Gift Ideas for a Couple on the Anniversary

Today, GiftBox offers its readers to choose from 10 really original gift ideas, one that they want to give to a married couple on the anniversary of their wedding. It can be your relatives, friends or family friends. A selection of gifts is made with a slight bias on the young couple. When choosing such a surprise, it is worth looking for something that might please both her husband and his wife.

What to present to a couple on the anniversary of the wedding?

Modular picture.
Modular picture

Modular picture is a single image, divided into separate segments. Segments are fixed at a small distance from each other. The picture, which consists of only two elements, is called a diptych, of three - a triptych, and from more elements - a polyptych. A great idea of ??what to give a young couple on the anniversary of the wedding. Modular picture can be performed both in horizontal and vertical orientation.

  • Segments of the picture convey a single story.
  • Most often, the central segment of the picture is larger than its peripheral parts.
Magneto-slate board on the refrigerator "Chat".
Magneto-slate board on the refrigerator "Chat"

And these are unusual magnetic slate plates on which the couple can leave messages to each other. Records are applied with the help of multi-colored chalks that are included in the kit. Erased messages are also simple. The set consists of a wooden holder, a sponge and three colored crayons. Magnetic notes are made in the form of a pair of chat clouds. A gift will turn any refrigerator into an item of useful correspondence. If you do not know what to give a married couple on the anniversary, then such a gift can be an original solution for you.

  • The boards are magnetized to any metal surface. The size will be 35 * 25 cm.
  • Practical and functional gift for a young couple who recently started a joint life.
Twin T-shirts.
Twin T-shirts

Perhaps the most affordable and at the same time thematic idea of ??what to give a couple on the anniversary of dating - it's a T-shirt. Present diversifies the everyday wardrobe of your friends. Before you give such a gift, think over the inscription well. T-shirts are easiest to order online.

  • Advantages - a large range and low cost.
  • Any size and design. Gift will add original photos to your joint collection.
Glasses for cocktails "Mermaid".
Glasses for cocktails "Mermaid"

Another idea of ??a gift for a couple can be a set of unusual glasses. Recently, the collection of glasses "Mermaid" came into the market, which translates as "Mermaid". The name speaks for itself. When filling the glass, it takes on the shape of the tail of a mermaid. The object is made of borosilicate glass, which allows it not to crack during sudden temperature changes. An unusual idea of ??what to give a couple on the anniversary.

  • Size is 7 x 13.5 cm. You can buy "Mermaid" on the official website .
  • Useful volume of a glass 100 ml.
Twin Pillows & Mrs..
Twin Pillows & Mrs.

Another option for a lover is a set of bed linens or twin pillows. Both pillows complement each other with a semantic illustration. If you are looking for what to give to a married couple on the anniversary of a relationship, this idea may be useful.

  • The image is applied by sublimation.
  • Most pillows are made in a romantic or humorous style.
Joint ballooning.
Joint ballooning

If you are a supporter of gift-impressions, then a good idea of ??a gift can be a joint balloon ride. To do this, it is enough to purchase an appropriate gift certificate. Your friends will surely remember this event for a long time. Unfortunately, such skating is best done.

  • The disadvantages of such a certificate include its relatively high cost, but because such a surprise is better presented from a team of friends.
  • The merits of the gift are obvious - the romance impressions from the flight will be remembered for a long time.
Toaster with weather print "Toasteroid".
Toaster with weather print "Toasteroid"

If you are looking for a gift for a couple for a house, then a creative idea can be a toaster, capable of printing the weather on slices of bread. Moreover, you can print on the toast other images, both your own and those already available in the database.

  • The project is developing very quickly and the pre-order for the goods is available now.
  • When synchronizing with a smartphone, users can send each other toast-messages. It sounds a bit wild, but interesting.
Joint wine tasting.
Joint wine tasting

Another idea of ??a gift-impression can be a couple's recording for a joint wine tasting. The event takes, as a rule, 1.5 hours. Everyone is invited to taste several glasses of good wine of different varieties. It can be the fault of Italy, France or Spain. At the same time the buffet is accompanied by detailed information about this or that variety and crop. Tasting will not only give pleasant impressions, but also help the couple learn all the subtleties of choosing a good wine.

  • The reception is accompanied by delicious snacks and, of course, pleasant communication.
  • Unfortunately, such tasting is organized mainly in the large cities of our country.
Beach Vault.
Beach Vault

But back to the world of practical gifts. For the couple who prepare for the beach season, the developers Markal and Crystal DaKunha came up with a very unusual device, which people dubbed as "beach safe". Going in the summer to the beach with your beloved, do not forget about the safety of your things. Things left unattended, can become a tasty morsel for intruders. The solution is a screw-shaped container that is screwed into the sand and tightly closed with a sealed lid. And if you throw a beach towel over the top, the safe will disappear from your superfluous eyes.

  • The container is a cylinder measuring 15 x 30 cm.
  • If you are an adherent of unusual and practical gifts, then this idea is sure to interest you.
Dual-stick EAGET.
Dual-stick EAGET

Earlier we wrote about wooden flash drives, code flash drives with biometric protection, flash drives in steampunk style, and even about concrete flash drives (thanks to the boundless imagination of Chinese designers). Today we got to flash drives made in a pair style. If you do not know what to give a young couple on the anniversary, then an inexpensive and creative gift can be just such a present.

  • Double case. Possibility of individual engraving.
  • Material - aluminum.

Choosing a gift for a married couple, do not forget about the main

And the main thing here is that you will show your attention to them on this day. After all, how wonderful it is to hear warm words on the anniversary of the wedding, from those who were on it or just close friends. Probably, it's worthwhile even to come to this day and congratulate the couple personally, without fail taking with them a loved one.