Gift ideas for a schoolboy for his birthday

Today GiftBox presents a fresh selection of 10 gift ideas for a schoolboy for his birthday. In this article, we tried to present variants from the most diverse price categories. No boring gifts and teaching aids, only original and useful ideas of congratulations. Perhaps some of them will help you with the choice.

What to give to a schoolboy?

Mini Quadroopter.
Mini Quadroopter

A mini-quadrocopter opens the list of gifts for the schoolchild. It should be clarified that the model is so miniature that it is designed for indoor entertainment rather than launching in open space, but this has its advantages. After launching the copter in the classroom, your child will certainly be at the center of the attention of friends and classmates. And now more. Most recently, one of the smallest drones of 2017 was introduced to the public. The model was equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope, as well as a video camera capable of transmitting the image in real time with a resolution of 420 rubles. A gift is sure to please every teenager, because with a weight less than 250 g, the toy has many functions.

  • It is important that the Quadroopter can be controlled both with the help of a special joystick, and through a regular smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi.
  • The battery capacity is 150 mAh, which corresponds to 7 minutes of continuous flight of the device. Charging gadget from USB.
Launch Box.
Launch Box

A selection of gift ideas for the schoolboy is continued by a lunch box. Present, undoubtedly, will please those who additionally go to practice or in the pool and do not always have time to eat in the dining room or at home. Box Appetit is made of high-quality food plastic. For hermetic storage of food in the lid, a silicone layer is provided. In the container you can store both the first and second dishes. In tandem with boxing, you can buy so-called Lunch sweat, which is a kind of thermos for storing hot liquid food. A perfect version of a gift for a student at the end of a quarter.

  • The size is 190х190х60 mm. The container has a square shape and easily fits into any backpack. The size of the thermos 12x12x19 mm.
  • Both items can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. A useful and at the same time universal gift set for your child.
Alarm clock "Dynamite".
Alarm clock "Dynamite"

For a schoolboy who finds it difficult to wake up in the first shift has prepared an interesting idea of ??a surprise. Attention is offered to an unusual alarm clock, which, as you have already understood, is very similar to a self-made bomb. As well as it is necessary to the present bah-bah-analogue, the alarm clock has "the self-made panel" on which there is an indicator panel, resistors and buttons. There are 4 wires nearby. To disarm the device, you must select the correct one and disable it. In addition to the spectacular design, the alarm clock provides 3 modes: game mode, alarm mode and clock mode. An interesting gift for your child.

  • A gift clings design, acceptable cost and, of course, its authenticity. The power is provided by the battery, which is charged via the good old USB.
  • By the way, the gift box is also on top. Solid Fiver.
Pen-cheat sheet.
Pen-cheat sheet

And this is a more budgetary, but no less original gift that can be presented to a child. It is difficult to imagine a school in which children do not use cheat sheets. While composing this collection, the content editor of our site did not overlook those exciting events that students of lyceums and schools face - control works. When you memorize all the rules and formulas there is no time, the trick in the face of the pen-cheat sheet comes to the rescue. The crib is easily deployed and folded from the side panel of the casing by the principle of a construction roulette. Perhaps someone will disagree, but recently such a representation of cheat sheets is much more difficult to suspect than a cheat sheet loaded into the phone.

  • Low cost. An excellent idea of ??a gift for a student from a younger brother or sister.
  • The case is made of plastic. You can buy a pen-cheat sheet in almost any stationery store.
Watch phone MyRope.
Watch phone MyRope

The peculiarity of these watches is that they are designed specifically for teenagers. With all this, they look very solid and quality. The most popular are two models: MYROPE R11 - black, MYROPE R12 - blue, pink and orange colors. The cost of both models is less than 6 tr. By the hour, you can receive calls, both models have a pedometer, geolocation sensors, wi-fi module and much more. A perfect gift for a child of middle and high school. A great way to always stay connected, even if the primary phone is dead. And a few words about the functional…

  • The watch is dustproof IP65. There is an OLED screen, an alarm clock, a microphone and a speaker for cell phone calls. Both models use a geolocation label.
  • The battery capacity is 380 mAh, which corresponds to approximately 72 hours of standby time.

For students who spend a lot of time in their smartphones, has prepared a worthy version of an entertaining gift. An air kite made in the form of a hawk is a great way to have fun with friends and classmates. Yes, and vacation will not take place within the walls of the house. If you do not know what to give to a schoolboy inexpensive, then this gift is perfectly suited as a pleasant surprise for your birthday.

  • The kite is made of nylon. The size is 230x110 cm. The "bird" weighs just over 400 grams. You get used to management quickly, the main thing is to catch the air flow.
  • A wonderful opportunity to find new friends and make friends with neighbor girls.
Backpack with reflectors.
Backpack with reflectors

The next gift is devoted to the topic of security, which, as we all know, is the first thing. Irony, irony, but according to statistics, the presence of light-reflecting elements on a person's clothing increases the visibility of a pedestrian during the dark hours by more than 5.5 times. That is why a good backpack, supplemented with similar reflective key fobs, can be a useful gift for a schoolboy for his birthday. A beautiful school gift to my son from the family.

  • A wide range of light reflectors for every taste and color. Low cost.
  • A great idea for those who prefer to give practical things.
USB Sharpener.
USB Sharpener

Who has studied, he knows that during the school stationery lot does not happen. The educational process is in full swing, and with it the pens are lost, the rulers are broken, and the pencils are betrayed treacherously. Inexpensive, but an interesting gift to a schoolboy from friends can be a power source. The device is a small device that is powered by USB. An affordable idea of ??what you can give a schoolboy. Judging by the reviews, the most popular models are the brands Ringsun and Brauberg. Both models include a spare blade. A simple and at the same time useful gift to a schoolboy from classmates or friends .

  • The sharpener provides sharpening of pencils up to 8 mm. The first version of the model includes an external unit and a cord in 1 m.
  • The second model is powered by several AA batteries. By the way, in the absence of power, the sharpener can be used as an ordinary mechanical.
Unusual 3D notepad.
Unusual 3D notepad

The next gift for the student can be an unusual notebook. Sometimes the school days are so tedious that the hand reaches for ... no, not the gun;) - the original notebook, in order to get a little distracted and paint. The cover looks at least interesting, it is bulky and has the shape of a revolver. The first page of the notebook is no less epic, and the target is printed on it. The collection is supplemented by two more notebooks, on which other types of weapons are depicted: a knife and a grenade. Not the most thematic gift for a schoolboy, but the idea is interesting and stands out among other competitive options.

  • Judging by the feedback on the forum, the notebook has thin pages, but the volume cover compensates for this drawback.
  • The gift will certainly be appreciated by every representative of the school subculture.
Skateboard with electric motor.
Skateboard with electric motor

And finally an active gift for active teenagers. An unusual idea of ??a presentation for a student can be a skateboard with an electric motor. More often on the streets of the city you can see scooters with an electric motor. And now, the idea has reached and skate. What happened, see for yourself. The concept of the first electrical board belongs to the company Windbord, which released a model that in its dimensions and weight is not inferior to the classic skateboard. Buy a new device you can in the online store. Another idea of ??what you can give a student for a holiday.

  • The electric board weighs 3.5 kg. The board is able to reach speeds of up to 15 km / h. The power of the engine reaches 55 W. The capacity of the battery allows you to cover a distance of up to 10 km.
  • The motor and speed are controlled by the remote control. There are two modes "Beginner" and "Ac". A reverse is provided. Center of mass balanced.

Undoubtedly, most of us remember the school with nostalgia: teachers, friends and, of course, school love - all this certainly leaves us with warm memories. Even more ideas of gifts that can be of interest to teenagers, read in our related issues.