Gift Ideas at the graduation from the kindergarten

Every year, thousands of parents, whose children have to leave the native walls of the kindergarten, face many challenges. And one of them - what to give a child at the graduation from kindergarten, that this "something" for a long time reminded him of his first friends and teachers, and not dusted on the shelf or at the bottom of the box with toys? We have picked up a lot of interesting solutions to this problem, among which you will surely find the right one. Traditionally, all children receive gifts in the group after the solemn matinee. Often parents choose what can be useful in the future in school.

What should I give to my child at the graduation from a kindergarten?

Interesting books.
Interesting books

This statement remains true at all times. Everyone can easily find a book that will be to his liking. But we are now talking about a collective gift, so we need universal publications. In addition, I would like them to be useful in school life. So, which books should you pay attention to?

  • Large colorful collections of works that children will learn in primary school. These books are usually very beautifully decorated, and their impressive size will definitely attract the attention of children.
  • "Illustrated dictionary of the living great Russian language" by Vladimir Dal. This publication will certainly be very useful in school, and many explanatory drawings, including famous works of painting, will make the process of acquaintance with new words incredibly fascinating. By the way, the gift will be useful not only to children, but also to parents, - to develop their vocabulary together is much more interesting.
  • Encyclopedias. Here the choice is incredibly wide. There are universal options, for example, "Encyclopedia for Girls" and "Encyclopedia for Boys." If you try and know in advance the preferences and interests of each child in the group, you can choose individual options for each small kindergarten graduate.
Memorable T-shirts.
Memorable T-shirts

Gifts at the prom is not necessarily useful and functional. Their main task is to preserve memory. Therefore, it is always possible to present special gifts to kids.

Very interesting idea of ??a gift - T-shirts with photos. On the back you can place the image of the child itself, in front of the whole group. Let it be not an ordinary picture, where all the children sit on their chairs and keep their hands on their knees. Try to shoot a more lively picture. Let the little ones smile and be fooled. They hold their favorite toys in their hands - fantasy can be limitless. The main thing is more fun and bright colors! Add the pictures with inscriptions with wishes.

Another option is to ask all children to draw, for example, their dreams. Of the reduced copies of these drawings, you can also make gorgeous prints, replacing them with a photo of the child. After a while, it will be very interesting for children to remember their "arts".


Excellent gifts at the prom - great and bright alarms. Now you can find many options and models for every taste and color. The main condition - that the clock was strong, because their children often drop. When properly operated, such a gift will last throughout the school life.

An interesting option - running alarm clocks. They are equipped with wheels and quite deftly dodging the handles, trying to turn them off. And what else is needed so that in the morning you can not sleep the first lesson?

Collective gifts are good. But every parents want to make their child happy with something special from themselves. What to present at the prom in the kindergarten to his grown-up kid, so that this day will be remembered for a long time? Read more.

Toys, sewn on children's drawings.
Toys, sewn on children

All children love to draw. Of course, it turns out they are far from ideal, but that's the beauty of the first clumsy seals, bunnies, machines and Mom's portraits. Usually the child chooses a character and depicts him more often. Why not make him a surprise in the form of an animated hero?

They make such toys to order, therefore, the gift will have to be taken care of long before the holiday. But it can be confidently asserted that the child will have a new beloved friend, who no one else has.

They are loved by all children without exception. Thanks to a huge number of options, picking the right one for a particular baby will be very easy. Most dream of large boxes of lego - it's a win-win choice. But you can choose something more original:

  • Designer "Ticon". It is a set of plastic tubes and connecting elements, from which it is possible to make three-dimensional figures. Fantasy is limited only by the amount of detail, but the sets are so large that it is unlikely to happen. If all the same for creation of the universe of one box it has appeared a little, always it is possible to get the second. All components are universal and are linked together. The sets are accompanied by brochures with instructions for assembling a huge number of figures. What is good about this designer? He forms abstract thinking, develops fantasy, teaches to translate ideas into life and, which is extremely important for a future first-grader, trains assiduity. Surprisingly, even the most hyperactive children can spend hours at the "Tycon".
  • Designer Arduino. Is your child interested in robots? He is interested in how the alarm works, why the lights are on, how does pressing the button cause the TV to turn on? Then these sets are for you! It is interesting that for kids the basic variants are offered, containing capacitors, LEDs, microcircuits, buttons, resistors and so on. Out of all this wealth, the kid will learn how to collect working circuits, learn how different devices are arranged. With the passage of time, you will be able to acquire more complex sets that allow you to assemble functioning robots and even operating systems for a "smart home".

Yes, emotions can also be presented, and they will remain in your memory for a long time! It is very important to come up with the entertainment that the whole family will take care of. Offer the child several options, and let him choose the most interesting for him.

Great idea - a trip to the amusement park for the whole day. There should be no rush. Dine in a cafe, eat ice cream and sweet cotton wool, participate in all the entertainments you like. Do not forget to make a memorable photo and then be sure to print it and put it in a frame. Let it reminds the child of a remarkably spent day and an occasion for a holiday.

Another option is to go to the water park. The scheme is the same: excellent mood, a lot of impressions and positive.

Sports section.
Sports section

At the graduation in the kindergarten, children can be given and very practical gifts, useful for health. With the beginning of the school year at school, the child will spend a lot of time at the desk, so the sports corner will be a wonderful acquisition for him.

The configuration of the corner can be different, so it can be placed even in a small room. The basis is the Swedish wall, a mat is placed on the floor, ensuring the safety of the young athlete. The construction is complemented by various horizontal bars, rope and so on.

If you have a lot of space, you can choose the options with walls for rock climbing, slides and even small children's houses.

Modern school desk.
Modern school desk

Another very useful and practical gift that will make the process of working on homework very convenient and help maintain a correct posture. This is a full-fledged workplace for the child.

The school desk is a table and chair that easily transforms and acquires the dimensions needed by a particular baby. The huge plus of them is that they can "grow" with their owner. It turns out that having made a purchase once, you will provide your child with comfortable furniture until the end of school.

The table provides for the placement of a computer. There are models in which the table top is transformed into an easel. At the same time the furniture is very compact and reliable.
The first computer, laptop or tablet.
The first computer, laptop or tablet

Studying in a modern school is impossible without gadgets. If you are looking for gift ideas for graduation for your son or daughter, think about purchasing the first one. Experts recommend to stop their choice on a personal computer. The child will be able to understand how it functions, gain the first necessary skills for work. If the child has already learned to read, you can present him with a good e-book. In the future he will be able to load textbooks into it, which is very convenient and eliminates the need to carry a heavy backpack.

The laptop is more suitable for high school students who will carry it with them to school. The tablet is more associated with games.
Gift of interest.
Gift of interest

Your baby has already become quite large, and for sure he has some interests of his own. Try to pick up for him a gift, the outcome of inclinations and hobbies. What can it be?

  • A young astronomer will be happy to receive a telescope to observe the starry sky.
  • A small biologist will definitely be delighted with his personal present microscope.
  • A geographer and travel lover simply need a large globe. Modern versions with illumination make the study of the Earth's surface even more fascinating.
  • Sets for experiments like all children. Choose options for chemists, physicists, young naturalists and just curious.
  • Creative natures will surely appreciate the new easel, sets of paints and brushes.

Apparently, there are many opportunities to make a child happy and give him the opportunity to remember forever his first in life graduation.