Gift ideas for a young man

Instantly find the original idea of a gift for a person between the ages of seventeen to twenty years is not so simple. Today our site will offer 10 ideas of what to give to a young man at 17, 18, 20 years old. Whether it's your good friend-student or a young colleague at work, finding a gift in our opinion should start with something modern and unusual.

What can you give to a young man?


The gift is designed to train a person's balance. The design is extremely simple: flat board + cylinder. The task - moving on the board, learn not to fall. In this case, the board should not touch the ground. By the way, the second name is Indo-board. Initially, the author of the idea developed this simulator solely for surfers. The board is made of solid plywood, salted with non-slip coating. There is a whole direction of tricks performed on this "toy". Depending on the specific model, the cost of the board will cost from 3000 to 6000 rubles.

  • The balance sheet will be an excellent addition to the main activities in the gym. Trains stability and develops leg muscles.
  • The simulator, the balance skills from which you can easily transfer to a skateboard or snowboard.
Modern shoelaces HICKIES.
Modern shoelaces HICKIES

Fasteners are made of silicone structure. An unusual alternative to classic laces. In HICKIES, there are no knots or bows. There are both monochrome colors and color models. One size fits all. Production of the USA. The package contains 14 elastic fasteners. A modern gift for a young man for every day. The cost of the kit is about 1200 rubles.

  • Laces are suitable for both sports and everyday use.
  • Simplicity, functionality and comfort.
Oxford Havok Watches.
Oxford Havok Watches

A distinctive feature of these watches is their high quality at a relatively low cost. The design is developed in San Francisco. The clock uses a Japanese mechanism. Its popularity Oxford Havok received thanks to the stock exchange start-ups Kickstarter, where the collected funds allowed developers to launch a serial release of the model. If you still do not know what to present for the 18th birthday of a young man to a student, choose Oxford Havok. The cost of the clock is 80 $

  • Classic style. The watch is shipped in a leather strap with fabric trim.
  • Waterproof stainless steel case.
Keychain-non-lost NUT MINI.
Keychain-non-lost NUT MINI

The key ring is designed to search for / prevent the loss of an important item for you, whether it's keys, a purse or a backpack. So NUT MINI works on Bluetooth radio in two modes: the search mode of the key fob and the mode that prevents the object from leaving the range of your smartphone. In the application for the phone there is a signal level scale. The main drawback is the batteries. They last no more than a week, but this defect is compensated by the relatively low cost of the gift. It will be useful both for a teenager and an adult. The price in the online store is $ 6.

  • In the key fob there is a sound alarm.
  • GPS is absent, the position of the mark is recorded by the level of the Bluetooth signal.
Certificate for flight in air transport.
Certificate for flight in air transport

The air flow in the airtrue reaches a speed of up to 300 km / h. So the adrenaline rush is assured to you. Unfortunately, not every city has such constructions. However, if you are lucky, this option should be noted. Sports and entertainment attraction will give your friends a lot of emotions on the birthday of your birthday. The cost of the flight is from 1800 rubles.

  • A great way to give your friends vivid impressions and diversify their lives.
  • An alternative option for such a gift can be a parachute jump certificate.
Simulator "Powerball".
Simulator "Powerball"

A healthy lifestyle has long taken a firm position in the life of modern man. "Powerball" - this is an excellent gift for those who do not mind spending a free minute to improve their health by stretching their wrist joints. The principle of operation is based on the gyroscope. The load on the brush depends on the speed of rotation. The design of the case is very strong. The gift will be interesting for the teenager. The set includes a lace. The cost of the gift will be about 2000 rubles. The expander can be found here.

  • An effective way to get away from work and take a break. A gift is also suitable for those who recover from injuries.
  • Initially, the expander was designed as a simulator for astronauts.
Shaker for cocktails.
Shaker for cocktails

The gift will give the opportunity to feel like a real bartender. Shaker is useful in case of a large company of guests who will be happy with your favorite cocktails. A gift will not bore you guys or girls. The vessel is made of stainless steel with a polished surface. Volume 0.7 liters at a height of 23 cm. The gift can be found on Ozon'e by this link . The cost of 1600 rubles..

  • A useful item in case you and your friends want to try themselves in the role of barman.
  • An interesting fact is that the prototype of a shaker 7 thousand years ago in South America was a pumpkin. Later the shaker found himself in Egypt. 3 thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians discovered the fact that alcohol is tastier if mixed with various spices.
Set of braces + butterfly.
Set of braces + butterfly

A classical version of the gift can be a set: braces + a bow tie. Design kit will cost 750 rubles. Illustration shows the Ukrainian brand Zhanna UDLER. A lot of sets for every taste. By the way, a bow tie can be made of wood.

  • In the latter case, the kit will cost a little more.
  • From which tree the butterfly will be made, decide on your own.
Magnetic Case-holder MagBak.
Magnetic Case-holder MagBak

And this object has collected in itself advantages of a cover and the holder. Initially MagBak was introduced for the iPad, now it has acquired the size of a smartphone. The peculiarity of the device is the use of a kind of magnet that can be attracted to any metal surface. The design is minimalistic - the magnets are located at the edges of the device. Moreover, the design of the cover provides an aluminum mount, with which the tablet or phone can be fixed even to the surface of the tree. There will be such an accessory at $ 39, plus you will have to spend a little on shipping to Russia.

  • The magnet is framed by a silicone layer. Under it is a layer of polycarbonate and microfiber.
  • Magnetic holder is safe for credit cards that use magnetic tape.
Self-Drone ROAM.
Self-Drone ROAM

And finally, according to tradition, there are a few novelties. The task of the flying camera is to create images: both panoramic 360 degrees, and classic. To bind to the owner, Dron uses face recognition technology, as well as the "follow me" technology. The robot is controlled via a smartphone. Self-Drone accompanies the owner at a distance of up to 25 meters, while creating quality images. Unusual gift to a young man for 20 years. The device is available for sale at a biting price of 28k rubles.

  • A relatively expensive gift (although cheaper than popular models Phantom'a from DJI).
  • Over time, such devices will dislodge self-stick. While the battery lasts for 20 minutes of flight.