Gift Ideas for Housewarming

After receiving an invitation from friends for housewarming, I had to think about the gift. Although there was enough time for the event, the brain, nevertheless, began to offer a lot of different ideas: suitable and not very. After a little reflection, I still managed to form a selection of interesting ideas.

What do they give to the housewarming friends? The first thing we will try to determine the approximate preferences of new settlers, while setting the following restrictions and priorities:

  • The pursuit follows a useful or original solution.
  • Intervene in the interior of housing should be extremely cautious.
  • Before each option, you should ask yourself: "Would I like such a gift?"

After deciding what could surprise my friends, I outlined the list of gifts for a housewarming party. Then broke the list into two categories, emphasizing the originality and benefit.

What to donate to a housewarming friends?

Robot - vacuum cleaner.
Robot - vacuum cleaner

Move the cleaning to the robot's shoulders - the idea is tempting. And as a gift for the home, such a device can not but interest. So, a few key points about this option:

  • The robot can set the interval of daily cleaning during the absence of the owners.
  • The device has a convenient dust collector, a lot of nozzles and a remote control.
  • After cleaning, the robot returns to the base, where it is recharged until the next cleaning cycle.
  • An important drawback is that the robot does not cope well with the corners of the premises, avoiding physical contact with the wall. So the sensors work.
  • Relatively high cost.

A gift that will surely bring a smile to your friends. If you want to give a plant, but its classical idea does not suit you, present a florarium - a small garden in a glass vessel.

  • The original addition for the interior of new settlers. The subject of the design.
  • Most compositions do not need additional lighting and tough maintenance conditions.

The gift is spectacular, but very expensive. And yet I could not leave this option without attention. The bio-fireplace will make any evening special. There are several varieties of the model:

  • Wall mounted
  • Desktop
  • Outdoor

It is best to do such a gift by a team. Then a surprise and a decent result, and the cost between friends will be divided.

Watch for those who are late.
Watch for those who are late

Graft punctuality or just make an unusual gift with such a watch simply. As you have already understood, the clock arrow is distorted in advance.

  • There is a high probability that your friends' delays will be reduced by 5 minutes.
  • The classic dial will fit into almost any interior.
Mitten - tack of X-Ray.
Mitten - tack of X-Ray

A gift to new settlers, which is aimed at the kitchen. In general - it's all the usual "snap of hot". But among its opponents, the mitten clearly stands out for its unusual design, for which it falls into our top of the original gifts for a housewarming.

  • Interesting design
  • Low cost
Weather station.
Weather station

Looking out the window, it is not always possible to determine the weather unambiguously. That is why one more variant of a gift in the house can be a weather station.

  • User-friendly interface. Useful information: weather forecast, time, etc.
  • The alarm, calendar and room temperature functions are also present.
Safe for documents.
Safe for documents

A practical gift option may be a small safe. It can store documents for an apartment, decorations and other valuables.

  • It is advisable to choose a fire-resistant safe that can save documents in case of fire.
  • The cost of a gift can be broken up among friends by making a collective gift.
Ceiling rack Bottle loft.
Ceiling rack Bottle loft

A bachelor like me on a housewarming can be presented with the original mount in the refrigerator. The system is a few magnets that can hold cork, and with them beer. The device is designed for a weight of up to 3 kg.

  • Convenient and unusual
  • Problematic to order

The original lamp or night light can be your solution. This is a useful gift for a house that has a lot of variations:

  • Luminaire projector
  • Plasma nightlight
  • LED Ribbon
  • Classic floor lamp

There are also more original options in which to turn off the light, you must "shoot" the lamp.


As a gift for a house or apartment, you can consider an oil cooler. If you and your friends are puzzling over a collective surprise for a housewarming party, the heater can be a worthy solution to your problem.

  • A useful gift with an affordable price.
  • It will be very useful in case of heating shutdown in pipes.

And whatever gift you choose, do not forget the most important thing - sincere congratulations.