Gift to the guitarist

A man who is keen on playing the guitar is always happy to entertain not only himself, but others. Public can be to him as friends, and innocent neighbors. The fascination with music is not new for a person, after all the first stringed instrument was made more than two millennia ago. To this day, from ancient Greece to India, archaeologists find prototypes of modern acoustic guitar. It is believed that the name "guitarra" migrated to us from Spain. The instrument known to us arrived in Russia in the 18th century. As you already guessed, today we will choose a gift to the guitarist. This collection is dedicated to those whose friends or loved ones are passionate about music. We hope that the gifts will be useful and interesting for you.

What to present to the guitarist?

Mediator made of wood and resin.
Mediator made of wood and resin

We begin our review with a truly unique subject - the mediator. It is made of wood, organic glass and resin. Each instance is done manually. If you are interested in this gift, you have two ways: to order the product through the Internet, or craft yourself. In the vastness of Pikabu we were able to find step-by-step instructions from folk craftsmen to make such a mediator. A great idea of ??what to give a guitar player for a birthday. If you are interested in a short digest on an article:

  • We choose a wooden piece with pronounced slivers. We complement it with crystals, glitters and dye to taste.
  • We are building a frame of plexiglas, in which we put (glued) a wooden base with a crystal and other microworld.
  • After making sure of the tightness, fill the frame with resin. We are waiting for drying
  • Cut out the template for the mediator. We impose it on the product, cut the bar in shape. Grind the surface until the appearance of transparency.

For more details about the author's instructions, you can here . The page contains all the subtleties and comments, which are supplemented with photos, well, we are moving on

Guitarist's mug.

The next gift is easier to buy, but it is not inferior in originality. Attention is offered to the thematic circle, the pen of which is presented in the form of a guitar. At the seller you can find several varieties of this product. It can be an acoustic or electric guitar. The cup itself is decorated with notes. On AliExpress the cost of a mug is less than 500 rubles. A thematic gift to the guitarist, who in the breaks will not give up a cup of tea.

  • The object is made of ceramics. Size 10 x 8 centimeters.
  • The gift is symbolic and will surely please your friend.
Cutting board.
Cutting board

Closes the top three leaders of the unusual kitchen attribute of the guitar form. Now you have the opportunity to arrange a real Rock and Roll salad. It's not just a board, it's a dance floor, where the products will be cut to the rhythm of good music. The chopping board is made of bamboo. Manufacturer UK, but be calm - prices do not bite much.

  • The stand is used for both grinding and feeding.
  • The project started on Kikkerland. Dimensions 22 x 49 x 1.5.
BandBox ex-4 Hand-held Exerciser.
BandBox ex-4 Hand-held Exerciser

The expander is designed to train your fingers. Each finger is loaded on a springy key. The subject imitates the rigidity of such instruments as a violin, button accordion, saxophone and, of course, a guitar. BandBox is a good training for beginners and a wonderful warm-up for professionals.

  • The load on the fingers is adjustable in the range from 4lb to 7lb.
  • Lesson should start from 3-5 seconds for each click. Hold the position of your fingers, repeat the exercise for 4-8 approaches.
Cover for guitar.
Cover for guitar

The guitarist needs a guitar, and the guitar needs a cover. If you are looking for what to give a guitar player, then you probably came to mind this gift idea. Before buying a case, do not forget to know the dimensions of the tool. A good case has seals and stiffeners. Moreover, many bags are equipped with a large set of pockets, which are very convenient and useful.

Wallet with mediator.
Wallet with mediator

As you know, the mediators have one significant drawback - they are often lost. Solve this problem with the young guy Ryan Barr. He, as it turned out, besides playing guitar, was fond of creating good-quality wallets. In order not to lose his mediator and keep it at arm's length, the guy decided to pump his purse, adding a special pocket there. The model was named Picker's Wallet. In the meantime, this is another good idea for a guitar player. But if you are looking for something more, leaf further, because we have something to offer you.

Thematic attributes.
Thematic attributes

I would like to recall a separate category of gifts to the guitarist - small but nice attributes. These are all kinds of charms, flashlights and flash cards, the body of which is made in the form of musical instruments. All these little things not only create entourage, but also benefit their owner. It is worth noting that such a category of congratulations is laconic and budgetary, and therefore in demand.


Simple and at the same time original present. Here, the rate is primarily on the print. You probably will be able to surprise a person if it turns out to select an interesting image on the T-shirt. Great popularity is enjoyed by black prints on white T-shirts, as well as images made in watercolor style.

Strap for guitar.
Strap for guitar

A convenient and properly selected guitar belt is a very important attribute. When buying, remember that the straps can be made of both leather and polyester or nylon. It should be remembered that for the acoustic and electric guitars there is a different fixation. For example, for electric guitars the end of the belt is joined to special nests. One of them is located near the heel of the neck, and the other - from below the deck of the instrument. For more information on choosing a guitar belt, you can here .

Neon strings.
Neon strings

And this gift is for those who love not only music, but also star wars. Everyone can feel now as a Jedi Guitarist. Introducing glowing strings. The original name is "DR Neon MultiColor". It is worth saying that it is unfair to call strings neon. And although the light effect really reminds the glow of a neon gas under the influence of an electric field, this glow of the strings is caused by a somewhat different nature. They shine exclusively under ultraviolet light. The package contains 6 strings, and, judging by the reviews, they play fairly smoothly and melodiously. The winding is made of nickel-plated steel.

Today we offered 10 ideas of what you can give a guitar player for a birthday. When composing the top we consulted with people who are directly related to this hobby. Read our related editions and search for gifts with your loved ones with us.