Gift ideas for gamer

As a gift to a gamer on his birthday, the GiftBox.Pro editorial team is ready to offer a dozen of original and useful gift ideas. Do not rush with the choice, because in addition to such trivial options as a video game, computer mouse or rug, there is a lot of much more useful and original gifts. The materials of the article can be liked by all those who are fond of video games on PCs, PlayStation and xBOX, as well as those who are just looking for something unusual and original for their friends and acquaintances.

What to give a gamer for a birthday?

Razer Keyboards.
Razer Keyboards

The keyboard company Razer has long won popularity among gamers. Along with other game models, you can select Deathstalker CHROMA. The keyboard has an unusual illumination with 16.6 million different colors, and is also capable of processing up to 10 simultaneous clicks. There is an automatic update of the drivers. According to the developers, thanks to the divided cells of the keys, the fingers just "fly" through the keyboard. If you are looking for the best gift for a gamer, you should pay attention to this option.

  • Macro support. Razer Synapse allows you to create programmable functions for keyboard shortcuts. There is a built-in stand for wrists.
  • The keyboard has the following dimensions: 460х214х21,4 mm and weighs about a kilogram. All three backlight areas can be adjusted with different color effects: sequential color change, constant backlighting mode, and "light breathing" option.
Set of dishes CTRL+ALT+DEL.
Set of dishes CTRL+ALT+DEL

During games, do not forget about lunch. This set of dishes is, perhaps, the most functional combination of combo buttons that invoke the task manager on the computer. The set includes three bowls and a tray. The latter is designed in the form of a motherboard. The gift is inexpensive and original. Most often as a material used food plastic.

  • The set of this combination of keys is not chosen by chance. He calls on his owner to reboot a little, eating deliciously. The package includes an original package.
  • The bowl has a size: 8x6x8 cm, and the tray size is 27x10 cm. An original and unusual gift to a friend who spends a lot of time with a computer.
OSMO gaming system.
OSMO gaming system

The idea is to synchronize physical and virtual reality. A high percentage of gamers account for children and adolescents. The problem is urgent when the child spends a lot of time at the display and does not want to switch to other "real" games. To smooth out this problem the designers from Stanford and the brave programmers from Google were invited. The game OSMO involves a combination of physical and virtual reality. Hover the video camera on physical objects and the software converts them into virtual ones. The first beta version was released in 2014. Soon the game won wide popularity. The game is based on comprehensibility, logic and intuition.

  • lIncludes a mirror that is attached to the front of the tablet. Attaching it to the camera, the tablet can "see everything that is happening on the table." The set comes with three games: Tangram, Words, and also Newton.
  • The project uses the idea of ??Leap Motion. The technology involves creating a 3D area on the desktop in front of a tablet or a computer that accurately tracks the movement of fingers, pens, pencils, etc.
Virtual reality glasses Gear VR.
Virtual reality glasses Gear VR

A person who is fond of video games, for sure will be interested in virtual reality glasses Gear VR. The device is compatible with most types of smartphones. The whole modern line of Galaxy and Note representatives is suitable. For maximum realism of the image, it is best to choose a smartphone with a resolution of 4k. For work, simply insert your phone into the glasses. A modern version of what you can give a gamer for a birthday.

  • High response speed when rotating the head, as well as a wide viewing angle will introduce your gamer to new gaming sensations.
  • The device includes a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a proximity sensor. The picture looks really realistic. Gear VR is a new look at the virtual world.
Alarm clock with laser gun.
Alarm clock with laser gun

As you already guessed, in order to turn off the alarm, you have to hit the target. Your gamer will be able to shoot on the target barely awake. According to the forum, getting into the goal with sleepy eyes is not so easy. By the way, you can record your own melody as an alarm bell. The device can be used as entertainment in a noisy company of friends. There are 4 shooting modes, two of which are game modes, and two are for the alarm clock.

  • The distance is from 3 to 5 meters. To power the alarm, 6 AA batteries are used, two of which are located in the gun. This alarm clock will make your morning special.
  • The device works simply: at the selected time, the alarm goes off, music plays, the target rises. The alarm clock continues to play until you get to the target from the remote control. A creative decision of what to give a friend a gamer on his birthday.
T-shirt with a favorite game.
T-shirt with a favorite game

The themed T-shirt is a great gift for gamers who like certain games, series of games or characters. Now the Internet is full of printing services on T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweat shots. It is also possible to select finished products on websites selling T-shirts with printing.

Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headphones.
Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headphones

Continuing the Razer lineup, you can not stop using headphones. Razer Kraken Pro is used by professional gamers at world championships. A retractable microphone is convenient for coordinating activities during the game and is located in the left headphone cup. The closed design of a diameter of 40 mm and excellent sound insulation help to immerse in the gameplay completely. The model was first published in 2012 in Cologne.

  • A really nice surprise for gamers. The engineers combined the Electra shackle and Orca cups. The inner side is covered with a mesh cloth.
  • The only thing in terms of discomfort is wearing headphones on a hot day. Among other advantages - a bright design and ergonomics.
Premium account for Battlefield.
Premium account for Battlefield

For gamers who have everything, as a gift, you can present a premium account of your favorite game. In doing so, you should determine in advance exactly which game your friend is fond of. For example, it could be Battlefield 4. A ridiculous amount, provided that the result will give a lot of emotions.

  • The gift should be agreed in advance. A surprise, let's just say: "Budget and on business!".
  • This gift option is suitable for a person who has long been addicted to a single game.
Gaming Mug.
Gaming Mug

With regard to the theme of gamers, it's hard to overlook such a thing as Dota. Fans of the cult game can present an original mug with Dota's symbolism. I managed to find a similar product on the site It should be understood that each mug is made by hand. The surface of the mug is covered with food glaze.

Paper Airplane PowerUP.
Paper Airplane PowerUP

All you need for the game is a special application on a smartphone, a sheet of paper and a radio module with a battery, which, in fact, is the main part of the aircraft. Starting the airplane, you immediately start to attract the attention of others.

  • On how exactly the plane is composed of its aerodynamic properties depend. When adding a plane, it is better to use thick paper.
  • The airplane is controlled by Bluetooth. The claimed range is 55 meters, however, according to buyers, the actual range is 30 meters.