Gift ideas for a girl for the year of birth

Sometimes you break your head, how to congratulate an adult woman, who by the way can and ask what she wants. And what to give a child for a year for a child - for many it's a mystery and an agonizing clock of choice. To raise your spirits and make a purchase planned, we prepared this material. The article only takes 5 minutes of your time, and you will learn 50+ gift ideas from a one-year-old child from it.

What to give to the girl on her first birthday?

First Transportation.
First Transportation

Jokes about how girls drive a car, everyone heard. And yet, one can not take away from the beautiful half of humanity the right to use transport. And from the first year of life! Of course, we mean such vehicles, in which the baby will only be a happy passenger. The role of the "driver" is given to the mother or father. What could it be

  • A rocking chair in the shape of a horse, a unicorn, or another little pet's heart;
  • A tricycle or a running bike - the latter's difference is that it does not have pedals, it is driven by the inertia of running child's legs;
  • Sani - for the beautiful Snow Queens born in the winter, this birthday present will come in handy;
  • Stilts or runners - a great idea what to give a child for 1 year girl, as all the youngsters at this time learn to walk;
  • Electric car in red or pink.
The average cost of any gift from the first 4 points is 3500 rubles, an electric car will cost a couple of thousand more. This is the category of expensive gifts that you can give the whole family in a fold.
Inflatable pool.
Inflatable pool

All children are known to love water. But not everyone has a permanent access to the sea or a large pond, and it's dangerous to be a one-year-old at the big water. Therefore, as an option for a gift from parents or loved ones is an inflatable children's pool. It is excellent if the family lives in their own home, and if not - this purchase will serve as a summer residence or a holiday on the beach. Where the baby will dabble under the supervision of adults at a safe depth.

Now, manufacturers offer a large variety of pools: with a roof-protecting from the sun, with built-in slides, etc. You can complement the gift to a girl by presenting a set of special toys for swimming. We must constantly ensure that the pool water is clean and warm enough, but this is the care of parents.

Developing game mat.
Developing game mat

We do not know exactly who owns the brilliant idea to create a special mat for games. But this adaptation beats all popularity ratings among children's gifts. Mats for the age of 1 year are provided with different "zones" and functions, for example:

  • A massage zone that trains the legs when walking or arranges support for the entire musculoskeletal system;
  • Zone with rattles and mirrors for development of attention and reaction;
  • Alphanumeric zone (letters can be painted on the fabric on the entire surface of the mat;
  • Developing area with various small details.
Bisyboard is a special board for kids, on which are placed all kinds of scores, hammers, bells, tools, light bulbs. In a word, such a good toy, in which "there is everything", and the girl can be occupied not for one hour.

At such a tender age as one year old, all children, both boys and girls, try to know the world by touching. They like how to create, and to destroy, to bring order and chaos. Not all parents like the second component of such games - a mess. But what to do: it's worth taking. In this connection, one must think that it is possible to give a girl for a year to a child to satisfy her "destructive" beginning.

The simplest option is cubes or pyramids. A special set of geometric figures of all kinds, from which the baby can build towers, houses, castles. Yes, anything, anything. Many parents tend to catch two birds with one stone in one purchase. And buy cubes on which letters and numbers are written. But at this age of games with the composition of words and examples so far to anything: the child does not understand this. It is enough for him that the cubes were painted in bright colors, maybe they had pictures.

The second option is a set for a sandbox, bucket, rake, shovel and sand molds. With his help, children develop motor skills, learn accuracy (although from the side may seem the opposite). Well, if the sandbox is located in a private area, and you are certain of the purity of its contents.

And the third option here is to buy a girl a designer. The question is to choose a set with large details, at least 5 cm each. Otherwise, there is a risk that the child will swallow the Lego-type parts!

The doll.
The doll

If the boys sooner or later give cars, then every girl in her life will definitely get a doll. Traditionally, not one, but several, but the first appears just at the age of one. On the day of birth, the princess can buy:

  • rag doll "tilde", completely sewn from the flaps with a soft filler. Ideal for babies at any age;
  • doll-pupsa with rags and plastic head, hands and feet;
  • a doll that mimics an infant. Although the first craving for games in the daughter-mother will manifest a few years later;
  • a large doll with a rubber body.
To give Barbie, dolls Monster High at this age, of course, to nothing. The child does not appreciate this, and small details such as shoes and jewelry "fashionistas" will be dangerous in the game. Time with such a gift until 6-7 years of age.
Easel with crayons.
Easel with crayons

Each kid by nature - the creator, because he only has to know the world around him. Let parents do not think that the baby is passive to creativity. Maybe she just needs to be told, to teach her how to create beautiful things with the help of special toys. Even at that age you can give the girl for the year of birth:

  • Easel and paints for drawing. Note: the child can not hold the brush for the time being, it will almost be better if you let the fingers dunk in the paint and draw them. Of course, the composition should be safe and suitable for children from 1 year;
  • A set of crayons - it's time for beautiful drawings on the asphalt!
  • Magnetic or slate board for drawing, with which it is easy to erase the picture and start anew at any time;
  • Felt-tip pens on a water basis;
  • Set of safe plasticine without bright dyes.
Children's Musical Instruments.

We came to the conclusion that the girl needs to develop a comprehensive love for the arts. And now you can give your child the first musical instruments for a year. Well, neighbors, beware!

In the online store of toys you will find a wide range of music. There is also a piano for 2 octaves (cost from 800 rubles), and the simplest toys-maracas, tambourines or whistles (from 150 rubles), and children's music boxes. A more modern gift can be a child's guitar or xylophone. Do not try to learn a melody with a child at this age! I'll have to endure cacophony, but the more different buttons and sounds - the more fun.

An alternative gift: a dance mat. When you click on certain zones, different sounds are emitted. The baby learns to move at the same time, teaches rhythm and melody. The cost of toys from 1200 rubles for the simplest model to 7500-8000 for the "advanced" option.
Puppet show.
Puppet show

A smart and very warmly perceived gift idea is a puppet theater. For a girl at this age, it's fun to watch performances, not take part. Therefore, the role of "actors" is assigned to adults. In the puppet theater, characters are sewn from the fabric and put on their hands. Or they are controlled with the help of ropes, like puppets. Plots of plays usually go in a set, in the form of a special book-application. But, as practice shows, the most interesting representations are obtained when mom and dad improvise...

Toys like mom's.
Toys like mom

She was barely a year old, and she already imitates her adult "copy". It's natural: girls instinctively take an example from mothers, learn from their habits and habits. Do you want to take the baby and play along with her? Well, let's see what you can order in the online store:

  • a toy vacuum cleaner, a washing machine or other "equipment". Of course, it will work not from the network, but from finger batteries!
  • Set of "cosmetics" made of plastic, aqua make-up is welcome;
  • Dress and hat for "evening" exit;
  • Toy plate and set of dishes;
  • A small plastic smartphone - what did you think? So your phone may remain tighter
First Jewels.
First Jewels

And again: in front of us - a small woman. Perhaps, at this age, parents pierce the ears of the girl - it's time to give gold earrings. Also to the first "treasures" you can include a silver spoon or a box for the first curl.

t seems that for our first "jubilee" of beauty, we have gathered enough ideas. The choice is yours, we hope, with our help will be able to please the girl!