Gift ideas for a diver

Such consonant words as "diving" and "freediving" in practice have many differences. The most important of them is the lack of free divers in scuba divers. They dive without any equipment, with the help of masks and fins alone.

For the first time a clear boundary between these two directions introduced a spacesuit - then it was called a "diving bell". After many years, diving and freediving developed separately. However, both directions took a strong position, both in sports and in active rest.

Today GiftBox will offer fresh gift ideas to a diver and freediver. The material is dedicated to all amateur divers and scuba divers.

What to give to a diver?

Buoy for freediving.
Buoy for freediving

Buoy is an inflatable raft in which you can leave important things for a diver. Using a special cargo, a safety rope is attached to the buoy, which accompanies the freediver at all stages of the dive. The things placed in the buoy are closed with a lid, on which there is a convenient pocket. A useful idea of what to give a diver for his birthday. Diving to a depth will become more comfortable and safe.

The freediver's liner.
The freediver

The liner is designed to clutch a diver with a rope during a dive. The carabiner is made of stainless steel. In case of force majeure, a quick release of the rifle is provided. Its diameter allows you to dive even along a thick cable. The device is based on simplicity and safety.

Nose clip.
Nose clip

A simple and useful gift that can be purchased in almost any sports shop. Suitable for training in the pool, and for deep diving. In some models, you can blow air while diving without using your hands. The Apnea Academy clamp is attached to the swimmer's nose.

  • The clamp is made of polyamide.
  • To avoid loss, the clip is tied to the lanyard.
T-shirt with diver print.
T-shirt with diver print

If the topic of equipment does not suit you, then as a gift you can present a T-shirt with an inscription printed on it. Some stores are ready to offer a gift certificate for printing on clothing. Your friend will certainly appreciate such a souvenir. Here the main thing is to come up with an original inscription.

  • For the diver, the forum managed to find the following examples of inscriptions on the T-shirt: "Free-diver inside" or "NO BUBBLES". Inscriptions in Russian will look cool too.
  • For a freediver, you can pick up something like: "How can you go with one's breath?"

The technique of swimming in a monofin looks very elegant. However, mastering this skill will not immediately. Before you buy a similar gift to your friends-divers, consider whether he or she has experience diving in such equipment. The gift is quite professional, and before you buy, make sure to specify all the details.

  • The monofin is simple. It is a plate and galoshes. For the first time a monofin for diving appeared in 1969. Modern models are made of carbon, plastic or hard rubber.
  • Last has its own characteristics. The closer the galoshes are, the more effective the swimmer's efforts will be under water. Models differ in their rigidity.
Diver's underwater knife.

A practical idea of what to give a diver. Superstitious people will say that a knife is not the best gift. If you do not consider yourself to be one of those, I'm happy to share another idea of a gift for a male diver. It can be an Aqualung Wenoka Jack knife. After all, man is a hunter by nature. Mark Wenoka Dive Knives is one of the oldest representatives of quality knives for use in underwater conditions.

  • The blades are made of 420 grade steel. The handle is made of plastic.
  • Anchoring is included.
Hermetic bag.
Hermetic bag

Another gift idea may be a waterproof bag from Maxped Waterproof. The volume is 60 liters. There are two knobs in the bag. The shoulder strap is attached to the movable carabiners. A waterproof bag keeps the clothes and equipment dry.

  • A useful and good gift that will suit all those who prefer active recreation on the water.
  • Bag dimensions: 70x30x30 cm. Acceptable price.
G-SHOCK watch.
G-SHOCK watch

If you want to give a diver a watch, first of all pay attention to their characteristics. Remember that such a popular inscription as "Water Resistant" protects the watch only from water on the surface of the case. For employment by freediving, models with the marking above "100 M WATER RESISTANT" are suitable. To immerse in a decent depth, you should use a watch marked "DIVER'S WATCH 200 M". A decent gift for a diver for his birthday. The basic requirements for such watches are readability of the dial, strength of the case and convenience. The presence of a depth function is welcome.

  • Choose a watch with a handy strap and large buttons.
  • The disadvantage of such a gift is its high cost.
Bag for fins.
Bag for fins

Perhaps, the most accessible and useful idea of a gift to a diver. When choosing a bag, pay attention to its length. Make sure that the thing you choose is spacious enough to hold long fins and small equipment. By the way, a gift is also a cover. There are many pockets and two-sided zippers.

  • The cover is made of water repellent material.
  • In addition to the fins, a wet suit, socks and a swimming mask are placed in the bag.
Lantern for diving.
Lantern for diving

Ergonomic lantern, which will suit all lovers of diving. Model Led Lenser D14 is presented in a bright design. The body is made of plastic and stainless steel. LEDs are able to illuminate the space up to 180 m. On the lamp is used a magnetic power button. An excellent gift option in an acceptable price range.

  • The maximum immersion depth is 60 meters.
  • According to the developer, all contacts are gilded, which eliminates oxidation in high humidity conditions.