Gift ideas for hockey players

Choosing a present for a guy a hockey player, the first thing that comes to mind is a stick, skates and, of course, a puck. All these are the player's tools that need proper care and storage, so we'll start with today's collection. But do not focus your attention only on sports attributes. Choosing a gift for a hockey player, do not forget about funny surprises.

What to give a hockey player?

A cover for a stick.
A cover for a stick

Surely your friend already has a similar attribute, but do not rush to continue to flip through the list further, because it may be time to update the cover. As it turned out, there are a lot of recommendations in the network about how to properly choose a case for a stick. So, for example, a copy of the brand Mad Guy is able to accommodate the clubs of 2 players + goalkeeper. It will cost a little more than 1000 rubles. Less capacious, but not less high-quality version can be found for 700 rubles on the old-good

  • Most cases are made of polyester. The standard length for an adult stick is 180 x 14 cm.
  • A cover for a stick is a useful and at the same time budgetary gift to the beginning hockey player. Such a surprise will suit both a child and an adult mal.
It should be remembered that there are 4 types of clubs: children - up to 7 years, junior - up to 14 years, teenage - up to 17 years, and adults - from 18 years. Each age category corresponds to a certain size.
Pendant in the form of a ridge.
Pendant in the form of a ridge

Excellent pendant with excellent detail. Even the smallest elements are traced, which can not but impress. The hockey skate is made of silver. The item can be worn both on the neck and as a key fob on the keys. A memorable souvenir that can be presented to a hockey player on his birthday. Official website where you can buy this decoration here . And we move on.

  • On one side of the suspension, it is possible to draw the player's number;
  • Sterling Silver. 23 x 22 mm.
mouth guard.
mouth guard

Hockey is a tough contact game for real men. As you know, a coward does not play hockey, but even the strongest winners should not forget about protection. But what to give a hockey player? In any traumatic sport, safety comes first. If you do not know what to give a hockey player inexpensively and with the benefit for him, pay attention to the cap. Surely, there's no need to explain once again what it is and what it is for. In short, this is a piece of flexible plastic for protecting the jaw and teeth of the player. Before choosing such a gift, a hockey player should remember what kapys in general are:

  • Standard cap - this is the most common option, you can buy it at any sporting goods store. They are made according to the same pattern and technology;
  • Thermoplastic cap is able to take any shape when heated in hot water. Before its use, there is a need for long boiling so that the plastic softens
  • Kapa individual sample is made on the recommendation of a dentist. This is a more complex, but at the same time more professional version of the gift;
  • Double cap. This model protects the entire oral cavity. The structure is thicker and more reliable. Less wear and tear. Among the shortcomings can be noted the size, because of which it becomes impossible to talk and harder to breathe through the mouth.
Protection for the neck.
Protection for the neck

Let's continue the theme of gifts dedicated to the safety of the hockey player. I want to note another vulnerable position of the player in hockey - his neck. Please note that two types of protection are most common: long and short. Each model has a soft lining, the size of which is adjustable with Velcro. A good idea of ??a gift to all hockey players.

  • The necessary element of equipment, without which you can not do on the icy field. The protection prevents the puck from getting into the neck area, as well as from light cuts;
  • Important helper from sprains and dislocations.
Hockey puck in the glass.
Hockey puck in the glass

Going into the plane of gifts-jokes I would like to demonstrate a rather unusual sticker on the car's glass. It is a three-dimensional hockey puck. If you are looking for what to give a hockey fan, this idea is for you. As you already knew, the installation looks very realistic: the spider web is very similar to cracked glass, and the washer itself is three-dimensional. Buy a sticker can be in the online store. What is noteworthy in the collection is also possible to find a new tennis or baseball ball-sticker.

Before buying this gift make sure that your hockey player is not against such surprises-stickers on the glass of his car.
Board game bowling hockey.
Board game bowling hockey

Silvery desktop set consists of a playing field and a sliding case, inside of which is an inventory for two popular games. On the one hand - it's skittles and a ball, on the other - a washer and kickers. The size is 20 x 4 cm. Here are a few advantages of this desktop kit:

  • Set 2 in 1: includes bowling and hockey;
  • The game is compact and does not take up much space;
  • Metal housing;
  • A fun game for a guy on the road;
  • Low cost.
Hockey cake.
Hockey cake

Do not forget the classic of congratulations. If you are looking for a gift to a hockey coach, the best surprise from the team will be a cake. In Internet communities, you can find a large number of masters, able to perform any installation, including a hockey match with the opposing team. An example of work can be seen in the photo on the right. Also do not forget that sweets - good gifts for children.

Thematic attributes.
Thematic attributes

What is an original gift to a hockey player? In search of an answer, we came across a lot of interesting souvenirs, such as a gift washer, cufflinks with the logo of your favorite team, flags, scarves and much more. If you do not know what to give a fan of hockey, look in the online store of his favorite team, for sure, some ideas seem to you at least interesting, because there is something to choose from.

Covers for hockey skates.
Covers for hockey skates

And here is another gift for a hockey fan. Covers are used to protect the blade from various damages. They are of 3 kinds.

  • Rigid plastic. In such protection, you can even walk on a hard surface without fear of wear and tear. Such models will last no one year;
  • Soft covers. These attributes are most often used for transportation in a bag. The material as a rule has a waterproof base;
  • Hybrid. These models represent something average - soft covers with a hard seal at the base of the blades.
Figurine "Hokkesit".
Figurine "Hokkesit"

Hockey - it's a man's sport, and on the icy field is all. Everyone knows that a true hockey player is giving out a Hollywood smile. This can be played. A creative gift on the day of a hockey player is a statuette of a man with a stick and full outfit, but not ordinary, but in a satirical manner. Strictly speaking, the image on the right speaks for itself.

We hope that our TOP-10 gift ideas for a hockey player seemed useful and interesting to you. Read our related issues and stay tuned for GiftBox updates.