Gift ideas for the daughter's birthday

It's hard to imagine a daughter's birthday without an original surprise. In order not to become the culprit of bitter children's tears, it is necessary to take care of the gift in advance. And if your daughter buzzed with all your ears about what she wants for her birthday, most likely you were lucky. It's much harder to choose a gift from scratch.

When the room of your princess holds a good third of the children's toys store, surprise your beloved daughter with a simple gift becomes more difficult. It is important to find an unusual idea. If we are looking for something spectacular, entertaining and, if possible, inexpensive, then the chances of meeting such a gift in the nearest children's toy store are small. This article will offer several original gift ideas for your child. The material will continue the cycle of articles devoted to the gifts of his daughter.

Ideas for a daughter's birthday present

Lamp-night light "Space flower".
Lamp-night light "Space flower"

The main advantage of this lamp is its unusual design. Luminous plastic balls are placed on the "stems", where they are charged. If a child wants to go to another room at night, he can just take the balloon with him. Without charging the ball can work up to 30 minutes. In this case, the color of the backlight can change. The design of the ball is resistant to bumps, in case the child wants to drop it. The gift will perfectly fit into the interior of her daughter's bedroom. Such a surprise is good both from the aesthetic and from the practical side. The cost of the lamp is about 3000 rubles.

The Magic Worm.
The Magic Worm

Undoubtedly, such a toy is able to hold the child's attention for a long time. Fast, agile and realistic fun is able not only to entertain the child, but also to develop his attention, as well as fine motor skills of the hands. Management of an unusual toy is carried out with a transparent line, which is almost invisible. The price of the goods on AliExpress is less than 50 rubles. If you expect the order for you long and tedious, in the near child's world the worm will cost 150 rubles. The gift undoubtedly causes a positive emotional response. There are several variations of colors.

Bed-clothes on which you can draw.
Bed-clothes on which you can draw

Does your daughter like to paint anywhere, but not in the album you gave? Imagine bed linen on which your child could express his creativity. One of the unusual design projects of the last year. The idea of ??this bed linen belongs to the British, but soon the initiative was intercepted by China and figured out where it would be better to order such a miracle kit became more difficult. The set of laundry is provided with special markers, which dissolve after each wash. The gift is certainly unusual, but what if your daughter suddenly wants to paint on the usual set of underwear in the parents' bedroom?

Brush holder "molar tooth".
Brush holder "molar tooth"

Among the many different holders of toothbrushes I would like to single out a stand in the form of a molar tooth. It looks like a funny reminder that it's time to brush your teeth. In general, this accessory will become your daughter's favorite toothbrush, and also dilute the interior of the bathroom. The price of the goods is 400 rubles.

Mirror Tic-Tac-Toe.
Mirror Tic-Tac-Toe

Perhaps, this is the most simple and well-known game, the rules of which are familiar to everyone. The idea of ??mirror crosses and toes consists in the half-heartedness of the crosses and zeros. The other half is reflected from the mirror surface of the board. In a word, an entertaining object, made in the style of high-tech. If your daughter does not like to play with dolls, but rather gravitates toward puzzles and table games, then this gift is for her. He will cost you 500 rubles.

Unusual puzzle «Cool Circuits».
Unusual puzzle «Cool Circuits»

Have you been looking for a game that could lure your child? I draw your attention to a very unusual decision. "Cool Circuits" is a platform on which it is necessary to collect a certain scheme, or rather a chain. All the complexity lies in the original details. Your child can play this game both independently and with other family members. The puzzle is designed for children over 9 years old. Really an original gift for a daughter on her birthday. Power backlight is provided by AAA batteries. The cost of the puzzle is quite high and is 25 American dollars.

Kick scooter.
Kick scooter

Do you think what to give to my daughter for her birthday? A great gift for active entertainment. Compact and safe, the scooter has always been and remains a welcome gift of many ideas. A more or less good scooter will cost you 2500 rubles, but the emotions of your child, received from riding "with the breeze", as you guessed it - are priceless.

Candle "musical flower".
Candle "musical flower"

The bud of the candle is mounted on a special foot & # 8212; platform. The candle is lit with a special stick, after which the bud starts to rotate and "blossom". The jet of the fountain is a cold fire. In this case, the process of disclosure is accompanied by music. After opening the bud, rotation occurs and every small candle burns. A spectacular surprise for your daughter's birthday. The ceremony of carrying out the cake on the birthday of the daughter will be spectacular and unforgettable. The cost of a rotating candle is 300 rubles.

Puzzle with video effect puzzle.
Puzzle with video effect puzzle

Now on the Internet is available a large number of various puzzles with the effect of 3D. However, the video effect puzzle has a slightly different nature. The idea belongs to the German firm Ravensburger. Thanks to the development of this company, the puzzle can be not only collected, but also breathed life into it. After assembling the puzzle, you should download the free iPhone app & # 8212; App AR Puzzle. We open it, we point the puzzle on the image, and the streets come to life. The picture is colored by the sound and movement of some elements. One of the landscapes of this puzzle is the "Times Square", painted with noise and vanity. The number of elements in the puzzle is 1000 pieces. The cost of 500 rubles. An innovative gift will definitely surprise your daughter properly.

Piggy Bank Piggy Bank.
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank

We place a coin on a special platform, and the thief-cat takes it with a paw in the box. This process is accompanied by opening the lid and looking out of the kitten. The mechanism is realized with the help of an electric motor. This is the very piggy bank, which departs from the usual stereotypes piggy-pigs. By the way, the first creators of piggy banks are considered to be Germans. In a word, this is a fun and interesting gift for your child.

Here is a short list of what you can give a daughter for her birthday. Well, choose among them the best gift for your daughter on your birthday.