Gift ideas for fisherman

Each of us at least once in his life was chosen for fishing. The one who happened to draw the cherished prey from the reservoir, whether it's a modest crucian or a solid pike, remembers that this process is filled with excitement and ecstasy.

Fishing has its own subtleties and features, so if you want to make a gift to your husband, do not rush to run to the store for a fishing rod or a new coil. Among the many gift options, we are happy to offer you the following selection.

Fisherman's birthday presents

Echo sounder.
Echo sounder

The device is designed not only to search for large jambs, but also for the installation of GPS-tags of successful places of biting. The device broadcasts the measurement results to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology. A cool present for a fisherman on his birthday.

  • The sounder is capable of viewing at distances of up to 35-40 meters. Battery capacity 600 mAh. The specifications indicate that the device will last for 7-8 hours of battery life.
  • If you wish to "feel" the bottom near the shore, but you do not have a boat, it is enough to tie the line to the sod and drop it into the water. Do this no more than 25 meters, so as not to lose the signal. Material - polycarbonate plastic + silicone.
Oven-charging machine for fishing.
Oven-charging machine for fishing

A device for those who are often on a fishing trip, but prefer to keep their phone fully charged. BioLite CampStove - an example of charging on wood. The device can charge not only the phone, but also, for example, a flashlight. This is an excellent gift for a fisherman for his birthday. You can simultaneously warm up by the fire, fry fish and charge some USB-device. An energy level indicator is provided. The device is environmentally friendly.

  • The thing is very compact, has dimensions of 21x13 cm. It takes about 5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water. So say the developers, but the initial water temperature is not reported.
  • The body of the device is made of anodized aluminum. Anodizing is the process of applying metal to an object in order to obtain a layer of the required thickness. In this case, thin and light. Weigh such a device - 1 kilogram.

Here are the developers from the Middle Kingdom got to fishing. We came up with an intelligent float that supports synchronization with your smartphone. It is worth mentioning that not every Russian fisherman will like such electronic hi-tech gizmo. Nevertheless, if you do not look for a fishing rod as a gift, but are tuned to something unusual, the float will be an excellent option.

  • The device is compatible with both popular axes. With a weight of 2.5 g the float has a mass of useful functions. When a fish bites, the float signals the fisherman about this event. Naturally, the float has an LED backlight.
  • Thanks to Bluetooth, you can safely go to fish, fry shish kebabs or drink beer with peasants. The smartphone will warn you about the bite. A modern gift for a fishing lover, is not it? With all this, the device does not deprive the fisher of joys and excitement of fishing.
Fish Cutting Knife Set.
Fish Cutting Knife Set

To make a freshly caught fish right on the shore and weld it to your ear - an integral part of fishing or hunting. Therefore, as a gift, a husband-fisherman can be presented with a special kit. I will not dwell on any particular model, because now there are a large number of them, and the choice is limited only by your budget.

Typically, fishing kits are gifted with a plastic case, a set of knives, a scraper, scissors and the cutting board itself (sometimes it is sewn into the body). Some models even have a folding table in the kit, which is convenient in principle, but not always true.

A good case with all the necessary accessories will cost from 3000 to 4000 rubles. A more modest alternative to such a presentation can be a folding set of knives.

Folding chair.
Folding chair

The folding armchair has comfortable armrests, a backrest and is indispensable for fishing, you are surely in the know. The frame can be made of metal or wood - a matter of personal preference.

  • The chair is made of polyester. The maximum weight of the load up to 130 kg - with ease will withstand the angler and his fishing rod. The armchair weighs 2.8 kg.
  • The Chinese chair is packed in a cover and easily finds itself in the trunk of the car. There is a cup holder - a trifle, but still nice.
A boat.
A boat

As you know, the best gift for a fisherman -  a boat. But what if he already has it? Having played a little with the requests, we managed to find IT. A real radio-controlled model with a bird feeder and echo sounder! So you can not only enjoy the remote control of the boat, but also get the opportunity to fish in hard-to-reach places. It is understood that fishing will take place in standing water. On the boat mounted LED size, there is a feeder. Now a couple of suggestions about its technical characteristics.

  • The screws are protected from winding fishing lines on them. Carrying capacity of 1.5 kg. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic with rubberized elements. The maneuverability of this model of information is not so much. In the zone of direct radio visibility, the control is enough for 300 meters.
  • The speed of the boat is 1.5 m / s. Operating time up to 3 hours. The device works on AA batteries, which, in my opinion, is sad. Such an assistant will cost much cheaper than a quadrocopter, but more expensive than a dynamite.
Fisherman's Lantern.

Structurally, the body of the device has two lanterns (scattered and directional light) + Power Bank, which is enough for three cycles of mobile phone charging. In the mode of diffuse light, the lantern can illuminate space with a radius of up to 10 m. According to the developers, the lantern can work for 22 hours. The device is charging from the USB port. If you are looking for the best gift for a fisherman on your birthday, you found him. By the way, this model is an element of the whole NanoGrid maritime lighting system.

  • Is this device useful on shore? Definitely yes. However, the cost, in my opinion, is definitely overstated.
  • Weights slightly more than 200 g. In directional light mode, it will be possible to illuminate up to 100 m.
Waterproof Gear Case.
Waterproof Gear Case

Transparent box for various accessories of Japanese manufacture. The box is divided into three sealed sections. The kit includes magnetic locks for retaining carbines, hooks and other tackles, in case the box capsizes. If you have already presented your man a spinning gift, then this set will be a great addition to him.

Bright color of the case, which means it is always in sight. The box weighs 43 grams with dimensions of 110 x 67 mm.

Bite Detector.
Bite Detector

And this gift to the man-fisherman will prove its effectiveness from the first day. The device is a sensitive five-level indicator, which is attached to the rod with a special tape.

Electronic Bloodworm.
Electronic Bloodworm

The final idea of the gift to the fisherman, which I want to mention, will be an electronic feeder. It is known that fish can catch fluctuations of bloodworms at a range of up to 50 m. Imitating such fluctuations, the electronic feeder is designed to help attract production.

You can use this feeder as a sinker when catching a feeder. An additional load can be attached to the housing. The device is also convenient for ice hunting.

When writing the article, we relied on popular Internet sites about fishing.