Gift ideas for a cyclist

The prototype of a modern bicycle was created in 1817. After a while the bicycle became the same as we used to see it in modern society. Over the years, his popularity only gained momentum. Today the editorial staff of our site compiled a selection of gifts for cyclists. The list will contain the most unusual and useful gifts for the past year.

What to give to a cyclist?

Gloves with indication "Zackees".
Gloves with indication "Zackees"

As you know, bicycles are rarely equipped with turn signals. The original solution to this problem can be gloves "Zackees" with LED indication. The luminous flux is 55 lumens, which is quite bright. The arrow-indicator is clearly visible even in the daytime. The indicator signals themselves are protected by a waterproof surface. The palm area provides a leather finish. To turn on the backlight, you just need to close the switch plate with your thumb. A very effective gift for a bicyclist on his birthday.

  • The kit includes a USB charger. When the battery level is low, the gloves begin to flash rapidly. The service life, unfortunately, is not so great and reaches up to 6 months with daily active use.
  • A gift will enhance the safety of a cyclist on the road.
  • According to the manufacturer, gloves are unpretentious in maintenance, and they can be easily erased.
Bicycle castle Kryptonite.
Bicycle castle Kryptonite

Another problem for cyclists is hijacking, which means that a quality cycling tour will be a useful gift for your friend. It is best to choose a lock equipped with a double fixation. This will protect it from hacking with a master key. The second point is the disk core. It will prevent the ability to drill a cell. The housing must have a waterproof coating. The ability to replace the key will also be a plus.

  • According to the developers, all products of Kryptonite are made of hardened steel and are able to withstand the impact of cutters, hacksaws for metal, and drills.
  • A more flexible alternative could be a bicycle rope.
Lantern-projection "Blaze Laserlight".
Lantern-projection "Blaze Laserlight"

The idea is to create a laser projection on the asphalt. The lantern is mounted on the bicycle handlebars and can work in two modes: both in diode flashlight mode and in laser projection mode. The color of the projection is green. The projection form is a bicycle. The case is made in a nice design. The idea belongs to engineers from Britain who won a start-up competition for Hardware Battlefield.

  • The lantern feels best in urban conditions. So on a flat asphalt the image will be much clearer than on a country road.
  • Charge is enough for 12 hours of battery life. The device is charged via USB. A gift for those who like to choose all the newest and brightest. The disadvantage of such a device is its high cost.
The machine for cleaning the chain.
The machine for cleaning the chain

And this inexpensive gift will appeal to every carer. After all, to clean the chain, you do not have to disassemble anything and get your hands dirty. The machine has a 2-step cleaning of 4 brushes. To work, just fill the detergent in the tank and fill the chain with rollers. Then we scroll the chain several times. The design of the machine is very simple to operate.

  • The gift is suitable for a person who is used to care about all the details of his bicycle.
  • Judging by the reviews, some models are made of inexpensive plastic, but the cost of such machines is relatively low.
Glowing caps.
Glowing caps

Spectacular caps for evening skating. LED lamps are screwed onto the nipple and turn on when the bicycle is moving. The diodes turn off when stopped, which effectively saves the batteries. Such caps work from three battery-pills, which are sufficient for up to three days of regular use.

  • When the wheels rotate, the effect of a glowing disc appears.
  • The length of each cap is 6 cm. Low cost. The goods are easy to order on the Internet.
Shelf for bicycle storage.
Shelf for bicycle storage

Another idea of the gift may be a shelf-mount. This bike accessory is designed for comfortable storage of a bicycle in the apartment. The shelf is made of ash and covered with protective varnish. The design is able to withstand a weight of up to 17 kilograms. But, it is better to coordinate this purchase with the birthday person.

  • A new element of the interior. The shelf is available in two colors.
  • The gift is captivating with design. The kit includes fasteners.
Bracelet "Bicycle chain".
Bracelet "Bicycle chain"

Stylized and very weighty gift to the cyclist. The bracelet is made of jewelry steel and imitates a bicycle chain. Some models have black or gold inserts of silicone. The gift is suitable for any holiday.

The cost of the bracelet depends on its material of manufacture.

Folding set SKS Tom 18.
Folding set SKS Tom 18

And this is another idea of what to give a biker for his birthday. A gift tool will be a solution to possible troubles on the road. In total there are 18 different devices for adjusting the bike on any part of the route. The set consists of 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm hexahedrons, six-pointed star, key, spokes, chain openers, openers, mounting tool for tires, and a cross and slotted screwdriver.

  • The device is made of strong chrome vanadium steel. The kit includes a cover.
  • All cyclists and cyclists like this gift. A useful thing in your friend's arsenal for all occasions.
Portable Bicycle Pump .
Portable Bicycle Pump

Its effectiveness can be argued, but there are advantages. The subject is so compact that it fits easily in the palm of your hand. Lixada offers models in black, red, green and blue colors. The case is made of aluminum. The kit includes a bicycle holder, as well as a needle for inflating balls.

  • The most compact model in the line of Lixada weighs only 45 grams.
  • A small-sized item that is indispensable on the road.
Knife for pizza "Bicycle".
Knife for pizza "Bicycle"

Finally, you are offered an original knife for pizza in the form of a bicycle from the studio Doiy. In the role of blades, "wheels" are used. A good gift for those who like to eat delicious after long skating. The original name is "Fixie pizza cutter".

  • Inexpensive gift in case of celebrations of a large company of friends.
  • The knife is presented in two color variations: mint-watermelon and bumblebee.