Gift ideas for newlyweds at the wedding

Wedding is a significant event in the life of a young couple. And a celebration of this magnitude can not do without congratulations and gifts. Everyone who has ever been to a wedding, one way or another, wondered about the choice of a gift for the newlyweds. Naturally, I want to give something valuable and memorable. Something that could bring benefit and comfort to a young family. Let's see what gifts the newlyweds want to receive and what could be interesting for them? In this article, I will try to collect the most original gift ideas for a wedding.

What to give to the wedding for the newlyweds?

Courses of ballroom dance.
Courses of ballroom dance

The ability to dance beautifully is a useful skill. Help the newlyweds to master this art can courses in ballroom dancing. The main problem of such a surprise is to determine the program.

  • The courses do not carry a heavy load and are perfectly combined with a five-day work week.
  • The couple will be able to learn something new for themselves.
Portrait of a couple.
Portrait of a couple

If you have a good artist in your mind, a gift can be a portrait of the newlyweds, made on one of their joint photos. The main thing to choose a photo that would be equally attractive to both spouses.

  • A good portrait will be a memorable item for a long time.
  • A gift should not look boring. The picture should be fresh and cheerful.
Hot air balloon flight.
Hot air balloon flight

Dedicated to those friends of the bride and groom who are trying to present something truly unusual for the wedding. Something that is more expensive than money. It's emotion. First of all, I would like to determine the time of flight. In my opinion, if you decide on this gift, you should definitely not schedule a flight on your wedding day! Otherwise, a number of organizational problems arise: leaving guests, going out of town, going through briefings, etc. Therefore, it is better to purchase a certificate for ballooning on a quiet day, when the newlyweds could fully enjoy aeronautics.

  • It's spectacular.
  • This is relatively expensive.
Jewelry or precious coins.
Jewelry or precious coins

A different idea may be bracelets, chains and precious coins. It should be remembered that such gifts should be targeted at both spouses.

  • A golden gift will not exactly seem unnecessary to a newly-married couple.
  • It's hard to choose a paired decoration.

The gift is suitable for spouses who plan to go on a honeymoon. In this case, the camera will be as never before. Especially known brands such as: Canon, Nikon, Sony and Samsung. Usually the SLRs are divided into:

  • Amateur.
  • Semi-professional.
  • Professional.

However, there is no need to give expensive professional equipment.

Certificate for swimming with dolphins.
Certificate for swimming with dolphins

We will refer this option to gifts - impressions. It includes a whole entertainment program, which is a bath with dolphins. If you are tuned to something unusual for the newlyweds, this gift option may suit you.

  • Bright emotions, cheerful atmosphere, a lot of new photos with dolphins
  • Make sure that each of your newlyweds can swim.
Good wine.
Good wine

A bottle of good alcohol will find its holiday, because the reason to open it can come up very soon. No, I'm not talking about the fact that from family life soon want to hit the alcohol. I mean that, in addition to other events, the birth of a child is possible in the family. And this is an occasion to open a good bottle of wine and invite relatives to talk about a bright event.

  • The gift will be very useful for a romantic dinner for two.
  • Not suitable for those who are totally against alcohol.
Album with photos.
Album with photos

If you know the newlyweds for a long time. You know how their relationship developed. You know all their quarrels and worries, do not hesitate to use this advantage and invent something original for them. If you are their best friends and you managed to observe the whole process of the formation of their relationship, you can make a photo album with your own hands, in which there will be their joint photos from the very beginning of the relationship. Such a gift will be original and creative.

  • Surely such a gift will cause a lot of positive memories from your friends.
  • At the end of the album, you can attach an envelope with money for the wedding.
  • The album can be used in various wedding contests.
Original money presentation.
Original money presentation

The wedding was always given money. After all, for a family that starts an independent life, money will be an excellent gift. Entry into new housing, repair, purchase of furniture and other attributes is a procedure that can not do without costs. That's why money - if not the best, then definitely a win-win gift for the wedding.

  • A universal gift that is waiting.
  • It is important not just to pass the envelope, it is important to present it correctly and choose the words of congratulation.
Game console.
Game console

The gift is not universal, because not every couple likes to play together in video games. If you are sure that your pair is an exception, give them a game console with a pair of joysticks. In addition, this console can be supplemented with Kinect & # 8212; prefix for managing the gameplay with a gesture.

  • Henceforth, the dispute about who is washing dishes today, will be decided in the fight at the console.
  • warns: "The games are delaying".

Wedding is a bright and important event, do not forget about gifts and sincere congratulations.