in the kit, convenient protective case.
A good and useful gift to which any man will be happy. At the same time it comes in an interesting package.
Electronic decoy Hunter 55D Green.
Electronic decoy Hunter 55D Green

How can you do without a manga? Previously, hunters used self-made structures that lured the beast. But they were replaced by electronic manki. Why not give such a useful thing the hunter on his birthday? You can buy a portable decoy hunter 55D Green, which is characterized by such characteristics as:

  • 225 voices of animals and birds in the library;
  • OLED display;
  • Large memory slot and removable microSD;
  • Internal speaker and powerful flashlight
And in the manga there is a large battery that holds the charge perfectly. It itself is compact and does not take up much space in a bag or in a pocket.
Electronic collar Aetertek AT211.
Electronic collar Aetertek AT211

An electronic collar is an original gift idea. It is worth to buy it for those who take dogs with them to hunt. The dog can get lost, and in pursuit of prey you will find it easier to find it. The Aetertek AT211 collar has a range of up to 400 meters, it has a moisture-proof enclosure and ten levels of intensity of electroshock stimulation and exposure by sound. The collar is absolutely harmless to the pet and comfortable to wear, it will not deliver the dog even the slightest discomfort.

Anti-mosquito suit.
Anti-mosquito suit

What else to give a man a hunter except a manga, a PNV or a folding knife? Any fisherman, traveler, hunter will appreciate such a useful thing as an anti-mosquito suit. Without it, you can not do without it, if you live in Siberia or in the Urals, where mosquitoes are simply raging in mixed forests and in the taiga.

Such clothes can have impregnation, protecting not only from mosquitoes, but also from ticks that are found in forests in abundance. Often it is made in color variations of khaki, has a comfortable cut, can be used repeatedly. Some manufacturers guarantee up to 24 washings, and thus impregnation in any way will not suffer from it.

Multitool Leatherman Wave.
Multitool Leatherman Wave

Give a husband a hunter or a loved one can multi-tutu. This is a hunting accessory that any guy will appreciate. What is a standard multitool? First of all it is a penknife, but it is not simple. It has screwdrivers, pliers, an awl, a file, scissors and more.

In a collapsible form, the multi-purpose Leatherman Wave is small in size. It accommodates as many as seventeen instruments, which are placed in a conveniently designed case of high quality stainless steel. It can easily be put in a pocket or in your bag. In the complete set there are scissors, a file, an awl, bit holders, wire cutters, a bottle opener. A knife is sold in a gift box. It can be safely presented for an anniversary or birthday.

Hunting Vest.
Hunting Vest

Do not know how to choose a gift for hunting? Pay attention to the essentials. In particular, it is a comfortable waistcoat, in which there are many sections and pockets for storing useful trifles. Vests are usually available in two versions. It is a waistcoat with a cartridge-belt, in which sections for cartridges and a standard unloading option are provided.

The product with the cartridge belt is convenient in that it is not necessary to look for cartridges, wherever it is. They will always be at hand at the hunter. This is important, especially in those moments when the beast is in sight.

The unloading waistcoat allows you to place everything you need in the field conditions on pockets and sections, it does not fetter movements, it is convenient for walking and shooting.

An alternative idea of ??a gift will be a special hunting suit. Here the scope for selection is quite wide, but we recommend you to stop at Gorka suits designed for extreme weather conditions.
Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 7x35.
Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 7x35

On the hunt without binoculars just can not do. If you want to choose an original gift, then pay attention to inexpensive and compact binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 7x35. It is well suited for panoramic observations, weighs little and does not take up much space in the hiking bag. Its lenses are coated with a multi-layer coating, which allows you to remove glare. The case is shockproof and rubberized. Main advantages of binoculars:

  • Adjust brightness and clarity of the image at the automatic level;
  • No distortion, as the design provides aspherical lenses in the eyepieces;
  • There are retractable eyecups, which can turn in different directions;
  • The case is ergonomic and fully rubberized.
And the binoculars can be mounted on a tripod, while it has a good viewing angle. Such a gift for a hobby or for hunting will be a great idea. Binoculars are sold in a reliable package in a complete set to it is a cover.
A set of cookware.
A set of cookware

Hunting is an event that does not like hurry. Often in anticipation of the beast in the forests have to spend more than one day. Naturally, in the field it is necessary to eat somehow. You can eat cold canned food and biscuits, but in conditions of dank nights, it's best to refresh yourself with hot soup or tasty porridge.

Therefore, you can present a set of cooking utensils, which does not take much space, but will bring a lot of benefits. The main set of dishes includes a small saucepan, a bowler, a frying pan, bowls, cups and cutlery. Usually these products are made of stainless steel and are sold in convenient cases or tubes, which you can safely take with you to any marching conditions.

Thermos for hunting and fishing.
Thermos for hunting and fishing

Sitting by the fire sometimes so want to bask in a fragrant tea or coffee! You can buy for a loved one a quality thermos made of stainless steel. In such a container, any beverages or liquid hot dishes due to design features will remain hot for as long as possible.

What determines the temperature of the water in the thermos. Through the cork, about forty percent of the heat is lost, so pick up models with a well-screwed lid. Do not take the capacity of too much liters, remember that a person already has to wear too many uniforms with him. Let it be a small and compact thermos that fits easily in the backpack.


On the hunt, you sometimes have to stay more than one day to track down your prey. And without a good and high-quality tent simply can not do. It should be lightweight, compact, easy to fold and to understand and do not take up too much space. For summer, you can choose two-layer and multi-layer tents. They can be single, well protected from wind, rain, moisture, they can be easily ventilated, many models are sold with anti-mosquito nets in the kit.

Camping tents are more suitable for a large number of people. They have high vaults, one or two entry tambours, which perfectly protects the tent from the cold. There is enough room for sleeping bags and a stove.

So, we brought the top ten most useful gifts, which will please any hunter. These items can be purchased both in sports stores, and through online stores, making a preliminary order on the site. We collected the most useful options for what to give a hunter for a birthday or anniversary.