Gift ideas for first-graders

The school is the first stage of education of our children. On the wave of this event, the editorial office of the site made a list of gift ideas to a first-grader. We believe that the gift should not only be useful, but also original. Naturally, there are things that are indispensable. These are pens, paints, all sorts of brushes and, of course, money for repairing your favorite class;) However, by skipping the topic of the banal office, GiftBox offers to your attention the following outstanding collection.

What to present to the boy in the first class?

Magnetic whiteboard.
Magnetic whiteboard

From the first class the board was for us part of the process of cognition. She hung in the classroom, and from time to time each of us had to deal with her. Now we have a personalized marker board available for every family. If you break your head over a useful gift to a first-grader, a magnet-marker helper will be a worthy option. Learning to write and solve problems correctly at the board.

  • The board should be durable, contrasting and have an adequate cost. It should not be a brand, which is very important for a first-grader. Perhaps, these are all the basic requirements that should be taken into account when choosing such a surprise.
  • The gift develops the child's work skills "at the blackboard": to calculate the free space for writing, to stand properly, without blocking the written text, etc. For work it is useful to have several additional markers of different colors.
Home planetarium HOME star PRO.
Home planetarium HOME star PRO

The planetarium gives you the opportunity to view the starry sky with a width of up to 3.5 meters. The optical system consists of 6 lenses. Home planetarium is equipped with a system of rotation of the sky. The system is also capable of reproducing the effect of a falling star. The projector will be a great gift for a boy who enjoys astronomy. Projections can be created both on the ceiling and on the walls. The device works from the network. The auto-off timer is provided. A gift will help the student to get an idea of ??the universe. We get knowledge about the cosmos. We learn astronomy.

  • The starry sky is drawn quite qualitatively. There are up to 50,000 elements of various galaxies. The gift perfectly fits into the bedroom of the schoolboy. There is a mode of simulating the daily time (the map corresponds to the real time of day).
  • The set includes 3D glasses. Expand the functionality of the device with additional slides.
Encyclopedia of the schoolboy.
Encyclopedia of the schoolboy

It is difficult to go ahead for knowledge without having a sufficient set of textbooks in your satchel. As before, the book remains a wonderful gift. And if the idea of ??what to give the boy in the first class ended, consider a good encyclopedia. The most important thing is that the book has colorful illustrations. For example, the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of a schoolboy" will explain the child in simple language about history, technology, space and natural sciences. In each article there are many interesting facts. A fruitful gift for the whole year, which will suit both the boy and the girl. We get general knowledge about the world around us.

  • A worthy gift for obtaining a wide range of knowledge.
  • You can find the book on Ozone & # 8217; e on this link .
Children's tablet for drawing anaPad.

They say that since childhood, each of us has an impressive creative potential. In support of the development of artistic abilities among the youngest, German designers created an anaPAD drawing board designed in the style of "apple" products. If you are looking for something creative for your child, you are welcome here. The frame is made of real wood. Inside the magnetic board under the records and holders.

  • The kit includes special markers and several magnets of square shape. Perhaps, the design thing for the first-grader will be superfluous, but the tablet looks really good
  • On the tablet you can hone the skills of solving problems in mathematics. Parents can give several examples to their first-grader, after which they can easily be erased.
Training board game "Wonders of the World".
Training board game "Wonders of the World"

Another idea of ??a gift to a first-grader is Quiz. During the game, your child learns new facts about the sights of ancient civilizations. Also in the game is told about modern architectural structures. Play best in the family circle. For the game, you must roll a dice and answer questions. Getting acquainted with geography and history.

  • The child will get acquainted with the great events and places of the planet.
  • 259 questions, 35 cards with various facts about the wonders of the world.
Wrist Watch.
Wrist Watch

For a child, a school is a place where it becomes independent. The first-graders have an obligation to go to school at the appointed time, do their homework. Learn how to control your time will help such a gift as a wristwatch. Surprise especially like the boy. If you do not decide what to give a boy going to the first class, choose the inexpensive hours with which the child can go to school. Learning how to allocate time.

  • Gift will help the child to navigate in time. Wrist watches are always at hand, which means it will be easier to plan school matters.
  • Acceptable cost. Do not buy expensive models.

They say it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. This gift for the first-grader will allow to move into the microcosm of living organisms. The microscope will be a tool for getting knowledge about what is being built from all living things. The set includes 15 experiments on the study of various objects from life. Each of them carries its own scientific and cognitive character. A wonderful gift to the boy in the first class, with which he can feel like a real scientist. Learning the basics of the world.

  • As an experimental material in the kit there are fabrics, newsprint, wool, dust and even bacteria of yogurt.
  • A gift will allow the child to look at the world in a perfect new plane for him. A detailed description can be found at here .
Table clock-alarm clock "LEGO".
Table clock-alarm clock "LEGO"

To all fans of the legendary designer "LEGO" is dedicated. The alarm clock is made in the style of the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, waking up to the melody of the imperial march of Darth Vader will not work. However, the alarm clock will easily find its place on the student's desk. We develop the desire to wake up and do exercises.

  • Movable legs and arms. High-quality plastic. The device works from two AAA batteries.
  • The watch has a backlight. Alarm clock is reliable and easy to manage.
School bag.
School bag

It is difficult to imagine a school without a school backpack. Choosing knapsack first-grader, first of all, should be guided by his taste preferences, because it is him who should carry this backpack every day. On the part of parents, the main thing is to assess the quality and reliability, if possible, in the September budget.

  • It is best that the backpack contains light-reflecting elements. This significantly increases the visibility of the child in the dark, and it will be easier for motorists to see it.
  • The backpack should be capacious and have wide soft straps.
Developing game set OSMO.
Developing game set OSMO

Engineers from Google have invested much effort in this development. A board game combines the gameplay of physical and virtual reality. This is achieved through a special patch-reflector on the camera of the tablet. The game recognizes the physical image of the object and transfers it to the digital plane. With all its complex description, the toy is quite simple.

  • The set has three games: BASE (Newton), WORDS (words) and TANGRAM (puzzle).
  • OSMO is a new generation of educational games. With them, your child will be able to play both in the software and physical environment.