What to give a teenager for his birthday

The most difficult occupation for parents and friends of teenagers is the choice of gifts. A variety of hobbies, emotionality, quick temper and straightforwardness are one of the few properties of young people and girls under the age of 18 that you need to reckon with to make the right choice of presentation.

The main question before the holiday - what to give a teenager for a birthday - takes the minds and takes a lot of time. We made an original selection of universal gifts for you!

10 good gifts for teenagers on their birthday

Before we go to the study of the most suitable ideas, we say that we will choose a gift without reference to whether the boy will receive it or a girl.


Adolescence for everyone - a period of passion for music, knowledge of their own preferences in this direction of art. If you paid attention, then on the street, in the metro, in shopping centers - almost everywhere and always - guys and girls under 18 (and often later) listen to music.

Variations of headphones on the market are many. There are ordinary liners, the price range of which is varied. Proposed and almost professional headphones, the cost of which exceeds 10 thousand rubles. Very popular with young people are the headphones Beats by Dr. Dre ©.

Purchase can be carried out together with the originator of the celebration - then you will accurately guess the little things like.

  • colors;
  • type;
  • dimensions;
  • brands;

If you know exactly what kind of headphones you want to get a friend or a child - buy them in advance and original pack - young people appreciate it no less than the gifts themselves.

Backpack with reflective elements for night walks.
Backpack with reflective elements for night walks

The youthful period is the time for romantic walks under the moon. Meetings with loved ones, gather with friends - are there really not enough reasons to stay awake when you are 17 years old? To take care of safety and at the same time please the desire to be fashionable, you can give a teenager a backpack with elements that reflect light in the dark. These are original products that will protect him or her in the case when you need to cross the road, cross the roadway.

An addition to such a gift can be clothing with such elements that will make a person noticeable on the road or the roadway (this is especially true for those who enjoy cycling). Modern manufacturers have achieved high skill in combining fashionable things with such useful and useful functions.


A good idea for parents who are important is that their child is happy. It is commonly believed that the most powerful and memorable emotions a person receives, when in other countries, he meets with excellent cultures and learns a diverse world. That is why the parents and relatives of the birthday boy should take care in advance about where they can send their child. A very popular group tours, for which hires are hired,accompanying. A bigger gift for your son or daughter will be a joint trip. For example, send your entire family to Europe for a weekend or a week. Jointly spent time will allow to become closer with the child, establish warm and friendly contact, and the emotions received during the trip can not be compared with joy from any other gift.

Mobile Gadgets.
Mobile Gadgets

Smartphones, tablets, smart clocks, players - all this entertains the modern youth, gives it the opportunity to feel involved in the world space. Moreover, according to the latest research of psychologists, humanity is gradually moving to text-based communication - it's easier for us to write messages in messengers than to call or meet. Therefore, the idea to give a new smartphone is very .

In addition, you can pick up a whole arsenal of additional accessories - covers, stands, chargers, docking stations, stickers, removable media and much, much more. For a more delicate approach, a selection of accessories of a certain theme is suitable - for example, with images of heroes and artifacts from the "Star Wars".

Ticket for a concert of your favorite band.
Ticket for a concert of your favorite band

Music means a lot to a person. And for all children, everything matters - the style of music, the group, the appearance of the artists. The love of some of them for specific performers may border on fanaticism, but you do not need to stop it - the period of reckless worship of your beloved artist will pass, there remains only a reasonable attachment to what has become one of the pillars of his becoming. To give a child a ticket to a concert of your favorite band or artist will mean your support and courage to share his views and passions.In addition, if the specified group does not appear in your city, then take care that the teenager can independently reach the venue of the concert or accompany him. This is a great idea for parents and friends of a boy or girl who celebrate their birthday.


This is a very useful thing - an adult boy or girl can easily and safely navigate through city streets and parks with it. This is not only an entertaining amusement and fashionable fit, but also a wonderful sports inventory that develops dexterity, teaches to keep balance and be attentive. The choice of this means of transport is carried out by several criteria:

  • power of the battery;
  • dimensions;
  • complexity and functionality of management.

Models of monocles and gyroscooters in the market a lot, so buy a perfect device will help shop consultants or special manuals on the Internet.

Bottle for sports drinks and mixtures or thermos.
Bottle for sports drinks and mixtures or thermos

This is a useful gift for students and schoolchildren. Sports bottle is a whole culture among young people - they are chosen by producers, by colors, order even with the application of certain inscriptions and names. No less attractive is the idea of ??choosing a special thermos for a young man or girl. Hot coffee or tea in a change between couples or on an evening walk will definitely not be superfluous. And the variety of designer solutions for these functional accessories will allow the birthday to attract attention and be different from most people. This gift is both care and attention in one bottle in the direct sense of the word.

Giant Jenga.
Giant Jenga

Every year on the market of entertainment and games there is a large number of novelties that capture the attention of young people. So, one can recall popular popular games such as "Monopoly", "Manchkin", "Imadzhinirium" and others. But so far, every youth company has a special love - the game "Dzhenga", which already has several variants and modifications. The Giant Jung is a unique game for the company from 2 people. The starting height of the tower is more than 60 cm, and the total weight of such "toys" is more than 10 kg. The duration of the game depends on the skills and agility of the players. In any antiqua and at parties in the youth you will find analogues of this "falling tower".Take care of the pleasant leisure of your friend or child - the giant Jenga will brighten up time in any company.

Points of virtual reality.
Points of virtual reality

One of the best solutions for those who think it is to present a boy to a teenager on a birthday. This new development in the field of multimedia and virtual reality brings the world faster than it did to computer games and all sorts of applications for phones. Even a person far from the world of modern gadgets will be interesting to look at what is called an added reality and allows you to feel completely new incredible emotions, to get that experience that can not be in real life. Various themes, films and games that you can try with this device are multiplied every day, so this is truly a promising and modern present for young people.

Certificate for hiking in a favorite cafe.
Certificate for hiking in a favorite cafe

Celebrating the birthday love everyone without exception teenagers - this holiday allows them to be at the center of attention, receive emotions, which are often unavailable in everyday life. That is why it is important to note this event in such a way that it is remembered for a long time. A certificate for a trip to a restaurant or cafe for a certain amount will allow fun, tastefully and cozy to celebrate, communicate with friends. For teenagers under the age of 18 it is recommended to choose such certificates or gift cards that do not provide for purchases for their account of alcohol - it will save from possible provocations and One of the options for such a gift can be the independent organization of the holiday for the child - the choice of the room, the preparation of the entertainment program, the distribution of invitations, the organization of food. This will allow you to spend more time with the teenager, listen to his wishes, get closer and show how important his.

If such a gift is chosen by teenage friends, it can also be replaced by a monthly, quarterly or annual supply of sweet for those friends who do not think about life without chocolate, cookies or sweets. When choosing such a gift, pay attention to the shelf life of the goods or buy a "subscription" in your favorite sweets store to give your friend joy for a long time.

We reviewed some of the options for the present, but you can also find your own, other than this list, gift ideas for a teenager's birthday.

There are many opportunities in your hands - knowledge about the preferences, love, hobbies and dreams of the birthday man. This will allow a more specific and narrow approach to the issue of choosing and preparing for a birthday.