Ideas for a gift for 1 year boy

Most recently, you were discharged from the hospital, but now you need to decide what to give a year to his boy? This is fine when the children grow up by the day, and by the hour.

Especially for you, we picked up 10 original ideas for a gift to the boy on his first birthday party.

What to give a boy for a year?

Games for mobile kids.
Games for mobile kids

At this stage of development, the baby's body continues to form. It is very important to ensure that every day the child performs active exercises. But who at this age will follow the program of studies? Children need games in the process of which they move, involve muscles and joints, improve motor skills and coordination. Here's what you can give a child for 1 year to a boy:

  • House for games - every boy lives a period of "construction of huts." If you buy a game house, for example, with fillers-balls, then the need to make chairs and cover them with a blanket will disappear;
  • Home sandbox - kids just love to pour sand, build houses from it, carry trucks. Let not be frightened by moms, with proper organization of space and polyethylene protection, the sandbox will not pollute the carpet;
  • Large wheelbarrow or car for riding. Instead of pedals there may be holes for the legs. Thus, the toy will force the child to actively move;
  • Running bike - another "trick" for a one-year-old child. A bicycle that does not have pedals, you need to push your legs for riding. By the way, this device helps to more confidently master walking at this age.

And many more active games for daily mobility you will find in the children's store.

If the family budget does not allow you to buy a large and expensive toy in a supermarket, look through the ads on the electronic site in your city. The fact is that babies grow quickly, and many parents sell these things at half price.
Children's rocking chair.

When looking for that you can give a boy a year for a child, pay attention to "passive vehicles." This interesting term we will call machines on a string, horses, caterpillars, sleds and other catapult-swinging devices. To carry which, of course, falls to the lot of the parents. However, while the baby is one year old, this is not so difficult. Enjoy the best moments while you carry the child in a gurney, and not he - you.

Home swings.
Home swings

It is good for those who live in their own home, have an adjacent territory and can afford to arrange a playground in the yard. But even living in an apartment, you can arrange such entertainment. Now the choice in stores allows you to purchase stationary floor swings or hanging, for fastening on a horizontal bar.

Ball or trampoline.
Ball or trampoline

Another type of active exercise, which so like in this angelic age for children is jumping. And then the parents have a good choice:

  • A small trampoline. Do not choose professional settings that have a lot of tension! Need a rubber inflatable trampoline for children under 3 years. It is better to consult with experts in the online store before buying;
  • A toy jumper on which the child can sit down and hold on to the rubber grips;
  • Large inflatable ball like fitball for the youngest, etc.
We develop coordination.
We develop coordination

When you visit a child's therapist, you may be told what to give for the child's year of birth. This is a large assortment of toys that help develop coordination, balance and balance. After all, we all saw how difficult it was for carpoys, for example, walking in the first year of life. To do this, invented a walker - a mobile supporting frame for the child. What other devices are recommended by psychologists and pediatricians?

  • Pyramid for throwing rings - helps to train dexterity and eye;
  • Bowling alley - a set of bowling balls and a bowl. Also perfectly coordinates the accuracy of the throw;
  • Cubes - oddly enough, this invention trains not only memory and logic, but also motor skills. In general, it is considered one of the most successful children's toys ever invented;
  • Constructor of large parts. The box shall bear the marking 0+ or ??1+.
Whatever you choose from the list above, remember: it is a small "fighter", in which not more than 10-11 kg of weight. Means, and the material from which the fun is made, should be easy and safe.
The first car park.
The first car park

Men love cars. It seems that they have it in their blood. Or do parents instill such love for them? However that may be, there is practically no boy who would reject the typewriter as a gift. True, at this age to give collector models - not a good idea. Toys should resemble real machines, in fact - have large parts and be bright, with the simplest design. Suitable tractors, trucks with large wheels and body, where you can pour sand or other toys.

Set of toy tools.
Set of toy tools

Already at such an early age, a year-old child begins to notice adult habits and copy them. As usual, the sons take for a sample of fathers - if the father wears a briefcase with the office, the child wants the same. And if the father skillfully handles the instrument, the son immediately draws his hands to a screwdriver or the like.

How safe and interesting is it to introduce the child to the world of adult things? To give the boy a year as an analog of such things. For example, a set of tools in a plastic drawer: a hammer, a wrench and a screwdriver. With the help of this research kit, the kid will know the world. And then do not be nervous much because of the constant knocking, or better - choose a rubber hammer that does not make noise and does no harm

The first books.
The first books

Despite the fact that children learn to read on average from 3-4 years of age, the book is a good gift for a child for 1 year. And notice that we can mean by this word "book":

  • Rag toy with "pages", depicting different pictures. Tissue books can have mirrors, rattles and other attention-grabbing details;
  • Coloring for children with large graphic elements. Excellent alternative to wallpaper in your home;
  • A book with pictures and text by syllables;
  • This book is a fairy tale for every day. True, guess who will read it for the night out loud?
Do you know that there are non-toxic, easily washable water colors? Having chosen such a set for the child, let him dunk his hands directly into the jar and draw with his fingers. It's best to do this right in the bathroom, but it's already a matter of diplomacy.
Useful things for small children.
Useful things for small children

Well, here we are and moved away from interesting things in favor of practical. The question is, how will you manage to find a useful gift, so that he will also like the child? Already at the age of one can begin to bring up a sense of style in children. And seeing the "little gentleman" in a shirt with a butterfly and panties with suspenders, only heartless is not touched. But in this case, of course, all things should be comfortable, the seams in them - do not rub when walking, cut it is not embarrassing the movement of the boy.

If you know how to sew with your own hands, you can not add the prices. Then the gift to the boy can be made at home, buying a bright cloth and finding a pattern on the Internet. Try to abandon little animals, flowers and sun in favor of "adult" prints. For example, a tartan or a real woolen cloth for a coat. You will see how nice "adult" things look in miniature! What else can you give to children at this age, so that the gift would be useful?

  • Dishes for feeding - bottles, closable containers, special spoons;
  • Pouch for bottles and mixtures;
  • Heightometer for fixing the growth of the baby;
  • Rings for teething;
  • Children's pot and other personal care products.
For relatives: before buying useful things, do not hesitate to ask your parents - suddenly such a family already exists. Sometimes it's better to give a certificate for a purchase in a children's store, allowing mom and dad to decide for themselves what is needed.
Money box.
Money box

We must prepare for the fact that everything in this world is worth the money. Only it concerns to it more positively: for example, already at this age it is possible to present a piggy bank to the kid and to start to put in it coins with delivery from diapers. Or go even further and open a bank savings account. But a piggy bank - it's still more romantic. Now in the online store you can find a large selection of such gifts.

In general, we see that it is much easier to make a gift to the smallest ones than to fastidious adults, who "have everything and do not need anything". Nevertheless, if you are going to make an expensive present, it is better to consult your parents or buy it in a fold with other family members.

Well, you can order pleasant trivia in addition on the Internet, where hundreds, if not thousands of similar gift ideas are collected.