Gift ideas for football player

Today, football is one of the most popular and significant sports. It is watched by fans, it is played by children and adults. In ancient times this game had many prototypes around the world. Football was mentioned in China, where it was called "Zhu-Ke". In ancient Rome, he was nicknamed "Harpastum". Subsequently, the game moved to England, where it aroused high interest, eclipsing the then popular "cricket". In England, football was christened as "soccer". His rules changed, and popularity continued to grow.

As a child, each of us played football. For many, this hobby turned into a hobby. Today GiftBox will offer a selection of ideas of what you can give a football player for a birthday. In our view, this should be a practical or original subject. We hope that the material will seem interesting to you, and the result of the article will be 10: 0 in favor of GiftBox-ideas.

What to give to a football player?

Armchair in the form of a soccer ball.
Armchair in the form of a soccer ball

For those who are tired after training and want to relax, are happy to offer a convenient outdoor ottoman bag. The material used is a cover made of Oxford, as well as a two-millimeter filler made of expanded polystyrene. The chair is ready to withstand even the largest fans and players, because the maximum load mass is 90 kg. By the way, for connoisseurs watching football matches, some models of armchairs have a pillow for the legs - a sort of "comfort plus" package. The cover is removable, so if your friend is disappointed in football, you can at any time buy a different color cover.

Thermal mug with the logo of your favorite team.
Thermal mug with the logo of your favorite team

Surely your football player has a favorite team. This can be played, because there is a large number of products of official products with the symbols of your favorite football club. Recently we caught a very remarkable thermo mug non-spillweb with the logo of the legendary Juventus. The gift is simple, but at the same time captivates with its club tint. For true connoisseurs of this team, we recommend buying something like this as a congratulation.

Sports bag for shoes.
Sports bag for shoes

An honorable third place in our collection is such a practical thing as a sports bag. It is designed for shoes. It has several pockets for small things like keys and flavors, but more on that later. There is no doubt that the birthday person will like the surprise. A useful idea of ??a football player's gift, with which to go to workout will be even more enjoyable. As for the cost, the average price tag for this football gift is 1500 rubles.


A decent attribute that will take care of the safety of the young man. It should be remembered that the scutes are light and with the protection of the tendon. It is important here to keep the balance between lightness and strength. Ideally, this should be done individually, in the presence of the player. Regarding the material, the shields are made of fiberglass, polyurethane, and also plastic. Less often you can find models of microporous rubber.

New boots.
New boots

Good shoes are a real qualitative present. If your birthday party plans to play on a synthetic lawn no more than twice a week, it is best to purchase boots marked MG, which means multigran. As a rule, such models have up to 26 spikes. The other most popular variety may be models marked SG, which means soft ground. This shoe has from 6 to 8 spikes and is designed to play on grassy lawns, including after the rain. They are recommended for children from 15 years of age. The only possible factor preventing such a purchase may be a relatively high cost.

Cake "Ball".
Cake "Ball"

Sometimes a surprise should be not only beautiful, but also delicious. A wonderful idea of ??a gift to a football player on his birthday can be a cake made in the form of a ball with the logo of your favorite team. You can play the celebration in different ways, including a themed holiday, in the center of which, as expected, there will be a cake. You can order a sweet treat with any attributes, be it a ball, a scarf or a football goal. The option is suitable for both the child.

T-shirt with the name of the birthday man.
T-shirt with the name of the birthday man

A creative solution can be a T-shirt of your favorite club with the player's number, for which your birthday is ill. The peculiarity of such a surprise is that the gift is very individual, because you can order the surname of your friend on the form. Such a gift your friend will remember for a long time.

Football binoculars.
Football binoculars

An inexpensive gift option for a young football fan can be folding binoculars. The case is in the form of a black and white ball. The object is transformed into binoculars, decomposing into two hemispheres. In folded form, its diameter is 6 cm. In the unfolded - 13x3.5 cm. Unfortunately, the lenses are made of plastic. On the other hand, with its value of 200 rubles and the originality of the case, the idea is even very interesting.

Theme Bedding.
Theme Bedding

The set of bed linen UEFA is timed to Euro 2016. The size is 240x220 cm. On the front side of the duvet cover is a print with the silhouette of the player of the French national team. The fastener is attached to the button, 60% cotton and 40% polyester. A wonderful gift to a young football player, who is rooting for his favorite team even in a dream. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the team.

Football slippers.
Football slippers

And finally a comfortable answer to the question of what to give a football player. After returning from training, I'd like to change my boots and leggings to soft slippers. If your friend still does not have such home shoes, give him comfortable slippers in the form of a ball. Punch in them a series of penalties you will hardly get, but it's nice to relax - definitely yes. Official production, is confined to EURO 2012. By the way, in 2017 an updated version of the pair.

Football is not a simple game. This is a whole era of culture with its history, subtleties and peculiarities. And if your friend or child is a football fan or a player, do not miss the opportunity to present a good gift that fosters his hobby development.